Tarotscope for June-July 2016 by Alex

Tarotscope for June-July 2016 by Alex

Here is your Tarotscope for June-July for the next four weeks

Earlier this month we had a tense Grand Cross pattern with both the Sun and Venus opposing Saturn and square Jupiter and Neptune. This grand cross will play out until the 29th June.

The Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune  T-square which has been going on since the end of March, is now reaching its culmination. This pattern will begin to break up around the second week of July. With Jupiter opposite Neptune you may feel like you want to save or be saved.

Also, Saturn needs you to define where you are going. It’s not enough to dream big, while trying all avenues, hoping for the best. You need to figure out how to bring it into reality. These are uncertain times and all Saturn is asking you to do is deal with what you know to be true. Try to focus on practical measures but be realistic.

Enjoy your Tarotscope for June-July, Alex

Coming out of lethargy,
I’m ready to create,
And gather all the money,
As much as it will take ~ Kaypacha


Aries tarotscope for June-JulyARIES: Going deeper with a commitment this month (in terms of pitching in to a more shared reality) is going to require the addressing of both your ungrounded fears and issues around how you assert yourself. Anger, aggression and healthy assertiveness are not always easy to tease apart. You would benefit from exploring some of your historical ‘triggers’ this month. A clue for you is this: Once you are ‘reacting’, you are already coming from a space of unconscious triggering. This may feel like a novel idea to you, but it will be necessary to cement your forward momentum. It’s long past the time when you can wake up one day and say “How on Earth did I get myself into this situation… AGAIN?”


Taurus tarotscope for June-JulyTAURUS: Throwing yourself into the whole spectrum of your bodily experience, continues to be the message for you Taurus. Make no mistake, this is like a kind of initiation for you. It is the point at which you finally confront that split within you which has always seemed to keep the magic you seek at bay. Being so in your head at times, you regularly choose old stuff over new adventures. The unknown will ALWAYS be the unknown until you step out and embrace it. Holding back and continually doing your risk assessments isn’t going to cut it any more. So here is the rub: Your interpersonal entanglements are inextricable from your psychological ones. The way out is decisive action. Trust your heart this month.


Gemini tarotscope for June-JulyGEMINI: You seem to have had a focus whereby you see something out there and it appears to be a huge, looming obstacle, blocking your true joy. I’m not sure if there’s some ancient heartache sponsoring this perception, Gemini. But I can tell you that if you muster the courage to face this seemingly defining obstacle, things will change radically for you. This month is all about actioning the new beginnings heralded by the recent new moon in your sign. Even if you have felt betrayed in some way, it is important not to dwell on how power has perhaps been with somebody else. I’d invite you to ask a few questions about powerlessness and victimhood. A new sense of your own power now seeks to burst forth. Please let it!


Cancer tarotscope for June-JulyCANCER: Now is a time of preparation for you, followed by radical transformation. Even if it is not yet possible to make out the shape of the manifestation approaching rapidly along the horizon, what is clear is that you are being asked to access your deepest courage. Warriors face seemingly continual battles and can lose perspective between battlefield scenarios and everything else. You will be able to breathe out soon… IF you put the hard yards in now. I get the feeling that you are continuing to live as if events of the past year are still live. In reality, they are gone. It is time to adjust, finally. The psychological pressure is mounting to release what you have been holding onto. It is time.


Leo tarotscope for June-JulyLEO: It seems like the world as you’ve known it has decisively ended. It is the definitive end of the line for significant aspects of your former existence… that is if you wish to move forward in growth and not stagnate in a world that isn’t true to who you really are. It continues to prove tough transitioning because there’s so much in flux. This may have you asking deep questions about your true security. In truth, you were looking in the wrong place before. It is NEVER located outside of you. And all the changes, starting this month, are testament to such. As you re-work who you are, look around and feel who your true kin are.. and why. Note: Trust is a journey that begins with trusting yourself.


Virgo tarotscope for June-JulyVIRGO: When you imagine changing your circumstances, what are the seeming obstacles stopping you from acting decisively? Is it your job gnawing away at you, or your material security/constraints, or perhaps your relationships are leaving you feeling constrained and misunderstood? Frustration is a key word for you now. Your life needs some expansiveness at this time and this month you must disentangle several strands that seem intertwined, so that you can develop a clear forward path. It seems to me that you are not necessarily helping yourself. Not all seeming communication is communicative. Your feelings seem to be inseparable from your thoughts now. To exit this maze, start with honouring your needs.


