Synchronicity – Your Reflection in the Universe (by James Lynn Page)

Synchronicity – Your Reflection in the Universe (by James Lynn Page)

This is an edited excerpt from my book, You and the Conscious Universe: Science, Spirit and the New Positive Thinking, available on the Amazon website.


Have you ever felt a strange sensation of Destiny in your everyday life? Is some out-of-the-blue event trying to tell you something? This is Synchronicity – and it’s the Universe playing back to you what is secretly unravelling in your soul. Sometimes there is a quaint intuition that we’re being ‘guided’ (or warned) by an unseen hand. This is also Synchronicity. Haven’t you, at one time or another, felt that ‘if so-and-so hadn’t happened when it did’, you wouldn’t be where you are today? The ‘right’ information or person seems to ‘arrive’ just at the time you need it. Synchronicity again!

Such things appear random events, but I no longer believe in ‘random events’: a book falls from a library shelf and opens at the right page; I overhear a conversation containing news I’d been seeking; I get an unexpected phone call that does the same. In all three cases, outer event seems mysteriously linked to my overall inner motivation. This makes no rational sense, and yet the feeling lingers that these events were constructed precisely for me, that they answer some deeper need of mine. It’s hard not to feel some orderly pattern at work. That’s because it’s there!

That the Universe might mirror one’s inner nature or motivations is not a new idea, though the best modern format is Carl Jung’s theory of Synchronicity. He described it as ‘the simultaneous occurrence of two significant but not causally connected events.’ That is, they are connected by Meaning – they are an acausal meaningful coincidence. It may be something you dreamed last night, some general issue on your mind, or a specific piece of information (a name, a date, a brand of car). These psychological factors are somehow mirrored – in an eerie way – in actual events.

The sense of being helped on our chosen path to do the right thing is unmistakable, such as when being warned of potential danger. Though we just act without knowing why at the time, afterwards we’re convinced that something was definitely at work – that (often infallible) Inner Guide. Take, for example, the case recounted by mathematician Warren Weaver in Lady Luck: The Theory of Probability. In Beatrice, Nebraska, on March 1, 1950, fifteen people were expected to turn up at 7:20 p.m. for choir practice in their local church.

However, all of them were late for various reasons – a car failing to start, extended domestic chores, a distracting radio broadcast. There were, in fact, ten different and quite unremarkable reasons as to why all fifteen people didn’t arrive on time. But here is where things get weird: a mere five minutes after the expected time of arrival the church was ravaged by a freak explosion. Due to their tardiness, none of the fifteen choir members lost their lives. It is hard not to see something at work here – God’s Providence if you are a Christian.

Another example comes from Michigan in September 1979, when a certain Jim Olesak happened to be driving from home in Chicago to see his aged mother in Manistique, about 400 miles north. With still 90 miles to go, Olesak suddenly decided to go and see his cousin Steve Hoholik at his 200 acre farm. The reason for the detour, he could not state. Jim Olesak had no compelling reason to see his 70 year old relative and hadn’t, indeed, seen him for the past 30 years. The decision to do so was inexplicable – he was just following an impulse. At last he arrived at the Hoholik farm, discovering only a deserted house. Thinking that Steve must be out there in those vast fields, Olesak went back to his car, intending to leave. In fact, he began to feel rather foolish. But something kept him there and he decided to search for his cousin. Setting off on foot, and after about a mile, he arrived at the top of a small mound and saw a tractor – with Steve trapped under one of its huge rear tyres. Hoholik’s right leg was crushed: he’d shouted uselessly for help during his twenty five hour ordeal and, certain he was about to die, started praying.

When he saw Jim he declared: ‘I wondered what brought you here, and just in time when I’ve needed help the most’ – and well he might. Later at the Manistique hospital doctors confirmed that if he’d remained trapped there much longer, the leg would have needed amputating. Was there some unknown force diverting Olesak from his chosen path on that highway, the same force which ‘warned’ all those fifteen church choir members to delay their arrival? If so, what could it be? Jung wrote eloquently on this subject – the mysteriousness of hidden influences which seem to ‘know’ about the future:


‘The “absolute knowledge” which is characteristic of synchronous phenomena, a knowledge not mediated by the sense organs, supports the hypothesis of a self-subsistent meaning, or even expresses its existence. Such a form of existence can only be transcendental … an irrepresentable space-time continuum.’1


This ‘irrepresentable space-time continuum’ seems to be omnisicient, then – it knows what is around the next corner. As Marie Louise von Franz has said, the Unconscious ‘knows things’ not only of the past but the future. It is the place from which you are quietly guided to your goal in Positive Thinking, a ‘transcendent background’ like the physicist’s ‘quantum field’. Put simply, it’s the unseen, silent power that warned the fifteen churchgoers. It’s the ever present creative principle that ‘produces’ meaningful Synchronicity.

As we’ve seen, with this phenomenon, events seem to slip into place ‘just so’. All the dots are joined, and one thing connects mysteriously to another. There actually seems to be some Designing Factor, and whatever is responsible it seems to reach out into the world and organise one’s fate. Some kind of active Intelligence responds to our deepest needs and motivations. Our lives are fabricated by hidden influences.

