2017 Year Ahead Horoscope – Part One – By Alex

Year ahead 2017 part one

Alex, working on the annual, maybe channelling Stella the cat!

Welcome to your 2017 year ahead horoscope – part one

Welcome to the first part of 2017 your year ahead horoscope reading, which will take the form of an overview of the central matters/themes arising in your life for the duration of the year. One of the great gifts of the prescience (knowing before the fact) that divinatory tools offer us, is scope to work with material consciously as challenges approach. Forewarned is forearmed, so to speak. Nevertheless, we must be vigilant! Some folk seek endless packets of information about this, or that. They return endlessly to vexatious issues and ask the oracle again and again. The oracle will then merely reflect back their confusion, rather than offering up the clear answer(s) they seek. The reason for this is that we must all take ownership of our lives. We cannot have answers handed to us on a plate, as if our life pattern could simply be one of absolving ourselves of responsibility. For if we make mistakes, is the onus not upon us to learn from them? When we do step up, we might consider that we have entered onto a life path of choosing to grow in maturity and competence. Too much divination can drown us in an ocean of wishful thinking, instead of helping us to move forward on our true path. Just enough is what we need. Just enough that we can work productively with. And this introductory reading for each Sun sign aims to offer you just that… a concise road map to navigate the year. More specific detail will be found in the second instalment, to be published around the 8th of January.

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Part to is now available: 2017 Year Ahead: Part two – By Alex

Here is your 2017 year ahead horoscope part one, enjoy. Alex

Aries - 2017 year ahead horoscope part oneARIES: The story for you this year is relatively simple: You face a defining fear. I’ve a hunch regarding what this may be about, but yours is the journey and perhaps the discovery is yours to make. Speaking of journeys, yours certainly amounts to an initiation this coming year. This ‘rite of passage’ will reflect an inner transformation. You, my friend, are embarking on a fateful mission (should you choose to accept it) to uncover what has prevented you from fulfilling your very highest potential in life. The Centaur planet Chiron, entering the last phase of its trek through your solar twelfth house of Pisces, is going to assist you in bringing this ‘restraining’ factor into conscious focus, for processing. On some level, I get the feeling you have felt incarcerated, unable to move in some particular direction you might like, because of some ‘external’ constraint. In reality, the way you have perceived the issue is the true block, the barrier to progression. This year, you will be confronted by certain disruptive events that will necessitate a total change of perspective on what seems to defeat you. Every time you have pushed against the limit, it seems to have forced you back – you’ve struggled against the quick sand, only to get further mired. As you quest into the heart of yourself you may feel daunted. And, it might appear that there is no map to guide you. Still, there are some signposts. Notice every limitation you encounter and your natural response to each one. Remember, there is nothing to fear in the shadows… especially when you possess a flaming torch (courage). So feel your feelings at those moments. Identify them and simply feel them. Then refuse to obey them. Push forward, don’t pull back. Each time you do this, a new jigsaw piece will emerge. What you will find as 2017 progresses is that you will begin receiving recognition for small victories won. Notice the pattern and follow the trail. My feeling is that somewhere along the line when you were young, somebody may have described you as “too much”, or “too intense”. True, you can be a raging fire, but you’ll likely discover this year that somebody taught you to be wary of your own power – and that that was their issue, not yours. Oh how the world changes, once you finally see that!

