Foraging For Hairy Bitter Cress – Its Hot

Foraging For Hairy Bitter Cress – Its Hot

Try hairy bitter cress in a sandwich for a peppery kick.

After taking a nibble of hairy bitter cress or hoary bitter cress for the the first time, you may kick yourself for ever pulling up and discarding this little fellow.

hairy bitter cress

Hairy bitter cress sandwich

Hairy/hoary bitter cress or Cardamine hirsuta, to give its official title. Is also known under many other regional names. It packs a mighty tasty mustard like punch and loves the moist bare soil in shady garden borders.

hairy bitter cress

Wild greens sandwich

Wild plants are nutrient dense. I doubt you will ever find anything but poor quality traces of vitamin and minerals in store bought greens. Hairy bitter cress packs in, calcium, magnesium, beta carotene, vitamin C, antioxidants  and taste. Little is lost if you forage and eat the same day. Or better still within the hour, or minutes if on your door step.

hairy bitter cress

Wild mix in pitta bread.

Hairy bitter cress can often be found in your own garden

Go on pick some, add a wild touch and forever forget dull characterless sandwiches, enjoy taste, variety and one off specials. Intrigue the neighbours as they see you pick one (weed) and then disappear inside. Leaving the others happily living to see a new day. The next sandwich or salad day, you’ll have them scratching their heads over your secret. Although spreading the word that eating the weeds instead of poisoning them, would be a great environmental bonus.

Thanks for stopping by, more soon, promise. Comment below and let me know if you’ve tried this before. Would also like to know if you have any recipe ideas.

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