Tarotscope for January/February 2016

Tarotscope for January/February 2016

In light of my recent exertions on the annual horoscope, here is a shortened tarotscope for January/February. Enjoy!

The taroscope for January/February is a blend of tarot and astrology.

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Aries tarotscope for JanuaryARIES: How far are you away from your goal? A small gap can be a chasm and a seemingly huge leap can, in actuality, be a small step. It is our perception which is crucial so often. I can tell you that something about how you have ‘always done things’ is up for review. Perhaps patience and persistence have not been your strong suit and instead you have rushed straight into things. You need stimulation but you likewise need productivity. My feeling is that something joyous awaits you, just around the next corner, IF you can shift perspective and begin to see the virtue in taking your time, rather than expecting instant results. These life lessons will serve you well in the coming years, so make the investment over the coming weeks. The time IS right.

Taurus tarotscope for JanuaryTAURUS: The material world can feel like a prison and so can our thoughts. Rigid patterns so easily come to define us. Once this is the case it can become imperceptible. Yet even though we have allowed it to happen, we see it ‘out there’ as a sense of dis-ease that often births boredom and restlessness. You need, it is perhaps fair to say, a bit of a break from yourself. Too much activity of the relentless and driven kind, designed to fend off boredom, may prove to be rooted in a basic inability to relax and to be yourself around other people, in particular. You appear to be on the brink of a transformational experience in these areas. Rest your mind and activate your body, your senses… Experience your embodiment! Embrace feelings! Do not resist. ALLOW…

Gemini tarotscope for JanuaryGEMINI: I’ve said it in one form or another for some time now. Essentially the message is to ditch your fears. These fears are old conditioning. Reflex mental actions, not based in the now. Control is simply an illusion and defending against reality will no longer work. Surrender to what is. There is a journey awaiting you. This journey is both physical and emotional. As you begin to transition into new emotional skin and make peace with the risk-averse side of who you have been, it will prove easier for you to ‘go with the flow’. It is squarely your choice to make such changes, based on what you now see and feel so readily about your forward momentum. You are seeding new beginnings; ones which will make all your relationships much easier. Then come the physical shifts.

Cancer tarotscope for JanuaryCANCER: The sign of Cancer is depicted by a crab with good reason. You may be a cardinal sign, one which is action-orientated, but the crab moves sideways. Like Libra (also cardinal), you can struggle being direct. Yet the message these days appears to revolve around you looking at ‘how you move’. Is it efficient? Is it truly productive? Do you achieve your desired goals within any sort of acceptable time frame? Your sign is ruled by the moon and this is good news for you now. You are blessed with a fairly sound sense of intuition. You are attuned to natural rhythms and cycles. The mind actually shackles you, through the many fears it dredges up from the ocean floor. It’s transformation time for you. Learn to act decisively. TRUST your intuition. Move FORWARD.

Leo tarotscope for JanuaryLEO: The ebb and flow of life is not something we can control. Even when we give up control in order to achieve a sense of freedom, the control we exercise is merely that of ceasing with resistance. THAT is scary! What might happen if we plunge into the waters of life without due diligence and preparation? You have taken a break from the humdrum of mainstream life for quite some considerable time. This has enabled you to experience a measure of being unruffled. BUT… you know that this is an unsustainable position, if you are to expand and embrace life on a more satisfying footing. The rewards are ‘out there’ in the world – and you have to go get them. Connecting with the world instead of desisting is a culture shock, but the alternative is to shrivel up. Well?

Virgo tarotscope for JanuaryVIRGO: You’re a practical sort! You constantly find yourself having to make pragmatic judgments about that reality you encounter every day, which can often carry the ‘quality’ of drudgery. Everybody EXPECTS you to be the uber-reliable one; consistently available when needed, consistently strong. But let me ask you… Is THAT real? This month presents you with both an opportunity and an obligation to give attention to the nature of your partnerships and alliances. What are they really grounded in? Things can get so ‘realistic’ and true to life that they become utterly tedious. We can, by our diligence, thoroughly rob ourselves of the lighter touch. In reality, there is no separation between us all. Realise, this month, that your judgments may well be the true cause of your pain.

