Vervain: The USA Presidential Election Season Is Here

Vervain: The USA Presidential Election Season Is Here

Vervain is a remedy that keeps the fires of one’s passionate beliefs banked

Vervain season

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Some of us show our passion like an open book, or a blazing fire, or a warming blanket. Some of us even alienate others as we become what others consider aggressive when stating our beliefs and opinions. What can a passionate person with ideals do? How does one bank the fires of one’s passions well enough in order that a conversation can be respectful and of benefit to all ?

Vervain is a remedy that can keep the fires of one’s passionate beliefs banked well enough that one with the Vervain personality can find the way to give others room for their own conclusions, passions, and responses to life.


Vervain season

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A look into this practitioner’s use of Vervain for herself

I use Vervain when I become aware that people are not able to match my passion in like kind and want to move on in a conversation. Whether I am expounding to them about the Bach Flower Remedy System of Healing which I am passionate about, or as I advocate as a nurse for my patients, I am always close to the edge of burning my listeners, instead of warming them. Hopefully, I notice this drive or passion rising up and quickly realize that taking some Vervain for a day or two will bring me into wholesome balance once again.


The Remedies do not change one’s personality. For example, they do not change a Vervain mood or personality such as I experience into a Wild Rose or a Centaury temperament or personality (mild, laid-back). The remedy simply adjusts my Vervain fire, balancing this passion in me with the deeper core of my true self which in turn is conscious of the need to respect the true selves of the people I love and interact with.

As Dr. Bach said, we take the correct remedy and:

“As the herbs heal our fears, our anxieties, our worries, our faults and our failings, it is these we must seek, and then the dis-ease, no matter what it is, will leave us.”
Dr. Edward Bach

Lea is a retired registered nurse, a Reiki master, a self-taught American herbalist and has been assisting family,  friends and clients in using the Bach Flower Remedies since 2001. She was accepted onto the International Registry of Practitioners at the Bach Centre in Mount Vernon England and has been a Registered Practitioner since 2003. Her blog (see below) describes her consultation practice. She will answer one question per month from a Healthy Tree Frog reader. Questions may be asked in the comments column.


Ohio, 44107, Lakewood: Jonalea Henderson-Neiderfound


Lea’s blog: bachflowerremediesfortoday.blogspot

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