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Libra tarotscope for June-JulyLIBRA: A deeper sense of security in the world may feel as if it is connected to material factors and stability of place – but these things are always subject to fluctuation. Much as you may consider that something ‘solid’ as a desirable thing, I’m here to remind you that such things can soon become cages. Whether circumstances, luck, the capriciousness of others or various other factors outside your control, security can NEVER be separated from your own wholeness. There may be considerable challenge in your circumstances right now that makes it difficult to see past the egoic level of existence, in your interactions with others. Don’t be distracted by others’ stuff. You are en route to your true centre.


Scorpio tarotscope for June-JulySCORPIO: This is a potentially perilous time for your closest partnerships. You seem to be vulnerable to some ancient magnetic defence mechanism – which has often offered a release valve once the pressures mount too high for you to process comfortably. Freedom and new beginnings may appear to be emblazoned on a situation outside your current one – but let me tell you, that is simply your perception playing tricks on you. I can give you a clue about this. Lurking in your unconscious lies a deep desire to be ‘looked after’ – don’t worry, it’s not uncommon! It is an ancient parental wound that seeks resolution out there with a surrogate caregiving figure. Don’t succumb to longings, stare them in the eye and plod on.


Sagittarius tarotscope for June-JulySAGITTARIUS: Everybody else seems to have it so much easier than you right now, eh? Saturn has been turning the screw for some time. It appears that this may be manifesting in your closest relationships as a set of choices available either to you, or a partner, to shift some bind, by shifting the orientation of the relationship (perhaps away from the known territory). Certainly partnership (and fears about worst case scenarios) is heavily on your mind now. Somebody else may even seem to be having all the fun. Not fair is it? Well, this is part of your karmic learning. Moving beyond the level of ego is your path to wholeness. You know this mentally, but now it is time to manifest it – and this means testing.


Capricorn tarotscope for June-JulyCAPRICORN: Why do we face so many battles throughout our lives? Are these thing simply random happenings, or are they all designed to pick at us and wear us down? It can certainly seem like the latter at times. I get the feeling that you sorely wish you could radically transform one particular aspect of your current experience. Think for a moment, about how what you feel deep within (perhaps as frustration) is intimately related to the transformative possibility that seems so tantalisingly available to you outside your current situation. I think you will find in time that the real issue is about your own sense of power. This month, you start a journey into replacing fantasy with the more whole version of you.


Aquarius tarotscope for June-JulyAQUARIUS: You’ve been laying foundations for a new phase of life this past year or so. New approaches to daily vocation, coupled with new thinking/action in shaping your material reality, are now beginning to bear the fruit of the discipline invested. Less mature ways of facing reality have been replaced by diligence and a determination to make your life work – not simply like some theory of an ideal society, but in actual daily existence. This was a significant transition – and now, a brand new phase of existence has begun. These foundations were sorely needed and you can now build on them in various ways, all of which support your deepest values and priorities. Still, enjoy some downtime these coming weeks.


Pisces tarotscope for June-JulyPISCES: Who are you outside your roles? Do you ‘need’ a role to find purpose? Are you and your vocation the same thing? A lot of questions, I know. But they are necessary, since questions force us to look at certain things closely. The limits of your imagination are NOT the same as the limits in your world, the obstacles you have to overcome to progress your life. If you live in your head all the time, it is doubtful that you will ever really accomplish much of significance in the 3D world. And it is the 3D world that is the real canvas for all the beautiful artefacts we may ever produce. This month, you finally notice just HOW results requires directness. Remember: 1 part inspiration, 9 parts perspiration.


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  1. Alex Brocklehurst
    June 17, 17:34 #1 Alex Brocklehurst Author

    Sun sign or rising? Hope the hard graft pays off!

  2. Anonymous
    June 17, 10:04 #2 Anonymous

    Thanks Alex, thats very reassuring. Its true about the ‘hard yards’ and preparation. Hopefully the transformation is coming soon, as you say!

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