Tarotscope For November/December 2015 by Alex

Tarotscope For November/December 2015 by Alex

Welcome to this month’s tarotscope prediction for your astrological Sun sign

I write this tarotscope on the heels of the atrocities in Paris. Events such as those, with their tragic consequences touching so many lives, often compromise our sense of stability on the planet. They show graphically that we struggle to participate in a world, where only a very small percentage of people participate in significant decision-making processes that affect us all. This is OUR world, full to the brim with things both good and bad. I would encourage everyone who is reading to rise to the challenge of taking responsibility and not shrinking back. Quite apart from your Sun sign forecast and matters private to your life, astrology gives us clear vision about the seismic and very rapid transition our planet is going through (and will continue to go through for the next ten years). The choices, although always implying a very complex global scene, are always relatively simple as personal choice – the choice to love and be responsible, to reach out and embrace OR to wallow in alienation, ignorance, misunderstanding, prejudice and hatred. A siege mentality will not serve us well. We need love, openness and compassion on this rollercoaster ride called life. Let’s unite with our global community in grieving for those lost and resolving to participate in the building of a kinder, more just world.

Aries TarotscopeARIES: It’s funny just how quickly our cherished dreams can become imminent nightmare scenarios, isn’t it Aries? And yet, if there is any consolation to be had, it is usually the case that these phenomena embody equal and opposite ‘errors’; mental figments that are not grounded in reality (and yet, the fears seem to be!) To me, you appear torn as you attempt to assess a partnership situation that you find yourself staring starkly at. I get the sense that you believe a significant person to be holding something back. Maybe you doubt the emotional genuineness of their commitment to you… and this is making you uneasy? It’s as though their attitude is touching on something in you though. Perhaps you have never really noticed how you, yourself, have a tendency to hold back. Or, if you have, you rationalise and justify that the other person is bringing that about. It feels to me that you would like to solidify a relationship to a more tangible level but the risk of attempting to do so feels ‘in your face’. The trick is not to focus on the other party. Instead, take a look at how your trust has been wounded in the past. It’s time to bring that wound to the surface for processing. If you don’t, you will inevitably continue seeing your nightmare ‘out there’, confronting you in the guise of another. Open your heart; face your fears. Do not grasp for an old dream – allow it to be born.

Tarotscope TaurusTAURUS: Disruption, disruption, everywhere. Throw in a huge dose of confusion for good measure! You may feel as though you are losing your legendary grounding. But what’s going on beneath the surface level of appearance? Things probably look much more precarious than they are. WHY do they look that way? My guess is that you are applying an ancient filter to each situation you are confronting. The story looks to me as if there might always be somebody lurking just around the corner.. waiting to take something precious from you. It is very hard to relax and be in the present moment, when you have such worries constantly assailing you. As a fixed Earth sign you always have undertones (even when you work on it) of craving security inflexibly – often feeling you need guarantees before you embark upon any sort of ‘adventure’. But what IS an adventure, if not the journey into the unknown? Can you live without needing to understand some deeper ‘significance’ to what is transpiring? It looks to me that you have some fine opportunities for some very pleasurable encounters, IF you are able to avoid the sort of self-sabotage you’ve sometimes fallen prey to. Maybe you never noticed just how you’ve idealised relationship and then tried to make the opportunity in front of you fit that. No more! What we see this month is the death of what no longer serves you, in favour of beginning a real exploration.

Tarotscope geminiGEMINI: Well, Well, Well, it does my heart good when I see you turning a corner, Gemini. It feels very much to me as though you have decided that it is finally time to move on emotionally from old ties; old ways of looking at the world; old ways of living restrictively in your personal space. No longer is it possible for you to hide your light under a bushel, to shrink back like the proverbial hermit, from all you know about your creative potential and how the world needs what you have to offer it. Life can get very boring when things become too stable. I sense that you have faced considerable creeping pressures to come out of your comfort zone. Things have continued to change all around you and in the end it begins to look ridiculous clinging onto the old life raft that is clearly no longer required. Suffice to say that a part of this involves questions of how solitariness is not sustainable on your journey. This is not exclusively related to ‘romantic’ partnerships; it is really about the overall importance of having collaborators, if you are going to get anything practical built from your creative impetus and new psychological foundations. As you push aside fears and ‘up your game’ with various shared endeavours, it appears that you will be in a position to birth something exquisite that will change your career-focus forever.

