Which Bach Flower Remedy Do I Need?

Which Bach Flower Remedy Do I Need?

Which Remedy Do I Need?

Which Bach Flower Remedy

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Choosing which Bach Flower Remedy to use, especially at first, is a daunting task for most. 


(Look under LABELS for articles covering all 38 remedies)

We look all of them over and realize we need THEM ALL!

or at least two-thirds of them!

However, we have come to understand that we must limit our selection in order to receive the most helpful results.

Which Remedy Do I Need? Bach Flower Remedies

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What to do?

And how about that Vine and Beech and Holly? How could I EVER need those? Who? Me?

Much of the literature and teaching concerning the 38 remedies presents the negative conditions that the particular remedy will ameliorate. Subconsciously we can begin to see ourselves as nothing but bundles of negative problems and become numb or overwhelmed.

Dr. Bach himself always came to the rescue. In this situation it is with something he noted in 1930 as he was pointing out what he as a physician understood about the “negative states” he was observing in his beloved patients: “…the negatives are always and only the means to an end…  “we only judge the faults and failings and the adverse circumstances of a patient as an indication of the good he is endeavoring to develop.’ ” (from BLOOM by Stefan Ball, page 226)

Which Remedy Do I Need? Bach Flower Remedies

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As we notice the blues, or feeling uneasy or even at times upset, a little miffed (I am going easy on us here: <)  ), and then look at the 38 remedies to see if one of them might help us feel more like our best selves, what we are doing is just what Dr. Bach noted: we are endeavoring to develop the good in ourselves that needs support at that time.
It has been conclusively proven that the Bach Flower Remedies, with up to two millions different combinations (when the remedies are combined, using up too, but not more than, seven remedies at a time) for personalized combination treatment bottles, make the Bach Flower Remedy system of healing another Wonder of the World, as far as this Practitioner is concerned.

                                      “Treat the patient not the dis-ease”   DR. Edward Bach

Lea is a retired registered nurse, a Reiki master, a self-taught American herbalist and has been assisting the family,  friends, and clients in using the Bach Flower Remedy system since 2001. She was accepted onto the international registry of practitioners at the Bach Centre in Mount Vernon England and has been a Registered Practitioner since 2003. Her blog (see below) describes her consulting practice. She will answer one question per month from a Healthy Tree Frog reader. Please send your questions to;  info@healthytreefrog.com

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Which Bach Flower Remedy Do I Need?
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Which Bach Flower Remedy Do I Need?
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