Libra tarotscope for JanuaryLIBRA: It is time to prepare! The first thing to do before asking ‘for what?’ is to grasp just how expectations are a killer. They make the past dominate the present. What you want to go for this month is a feeling of anticipation. Looking for life to be a source of surprise, something which can upend your expectations, is a healthy shift for you right now. A journey into new territories is entirely possible for you in the coming weeks, IF you can only get beyond the prison of your expectations. This is akin to a blazing torch being lit within your soul and bringing light to a room that may have been shrouded in darkness for a very long time. You do not need to rush. Enjoy the process of burning the dead wood. Recognise that you CAN choose differently. Believe in life. It believes in you!

Scorpio tarotscope for JanuarySCORPIO: I wonder just now, how many of the choices you have made in the past regarding partnership and alliances, have been based upon a sense of needing to protect yourself from something. We all know by now that safety is something of an illusion and that all our attempts to defend against most sense of danger is not based on any real threat. This, in a nutshell, is a statement about our anxieties. Can you, these coming weeks, put down your guard… all those old defences? Will it finally become feasible completely to discard that intense energy that means that seemingly you can just NEVER relax? What will it take for you to see, I wonder? First thing to be aware of in this process, involves how you see your significant partners. How do they play security roles in your life? Explore!

Sagittarius tarotscope for JanuarySAGITTARIUS: The message for you over the next month is one of clearing out the clutter from your energy field. This obviously takes many different forms – including starting by giving attention to your beliefs – especially those beliefs about your highest calling and vocation on the planet. Any influence, whether it be a belief, a relationship, or ways of manifesting your life within your significant spaces, which is not conducive to the sort of clarity which allows energy to flow, MUST be jettisoned. It is time to streamline and to travel light. You are seeding a whole new chapter of your life and you have had a lot of karmic material to process, in order to prepare for it. Now is the time to press forward, having cleared the decks. The shift in view will release your caged-in songbird…

Capricorn February TaroscopeCAPRICORN: I need to repeat something important which I shared in your annual readings and that is: You are being called into a role of leadership in the world. And, in order to fulfil that role effectively, you must clear out the old garbage of fear/doubt and align with confidence to your purpose. It is important that you get to grips with all the ridiculous and contradictory messages that have driven your energy down deranged paths for much of your life – your struggle to break free involves not simply synthesising something new that is UNLIKE what you have previously known (although that IS your gift to the world), but also, finally dealing with the stuff (and its origins) that so drove you into a groove of ‘righting wrongs’. Injustice need no longer faze you! Silence EVERY critic (living and departed) by shining…

Aquarius February TaroscopeAQUARIUS: It seems to me that you have perhaps been treading water somewhat and waiting for some new development to come to you. There has been considerable wisdom in taking this approach and you have been kind to yourself as a result, not pushing too much. The coming weeks, however, require a change of gear. It would appear that you are on the verge of a partnership situation (whether personal or project-based) that is calling you to exercise a decisive leap of faith and to ‘put your money where your mouth is’. You have prepared, you have no reason whatsoever to lack confidence. Be aware that your sense of timing should not be based upon external factors. Something within you ‘just knows’ when the time is right. Do not be distracted or decoyed by trivial matters. Go with your guts. Make waves. It is time!

Pisces February TaroscopePISCES: What is fear of commitment really all about? What are we really ever going to lose? You won’t lose yourself unless you allow that to happen. The rest is just stuff, which life can take from you at ANY time. Hold onto yourself and you alone. In that way, you will not cling too tightly to anything around you. If it helps at all, I’d suggest a measure of prudence and wisdom but that’s it – not too much. Actually, it would be sufficient for you simply to be versatile with your planning. Do you have a plan B? If you are taking an approach to anything which requires any sort of commitment, do you have the flexibility to be able to change tack, according to the development of circumstances? This is perhaps the most important attribute in your survival toolkit. Breakthroughs await in the coming weeks IF you can stretch.

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  1. Alex Brocklehurst
    January 19, 09:22 #1 Alex Brocklehurst

    Hiya Lea, I too love the glyphs. They were sourced by Kazzie so unaware who artist is.

    Glad to see the tarotscope resonating.

  2. Jonalea Henderson-Neider
    January 19, 04:32 #2 Jonalea Henderson-Neider

    Thanks, Alex. Sounds right on the target for this Gemini. And I LOVE the glyphs. who is the artist?

  3. Jonalea Henderson-Neider
    January 17, 22:08 #3 Jonalea Henderson-Neider

    Besides being spot on for my Gemini reading,. I LOVE the glyphs you are using for this post!
    Thank you So Much for Everything!

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