Tarotscope CancerCANCER: How do we stave off boredom? That’s a relevant question for you this month. When the dust settles after a period of transition, we can often find that what we imagined would be the case is not the case at all. Suddenly, we see that there is some work to do and that we cannot simply make assumptions based upon ‘how things were’. This is not a situation you should worry about because the power of change is squarely in your hands, Cancer. You are still in a period of adjustment after several upheavals, so go easy on yourself. The thing to bear in mind is that there are essentially two choices in front of you, in terms of life path – the tried and tested, that may appear to be the path of security (but will ultimately lead to stagnation and boredom) OR small but creative steps in the direction of a whole new emanation of your life, wholly outside of your previous frames of reference. Although this can often be a little scary, the truth is that you are finally ready for it. You see that the old is no longer relevant and that a new approach has got to offer much more exciting prospects than the same old merry-go-round of fashioning a reality around ‘safe’ attachments that do not challenge, threaten, or indeed offer any sort of unpredictable variables to enter the equation and upset the apple cart. Well, the apple cart does need upsetting! Make your peace with that! I think you won’t believe how liberating it will turn out to be.

Tarotscope LeoLEO: You are the little bird, no longer a chick, that peers out of the nest and sees just what a long way down your maiden flight will be. You kind of realise you have wings. You’ve seen others use theirs to fly high. You’ve stretched yours out, haven’t you? You’ve even flapped them. We so easily disparage small beginnings but what alternative is there, exactly? Don’t we ALL start small? The point is recognising what must be done. I don’t need to push the metaphor here do I?!! Bad news is often good news. It is largely often a matter of perception. So that bad news is also the good news! If you keep perching on that safe little branch (having ventured a short distance from the nest and surveying the scene) watching and flapping but not taking off, something is going to shake your sturdy tree. That’s just to reassure you that the choice you have is to launch yourself or be launched. Either way, you will soon be doing the quality assurance on your feathers. I’d caution you not to try to fly in your head as a substitute – to shape your ideas in the direction your bodily life should go, or to catastrophise the ‘what ifs’ of your material security and readiness to trust your talents. The radical breakthrough of new beginnings will prove to be a much smoother transition for you than the endless procrastinating and rationalising that really is not living at all. Got it?

Tarotscope virgoVIRGO: You finally have a little more room to breathe of late. Accordingly, you are much more optimistic about the possibilities of your life, rather than feeling hemmed in by various factors seemingly outside your control. But here’s a question. You know what happens when you sit on your laurels? You know, when you fail to build on your gains. Sure, be tentative by all means, Virgo. But I am getting a feeling that perhaps you have settled for a holiday from a troublesome experience/reality, rather than a decisive dealing with it
. I’m not surprised – simply because it often feels easier to remain in denial than to bring about decisive change by your own hand. The risk you face just now is that of assuming that because a problem feels less pressing, it somehow becomes less real in actuality. It is in fact very important that you do not settle for passivity at this time. The longer you leave things, the more difficult it will be to assert your needs and instead you will end up feeling like a person whose sole role is to adapt/react to external pressures when they land. You have grown so much in your assertive mentality these past two years. But now it’s time to notice and act upon the fact that we are agents of change, implementers of our desires, destined to grasp life by the horns and make it happen. Destiny rarely comes to us. We go to it. Let it not be that you wake up one day and wonder why life has left you behind.

Tarotscope libraLIBRA: You appear to be stuck ‘between a rock and a hard place’. Can’t go back but don’t feel like you can move forward. Have you therefore decided to kid yourself that you can simply stay put? Wouldn’t that be great, Libra? Not that I am accusing you of usually being indecisive. It doesn’t matter if you focus on the details, or the big picture – you seem to be cornered by factors outside your control. Newsflash: These perceptions are much more like fears than actual external realities. And anyway, nothing changes unless we embrace change within ourselves. Rites of passage often involve agonising struggle – otherwise they would not be very significant and we wouldn’t need rituals to give them a larger meaning. So the question I must ask is “What are you so scared of?” Really? My guess is that in essence you are called upon to leave behind a way of imagining your life that has always felt entirely natural and right but now does not. The problem is that you can see nothing other than disorientation as a result. You cannot “see” how the old reality can be replaced by something new, necessary or not. One can never map new terrain in one’s mind. It is intrinsically impossible. So stop that analysing. Feel, instead. Each step of the way, ask whether your feelings are really fears. And, if they are, have the courage to take the next step. That way, you will soon discover your feelings aligning with something new. How pleasant might that be?

Tarotscope scorpioSCORPIO: What on Earth is happening to your notions of security? Are they, in fact, being radically revised due to the very concrete experiences you are having of a period of instability/threat within/to your most personal structures? While few of us actually welcome disruption, it is often the very thing that we need, in order that we get past some of our most stubborn psychological blocks and the ‘sacred cows’ that hold back our growth into fuller maturity and expression. True security, it must be emphasised, comes from your inner foundations, NOT those upon which your earthly shelter is built. Beyond all appearances there is a very important lesson beckoning your future self. I think that there is an emotional reluctance within you that you know is there lurking but you can usually pretend isn’t. This is often masked by the making of assumptions, where said reluctance attaches to external factors that become rationalisations. You refuse to look at certain things because you relocate their significance to some other area like “I have to do this for my family, not me. Cased closed…”. Your current challenges are removing these crutches from you. Moreover, I suspect there are some fears about your material security and contractual obligations with anyone you might transact with on a deeper partnering level. And that’s where the trust thing is. No easy thing for a Scorpio. Know that all this is coming up so that you can dispense with it once and for all.

