The Journey this Week

The journey this week as seen from the cosmos

It seems as if we find you in a sort of emotional austerity. Are you experiencing some pronounced worry or hesitancy? Perhaps your energy shifts hourly? Regardless of any pressing uncertainties/fears it is important to sustain positivity. Despite the core doubts which seem to be surfacing, rejuvenation and renewal of energy are portended over the coming days.

You are needing to take a more decisive role in your world and the managing of your energy with discipline and focus, is required. A major key for you appears to be noticing that those things which have felt negative, once harnessed positively, begin to feel like a point of revelatory breakthrough – actually, the penny finally drops. You SEE the inevitability of change.

The journey this weekWhat you actually are noticing now is how imprisoned you have allowed yourself to be. Recognising the difference between alignment and misalignment is going to tell you everything you need to know about your life force and what it truly requires in manifestation. Because, let’s face it, you’ve come to the end of yourself – or more accurately – ‘the old way’. The burden had become too much; yet to be fair, you’d no clue how to put it down.

All the doubts surface in a torrent. “I can’t let go of all I ever carried with me. It is who I am!” Bingo! This is the falsehood you will begin to see clearly through. What you really hold in your hands – your total skills set, acquired over your lifetime, are what you take with you – who you are will now follow your releasing of your gift, your accrued talent.

Essentially, it appears that you have been functionally out of balance, energies scattered/wasted. This week you will see that true poise is NOT an outward presentation, but instead reflects an inward state. Moreover, it would appear that the roots of being divided within yourself and carrying scattered energy have come from not honouring your own needs. Perhaps you fear the conflict you know will arise once you correct said imbalance? Well, it may FEEL weighty but the adjustment is more important than bowing to fear!

Interestingly, once you are able decisively to push past the self doubt and the apprehension of stepping into your light, you will instantly find your heart filling up once more with belief in the possibilities this life has to offer. The opportunity to fulfill an old dream is at hand. We aren’t talking of a comforting nostalgia here, nor hopeless idealism. Once you push past your doubts and begin to recognise who you are in this present moment, many things you imagined impossible will become inevitable in your experience.

ARIES: Who is really holding you back? Maybe, just maybe.. Don’t believe your eyes!

TAURUS: The next train arriving at serendipity central my friend.. is yours!

GEMINI: Me? No, surely you are looking at the wrong person? I’m afraid not!

CANCER: Dithering? You accuse ME of dithering? This crab’s now on the move..

LEO: What do you mean, autopilot? I’ve rarely taken my hands off the wheel!

VIRGO: Yeah, yeah, I know.. If I stop fussing, my blood pressure will come down.

LIBRA: God, I hate it when you get to simplify things. I lose control!

SCORPIO: What are you suggesting? Of course, everybody understands perfectly who is in charge.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s really annoying having to behave all the time. Perhaps I should stop?

CAPRICORN: Creatively blocked you say? It’s just not MY fault, you know!

AQUARIUS: Amorous, is that what you think? You’ve not yet experienced my best work.

PISCES: I’m not really a loner. I just need to learn to trust a little more.

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