Taurus - 2017 year ahead horoscope part oneTAURUS: Who, or what, is your true nemesis, Taurus? In 2017, you’re going to become much clearer on that precise question – one which has persistently snapped at your heels like an annoying terrier that won’t allow you to relax. Continued exposure to a particular variety of experience has a conditioning effect. And it becomes difficult to conceive of alternative storylines and different endings to those we’ve become accustomed to. Every human you encounter has also been conditioned similarly. The only pertinent question is “what is the nature of that experience?” Some folks encounter love and trustworthiness regularly, while others experience exploitation and even treachery. It becomes difficult to discern when we ourselves have incorporated expectations into our filters, so that we see not what is there, but what we fear. Our energy can become enmeshed in said expectations. And such, it would seem, happened with you. Your nemesis therefore appears to be the treachery within human nature that may rear its ugly head at any time. But credit to you, you’ve plodded on and persevered in trying to believe the best of the people you meet, even though your expectations of human nature are so low. You have done this by clinging to your idealism. Of course, the best way out of this bind, is to encounter those people who are capable and willing to offer you a different experience than that of your past. The question is, can you trust them? Or more to the point, will you allow yourself to trust them? The bottom line here is that this can only happen if you can open your heart – and this always will trigger the fear of loss that your conditioning continually amplifies the volume on. This year revolves around you finally recognising the equations outlined above that have led you to shut down huge parts of yourself, the blame for which you have laid at the door of an experientially justified belief about human nature. Yes, you know what humans are capable of, but you do not know what each individual you encounter will be like. You may not welcome the idea that it is you (and your trust issues) that is responsible for any lack of enduring relationship contentment. But if you can embrace a persistent offer that is there in 2017, it will offer you a protection you never knew before.

Gemini - 2017 year ahead horoscope part oneGEMINI: In some ways, the picture for you suggests that you would be quite happy if we could just fast forward to January 2018 and miss out the whole of 2017. This doesn’t mean 2017 is going to be any kind of bad year – far from it. It’s just that the exciting fruition commences in twelve months time. What that means is that this is most assuredly a year of significant preparation for a major shift in due course. And this shift is most definitely one that involves your core vocation in being on the planet. It feels like this is due to be a highly experimental year. New initiatives and adventures, exploring creativity and healing, increasingly come to displace your older patterns of thinking about and transacting your career requirements and objectives. This is because there is a brand new energy “in town”. Of course, the older signature lingers. And this is largely because no human can afford to completely ignore issues of livelihood. These matters need to be worked out as part of a process and I’d encourage you to embrace such challenges wholeheartedly, this year. You have already been exploring such matters for some time and may consider that you’ve consolidated good foundations. However, there is a seeding taking place and the foundations are anything but solid just yet. You need this malleability because you are creating the conditions and the momentum, by which you will be able to translate your explorations into something sustainably viable. On this path, you will face choices on several occasions that will carry the theme of deciding between consolidation of material resources, in the mode you have always done that, or opting for the ploughing of new furrows that appear far less certain to yield, but which offer the potential to generate a whole new take on questions of generating resources. In truth, you will be laying the foundations for a new enterprise, capable of fashioning your direction for the foreseeable future. It may seem inconceivable right now that you could completely transition from your traditional economic means of production, but as the year progresses, more and more elements will fall into place. The old approach to vocation is basically dead in the water. Use the current cycle to propel you boldly into a brand new adventure of being you and doing what is truly in your heart.

Cancer - 2017 year ahead horoscope part oneCANCER: When you look in the mirror you see yourself, but do you really confront yourself (see deeper)? Well, it is the desire for, and the fear of, intimacy, which appears to be the key driver for you through the course of the coming twelve months. Something deep within you fears drowning in entanglements with others, in case of that ever presenting the threat of losing yourself. And yet, part of you at times yearns for exactly that. This has continued to be a very thorny problem for you and resolving it in the world of your relationships has proven nigh impossible! It appears that this year, however, you will be confronting the impact that your reluctance has had upon your ability to find and secure long term contentment in your liaisons. There can be a driven quality to the sign of Cancer, a compulsiveness almost, which makes self-control quite difficult at times. And sometimes the only way you learn key lessons is the hard way, because you cannot stop yourself from following your instinctual drives. It’s a case of raw feeling and reason simply cannot triumph over that, much of the time. There will be reality checks this year, but the point of every single one is to show you graphically, a new, fertile path out of heartaches and conundrums and into sustainable contentment. This will likely involve you facing up to your responsibilities and choices and also the consequences of your actions. Karma is something we often hear about in fearful situations, but really it is simply a cosmic teaching tool, designed to show you that you reap what you sow. As the circumstances of life present you with various, pressing challenges in 2017, be aware that every challenge represents a sort of gateway into an entirely new set of possibilities. The battle rages fierce between fear and desire. And through time you will find it easier to honour your instinctual drive when it is expressive of desire, but to curb it once you sense that it is fuelled by fear. This distinction and the discernment behind it, will be the one thing above all else that enables you to shape your own karma, rather than being hoisted upon the turning wheel of unintended consequences. The contrast is stark between remaining in the dark, or entering fully into the light. Truth be told, all you need fear is fear itself. See this as a voyage into wholeness and, a la Beatles “Lay down your arms.”