Tarotscope sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: That whirlpool torrent in your psyche that feels desperate to shake off the influence of Saturn in your sign is worth paying close attention to. The material world can at times feel simultaneously a blessing and a curse. Those damned structures hem you in, screw you down, make life so very much about responsibility. I see an epic struggle developing for you this month. You appreciate your freedom so much. It is a life principle for you. And yet, the reality is that a certain bottom line of structure is necessary and must be maintained, in order to have the free time to be able to explore/enjoy what freedom actually is. We can never, this side of ‘eternity’, be free of the demands of the body that anchors us to material reality. So for you the fine line you must learn to master is that of reconciling these two seemingly polarised notions. Let me ask you a question. Are you going to seek freedom/liberation within your experience of self as an interior phenomenon OR experimentally, in your world? Of course, these are connected, BUT my sense is that on the ideas/interiority level you have fairly consistent and effective methods of feeling free – less so when it comes to risks ‘out there’. Here’s my take: It’s time to make adjustments to fit your life better. These will require ruthless honesty with both self/others. Pleasure is your ticket. Find other pleasure seekers. Release! Feel your deeper self in simple connection.

Tarotscope CapricornCAPRICORN: Are you a success or not? Every time you build another layer of success you struggle to rest on your laurels. I do wonder about a perfectionism driving you at times that may be somewhat less than healthy. I know you get restless, fear boredom and becoming unproductive, but there is a drivenness about you these days that looks like it may need tempering somewhat. This comes back to your values – for it is invariably our values that drive us. You pride yourself on being a good provider – you care in very practical ways by making things comfortable for everyone; by sharing the fruit of your labours with those dearest to you. I get the feeling that a partnership situation close to your roots, is leaving you feeling unappreciated and, perhaps, taken for granted. I’d encourage you to shake loose from your earthy nature for a moment and attempt to reconceive what a different approach to security might feel like. Maybe you could imagine less responsibility and greater scope for expanding your horizons beyond the four walls of stable and productive gains. Remember that your ideas and experiences are at least as valuable as your bank balance and more tangible assets. They will always be with you as a part of who you are – but material circumstances/conditions can alter at the drop of a hat. YOU are your greatest resource. Spend some time thinking about whether/where you might like to distribute your investments and what your most precious assets really are.

Tarotscope aquariusAQUARIUS: I see a message coming your way this month that may prove joyous to you. Foundations of your life laid, you may have entertained doubts about a commitment that would entail a surrender of the freedoms you so cherish and guard. Nevertheless, these days you are as realistic as idealistic. You laid your foundations for a reason. And now it seems that something looms on your horizon that may alter your life on the material plane forever. As I say, although this may carry some natural fears of loss through transition and a ‘no going back’ feel, I get the sense that this development is one that overall you are ready for. I get the strange feeling as recently when writing for you that this may indeed be as concrete as news of a pregnancy that you have been preparing/hoping for. Certainly, the energy is well aligned in support of your desires if they are in that area. For those who are not on that particular track, all the metaphorical possibilities are certainly open to you. Certainly, your shared, deeper arrangements are in a position to be blessed and to expand fortuitously. There will be changes to some of your core stability/sustaining structures but this is all in line with the cosmic purpose and serves as preparation for the new developments. There is a new balance to you. You have integrated disparate parts of you long fragmented. Now is the time of stability you are truly equipped to embrace and thrive within.

Tarotscope piscesPISCES: You have found yourself, come into your fullness. After a period of time spanning around eighteen months, you have learnt lessons about what you need and who you are in your relationships. Whereas in the past you could easily lose yourself or keep others at arms length to avoid such losing, now you are equipped to move forward with confidence. This is great news for you because it appears that an opportunity arrives this month to transition from casual and light encounters toward something with a little more meat (pun intended). Your ideas have been so shaken up that you now are in the delightful position of carrying absolutely no expectations – which is liberating. All should fall naturally into place. The only caveat is that the material level of existence may continue to present certain practical barriers, either for you or a potential partner. Watch for any disparity between your material means. This is one area where ancient trust issues may be lurking on either side. Resolve not to allow any such concerns in the shorter term to compromise your embarking on a journey of exploration. The key is, as always, not to go too far, too soon. There is plenty of time. Now is now and then will be then. As long as nothing is transacted that cannot be reversed then there is nothing to worry about. Healthy caution is called for… nothing more and nothing less!

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