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In The Reality of Truth, a group of seekers (which happen to have several attractive celebrities among them) go searching for answers to these universal questions. The film was created and directed by Mike “Zappy” Zapolin, an internet pioneer who had every outward measure of success — abundant wealth, prosperous career, beautiful home and family — but felt hollow and purposeless inside. In his quest for relief and inspiration, Zappy tapped into his network of wise colleagues for guidance.

People often experience profound mystical experiences with the aid of these jungle plants, frequently leading to new understandings of themselves and the world, emotional and physical healing, and even freedom from addiction or other destructive patterns. But are these experiences “real” or “true”? The Reality of Truth asks us to question our own perceptions of reality and truth. Perhaps certain plants can allow us access to parts of our consciousness, or a collective consciousness, which are otherwise unreachable. Perhaps the truth we experience every day is really the illusion, while a deeper truth lives within us, waiting to be discovered. Could it be that these powerful plant medicines have been intentionally barred from the mainstream in order to support the pharmaceutical industry? Zappy invites viewers to ponder these questions, and explore the answers for ourselves.

The relationship between reality, spirituality, religion, and plant medicine remains mysterious. But there is no denying the benefits purported by the majority of people who try certain hallucinogenic plants, including Zappy and his crew. Story after story in this film describe a breakthrough in understanding and freedom from suffering following the use of plant medicine. read the whole article HERE

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The Reality of Truth
The Reality of Truth

If you’ve been contemplating trying Ayahuasca, watch this documentary. This eye- opening film features Deepak Chopra, Michelle Rodriguez, Ram Dass, Marianne Williamson, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and many others. Watch as they share their perspectives and experiences with Ayahuasca, plant medicine and meditation.

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