Leo - 2017 year ahead horoscope part oneLEO: The ongoing evolution and development of your material reality has two distinct components or facets that will impact you throughout the coming year. You will need an efficiency plan to contain the expansive quality of your manifested reality. We aren’t talking industrial here, but we are talking of a ‘scaling up’. Those who do not press forward and consolidate at such moments, tend to drift back and begin shrinking. And you will have to speculate a little in order to accumulate. I’d recommend not becoming a workaholic however, Leo! The importance of efficiency is coupled with that of effective down time to recharge the batteries, or else you can get fraught energetically. Developing a framework for regulating both your processes and your outputs, will be key to building in a sustainable way, while remaining focused. There’s a balance that you would benefit from retaining at the forefront of your mind and that is keeping your home life vital and satisfying. Nobody can juggle all these things for you and the consequence of failing to keep the energy distribution flowing properly might be financial atrophy, or possibly, relationship catastrophe! You’ll be relieved to know that such isn’t really on the cards, but it does highlight the serious responsibility to yourself that you must uphold. You will also be setting patterns in your relationship economy in 2017. This is an important priority to get properly weighted. Criteria by which you should make judgments about such matters involve whether connections are driven by requirements of the ego, or by requirements of nurture and sustenance. One thing is certain this coming year – and that is that you will not be able to separate your material realities from your emotional and relational realities. You may wish to, but one way or the other, your contentment will hinge upon integrating these two important facets of your experience. Loneliness is just as much a health indicator as poverty. As you work your magic this year, remember that dark and light, abundant times and difficult ones, have a cyclical character. All you can do within your own power is ensure that the overall movement of your life is in the right direction. And for that to happen, you will require a thorough examination of your deepest values. I suggest doing that sooner, rather than later!

Virgo - 2017 year ahead horoscope part oneVIRGO: Diligence, perseverance and service: all words associated with your sign. There is no doubt that there is much virtue in such qualities, but when does service become sacrifice that means loss or weariness, in terms of your vitality? When does honourable perseverance become drudgery? This year you can undertake some rites of passage into a new phase of being present in the world. You cannot eradicate your very nature but… you are more than capable of assessing situations and making an accurate appraisal of whether or not they are valid, or involve win/lose scenarios that you are actually losing most of the time. In some ways in 2017, it looks as if the heat is going to intensify on these questions. Why? Well, it is certainly not because you deserve drudgery, as some victim of circumstance! Rather, it is so that you acquire sufficient opportunities, once and for all, to put these matters squarely behind you. Virgo is a mutable sign and this means you have great capacity for fluidity and flexibility. Regrettably, it seems that you have used this quality to accommodate others, rather than to further your own aims and requirements. The encouraging aspect of this picture is the fact that you have scope this year to take back your power. If you give it away continually there is usually a wound underlying about never being good enough. You also have to get clear on just what it is you have to offer that is valuable… and then reclaim its value for you and only you. There is an adjustment that also has to be made with all this, which may feel quite uncomfortable. Those people with whom we have always offered sacrifice, quite like the fact that this is the equation in play. If these are close family it can mean upheaval, as you withdraw your commitment to a lose/lose scenario. This is likely a situation you cannot rectify by use of reason, or by making adjustments to the situation. If things have become a social game, it is high time that you stopped playing. Start by showing determination to make special time for yourself – perhaps setting aside one day that is about you and nobody else. This is a starting point you can build upon. Do not analyse this as a contract. Instead, get in touch with your guts, your feelings. Justifications are not required. What is needed is a new reality of it being okay to feel good, for no reason whatsoever.

2017 Year Ahead: Part two – By Alex

Libra - 2017 year ahead horoscope part oneLIBRA: Jupiter entered your sign in early September for a twelve month visit. And Jupiter has the property of magnifying the things it touches. For you, a sign of many contradictions, this can prove quite a strain! Instead of providing you with the grounding that you need, Jupiter simply highlights the tensions you often live with all the more. You are a cardinal (unction for movement) and masculine air sign, ruled by Venus and a sign which seeks to balance out opposites and honour relationality. That is quite a set of factors pulling you in all kinds of different directions. Good job you are a Libran, who is perfectly qualified to balance it all out! Joking apart, this year the cosmos has some important, nay crucial, lessons for you to absorb. As an air sign, you have a profound focus on intellectual processing and a mind-based orientation. Venus your ruler can help you to attract things through charm (and even guile), but has the drawback at times of driving your passivity, just as Mars drives your opposite sign Aries in activity. A cardinal sign which has passive tendencies and is always intellectually factoring in fairness and other parties, faces quite a challenge getting any traction in life – especially when Jupiter is in the mix. In fact, at points it may feel this year that you cannot plod on along your path a moment longer. Well, this year it looks as if you may be resolving all the factors I mentioned into their component constituents and working through each separately. First thing to note is that bodily existence is more than the mind. The physicality of you needs sustained attention this year. All five senses need nourishment and you need to attend to that. In order for that to happen, you will need to be clear that honouring your own feelings is more important than balancing out injustices others face. Asking for what you need is going to become more significant than expecting others to notice, or using that Venus to attract your wants via sometimes less than honest means. In reality, this is going to be a year to focus on your contentment as a whole self… not as half of a partnership or part of a team. It appears that the subtext here is squarely that you have neglected yourself and Jupiter’s presence suggests that you have to desist from that because it is now becoming unsustainable. Ask yourself “Who nourishes me?” 2017 sees you coming home to yourself.

Scorpio - 2017 year ahead horoscope part oneSCORPIO: This year, I am hoping that you will begin to see the correlation between your thinking patterns and your energy flow, much more clearly. I say “hoping”, because this kind of connection can be subtle, when it comes to our perceptions. We can so often look out into the world, or fail to, motivated by fears that we do not recognise and which can contort our bodies and minds into unhelpful ‘shapes’. Things can end up looking quite bleak, when in fact they are not! In 2017, your challenge is to notice, in the first instance, how you carry energy within your bodily frame. Gravity affects us all and it is easy to slump into poor postures over time. It may be that you decide to take up Pilates this year and I’d certainly recommend it. A discipline of that nature would help you to align your energies and free up your thinking. Think of the word “supple”. As you work through any bodily fixity, any derangement of energy can begin to shift and the mind can begin to flex into freeing levels of versatility through accessing the creative capacity of the unshackled life force. You see, my feeling is that you have endured too much of the treadmill sort of experience of daily living. This is what happens if the part of you that connects with transcendence is undernourished, or completely undeveloped. That does not equal religion, or even belief in God, by the way. It does mean access to source, to the things which ground you. Driven and busy, full of perfectionism and workaholism, is not where it is at. Fulfilment for you comes when head and heart are aligned, especially when it comes to your vocation. Thinking about what nourishes you, I would also encourage you this year to look at partnerships of every kind, more as matters of the status of the parties, than in terms of any exchange between you. This runs counter to what my usual advice would be. For you, it is important this year, to make sure that your own roots are fed and watered and that you get the balance right between expansion and consolidation. You must master the tricky dance of not stretching over-ambitiously while likewise not being too cautious about branching out in new directions. It will be important to engage in a few creative experiments and feel your way gradually into new territory. The reward will be a sustainable, new flame within you, one that cannot be extinguished

Sagittarius - 2017 year ahead horoscope part oneSAGITTARIUS: You have exactly one more year from the publication of this horoscope until Saturn leaves your sign for Capricorn. Saturn has brought you the pressure to grow – as in grow up! This doesn’t mean you’ve been childish, but that now is the time to recognise that you reap what you sow and to take the responsibility of sowing significant things in the first place. Within this process, it appears very much to me as if this year you are looking to find your voice. You have learned from experience (by watching) and have been tempered by it. In 2017 it is time to bring out your treasures of wisdom from within and discover your true song. Part of this process involves looking at an old issue from a radically new perspective. I get the sense that much of your life has been taken up by a sense of mission. But what if I were to say to you that in 2017, your mission is actually to give up your mission – to sacrifice it, while you get truly and deeply in touch with the essence of yourself – the goal not being any sort of expansion, or growth, or service, but simply to get straight with yourself on questions of your deepest needs. Can you be vulnerable with those close to you my friend? Thought not! Is this because somehow you have felt invisible and that you are not valued? Frivolity can help you to fend off these sorts of wounds but it cannot heal them – and healing them can be your rightful expectation, over the next twelve months. Why should your health, your daily life, simply be an experience of drudgery and obligation? Saturn believes in diligence and discipline, but not drudgery. Abundance is an entirely appropriate state of experience. Joy can be as natural as breathing. Just because you are faithful in processing life’s lessons, it does not mean that you should be suffering anguish. Life can prove to be a lonely path – even when we are surrounded by other human beings. This year you will reap the benefits of locating your inner songbird and ditching guilt, from wherever it might come. The goal is for you to become fully integrated within the whole psychosomatic complex. As you do so, you will find that it will become possible to enter into more equal partnership with significant people – a place where trust and loyalty are no longer a tenuous dream, but are instead a tangible, supportive reality.

Capricorn - 2017 year ahead horoscope part oneCAPRICORN: Soul retrieval is an aspect of shamanism that carries a story form that is a counterpart to a more traditional therapeutic idea in the west that we can ‘lose’ parts of ourselves. The story of how we retrieve these lost parts always involves a journey of some kind. Let’s think of this like we might the difference between dimensions; specifically say, one dimensional, two dimensional and three dimensional. It seems to me that a whole dimension of yourself either got lost, or failed ever to make an appearance – and you’ve suffered for want of that ever since. You’ve certainly been on a quest to recover or develop it. I sense that it may be that you’ve sought this as something outside of yourself, perhaps via a rewarding relationship. If you have looked within, it will doubtless have been to break the chains by working against the constraints which have incarcerated you. Even there, I imagine you have done this in such a way that the pay-off, or benefit, would primarily galvanise others, not yourself. The breakthrough this year involves you seeing that everything you have been doing to discover your fulfilment, has really been about self and what you need, regardless of how that may have been dressed up. This year it is time to own that quest as being about you and that such is an entirely valid path to be on. We might describe that as “letting go of guilt is the first part of your healing journey”. Your creative self may well have seen creativity in others as their benefit, but truly it is your creative expression which is the freeing ingredient this year. And there is a divine, faith-based component to that. Largely this amounts to trusting yourself… and this is your protection. A decisive new beginning opens up for you in 2017 as you cut away all the dead wood and rot of your old thinking patterns about safety, service, connection and reward. Fighting old battles can cease this year. As you bring the deeply hidden drivers of the past to the surface, you lay foundations for forthcoming years and a harvest of abundance. The point was never recognition and acclaim as a way of being acceptable to anybody. Those types of battle never lead to victory! You get to find your authentic self, behind the layers, over the coming twelve months. You’ll see it’s never about ‘me’, always about ‘us’ and it’s a cosmic partnership too…

Aquarius - 2017 year ahead horoscope part oneAQUARIUS: Aquarius can be both traditional, and progressive – alas, not at the same time. And so, in practice, you tend to go one way or the other. It looks to me that a period of exploring the infrastructure of your life, in terms of what solidly grounds you beyond the changing seasons of experience, is coming to an end this year. You are clear on what things support you and what things hamper you… and why. Effectively, you’ve been exploring inside your shell. This year is about exploring outside of it. This will be a pattern for the whole year, so commit to the process mentally, now. Another way to describe this is that you have done depth for some considerable time, but now you are moving into a phase of breadth of exploration. This will be a time where you learn to roll against your traditional fixity and seek to embrace a more mutable energy flow within yourself. Your natural curiosity around the nature and constitution of things and how they work, will help you to commit to a more experiential, less cerebral, exploration of your world and its possibilities. This question really boils down to answering the riddle not of what the point of life is but, what the point of your life is. Aquarius also has a prominent commitment/freedom narrative always running like a background program on a laptop. The two have always seemed to be in polar tension. It’s not that you must defrag your hard drive, but you will be closing down some of those programs that have been running in the background and slowing you down. That’s less of a problem when you lack goals. But, once you identify some clear ones, it becomes essential! Freedom and commitment are basically attitudes to life and its demands. However, our main interface with such ideas in practice comes from how we experience the ‘demands’ of relationship. In 2017, as you learn to roll with this new exploration of your purpose and direction in life, the breaking down of old rigidities will remake you into a less conflicted person. No longer driven by ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘free’, ‘trapped’, you will stop being inclined to make decisions based on worries. Instead, you will begin to align around your vision. As you change in these ways, you will discover a new feeling about all of life, not just relating. Things will get easier as decisions follow your momentum.

Pisces - 2017 year ahead horoscope part onePISCES: In the world of therapy, CBT is a method that looks at the categories of thoughts, feelings and actions as a complex, interrelated web, which folk must unravel in order to become more conscious of their drivers and the scope they have to change their life. I’m not advocating therapy for you though, Pisces! Nevertheless, this year is themed around a root and branch reworking of your relationship templates and ethics. Mentally, you may have seen this coming for a while. But, in terms of your emotional economy, attachments to ancient behavioural patterns may be so natural and strong that you’ve struggled to budge them. With Neptune and Chiron in your sign and the latter approaching the last leg of its tenure in Pisces until the early 2060s, this annual cycle will be about bringing the dark things into the light. You may, or may not, have some thoughts about those “dark things”, but I don’t suggest you get bogged down with that. What I will say is that when very young, survival requires a certain form of attachment to nourishment. Something at that point cemented an attachment style that has encouraged an idea, deep in the core of you, about connection beyond the details of everyday life and ‘mystical union’. You seek that quality at all costs and can become deeply disillusioned when that attribute of connectedness is not present. You have likely failed to notice what this may have cost you. And this year, even if you currently find a measure of satisfaction in your actual arrangements, you are at an ending and on the very verge of separating off from, and leaving behind, the older views of merging with a ‘special’ significant other. There will be tangible gains associated with the release of life force that will accompany that shift. And, right at the end of 2017, said shift will be consolidated, as Saturn moves into Capricorn next Christmas. You’ll be asking questions this year about how family “transcends blood” and the specific motifs will all effectively have an underlying tone involving the balance of power moving from one-to-one models of finding strength and resilience and toward a truly community-focused model of being grounded on the planet. Interestingly, you will discover that security is more about energy movement than fixity. That’s the big payoff. Your tribe is mobile!

2017 Year Ahead: Part two – By Alex

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    I agree this is a really informative and well written horoscope. Well done !

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    Thanks Sagittarius! Saturn is a hard task master. Responsibility is tough to shake off when he’s in your sign. I’d recommend some sort of spiritual practice this year such as Tai Chi. Honouring yourself is key!

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    This is a really profound horoscope forecast. The deep insights you have surpass anything else. I will definitely look forward to part 2 year ahead.

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    What a beautiful horoscope. I’ve really been feeling the way you described intensely. I hope it all comes together, in the end.

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