Again, the notion that the world ‘in here’ is intimately connected to the world ‘out there’ is not a new one. It starts with the idea that the world you and I live in is a Unity. The Eastern mystic would call the forces responsible ‘spiritual’, for the depth psychologist they emanate from the Unconscious. Not surprisingly, in the distant past, this was thought to be God’s handiwork. But this creative power, or Intelligence, was what Plato had in mind when he wrote about the World Soul – a living thing with all its parts connected. According to Renaissance magician Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa (1486-1535), the World Soul has the power of ‘binding, and knitting together all things’ which is another way of saying meaningful coincidence. Whichever way you look at it, everything – at some level – is related to everything else. Greek doctor Hippocrates (c. 460 – c. 370 BC) once wrote that:


‘There is one common flow, one common breathing, all things are in sympathy. The whole organism and each one of its parts are working in conjunction for the same purpose …’2


In the context of Synchronicity (for Hippocrates ‘the great principle’) this ‘organism’ would be the whole of Life itself. Modern physicists call this ‘non-locality’ – a feature of the ‘underlying reality’ or ‘quantum field’. So we’ve moved away from cause and effect. Your thoughts ‘influence’ the environment much more subtly and the result occurs beyond space and time. For the physicist, Positive Thinking and Synchronicity would be a non-local phenomenon. Life is a more dynamic and fluid affair than we suspect:


‘Synchronistic moments feel like grace, as they induce in us the feeling that we are right where we are supposed to be. Being numinous, synchronicities have a strong feeling component and emotional charge, which is both an expression of while simultaneously flowing into, influencing and altering the surrounding field of consciousness. A manifestation of the field as a whole, synchronicities are a field phenomenon, and to receive their full blessing we need to relate to them as such. Synchronicities are a reflection of the deeper, underlying nonlocal field of consciousness waking up to itself through us.’3


This is very much like that ‘strange phenomenon’ Kate Bush once sang about, that all-knowing and guiding force that makes magic possible. Moreover, it is unerring in its accuracy. We need only sharpen our Intuition, heed the call and act. What I want to share now is a real case history about the power of synchronicity – a story which illustrates just how outer world meets inner, how highly personal coincidences operate in someone’s life.


How Synchronicity Works

An old acquaintance of mine, Robert, had always hankered to live in a particular, beautiful village in the Lake District in the UK. He somehow felt that he ‘belonged’ there, but couldn’t, for the life of him, see how he’d even save for a deposit, let alone afford mortgage repayments on steeply priced cottages. (Let’s just say he had a less than fantastic income.) Living relatively nearby was about the best he could muster. Still, he would at times scour the property pages of his local newspaper, hoping vaguely that something might turn up. The place he inhabited with his girlfriend, Rose, was rented and so he could move, if need be, at a moment’s notice. Then came the day when he was forced to move.

Having had several run-in’s with a neighbour (one of the ‘from hell’ variety), things were about to get worse. One morning, Rose accidentally knocked down the neighbour’s fence as she drove off to work. Having apologised to the neighbour, even offering to pay for a new fence (an offer rejected) Robert then forgot the issue. The following week, a letter came from the property manager that the house was to be sold. It turned out the neighbour had complained bitterly to the landlord (and badmouthed Robert), whereupon it was decided to be rid of the troublesome tenants! Thus, the couple had two months before they must leave – either that or they could buy the house. Knowing the latter to be impossible, Robert frantically renewed his efforts with the property section in the paper. He’d have to rent somewhere new – but after only a month something remarkable happened.

Having already made one (useless) appointment to view a house for rent, Robert didn’t bother that week to scan the local paper for other properties. It wasn’t until the following week that he glumly read the (by now) outdated paper and noticed an advert for a ‘Country Cottage’. Since rented houses and apartments are snapped up quickly in this area, there was no reason to feel optimistic. But once he’d picked up the phone his heart leaped – not only was the rentable cottage still available, it was located in his perfect village. Just about everything conspired to fall into place. It turned out that therehad been several inquiries about the cottage – but for some mysterious reason, nothing came of them. One prospective tenant had, in fact, had been delayed and then rescheduled the appointment. Robert got there first, on a sunny February morning, and wrote a cheque for the deposit money. The cottage was his.

There are several questions one can ask here – was it just luck, to be landed with his dream home? One could stop there and say yes. But what if that rival tenant hadn’t been delayed viewing the cottage? (It was certain to be snapped up.) What made Robert bother checking the properties section again, given his depressed mood? And what if they had not been forced to move? These events, one could say, really began with Rose demolishing the neighbour’s fence. If she hadn’t, in all likelihood, they would still be there today, the advert in the paper missed entirely. (Or would Robert one day have gotten another opportunity?)

From the point of view of the World Soul, these ‘what if’s’ are irrelevant. Robert simply played his part in the unfolding action, and the Unconscious led the way. It may even have been responsible for Rose’s carelessness that morning. Certainly, it led indirectly to Robert’s dream environment. Astrologer Liz Greene took up this theme when she wrote that:


‘One of the queerest things about synchronous phenomena is the overriding sense of some kind of a priori knowledge in the Unconscious. … The sense of the omniscience of the Unconscious, without any conceivable causal basis, gives rise to a peculiar feeling of fatedness when we encounter synchronous events. ‘Something’ knows enough not only to move the psyche, but to move the world of matter as well, or, as it is put in the film ‘E. T.’, to ‘manipulate the environment’. ‘It’ seems to have fingers, if that is the appropriate word, in both the inner and outer worlds, in the realms of both spirit and matter, as though there were really no distinction between these opposites.’4


The sense of all knowing ‘omniscience’ sounds like the workings of the soul, and we’ve seen in the previous chapter how quantum physics leads to mind-like qualities at work in the Universe. Qualities which seem to arrange and order themselves in an intelligent, harmonious way beyond matter. This is how Synchronicity works, too. I end with a wonderful brief quote from geneticist J. B. S. Haldane that sums up the problems in getting one’s head around issues like Synchronicity and quantum physics:


‘The Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.’5



1. Jung, C.G.,Collected Works vol.8, The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche, London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1960.

2. De Alimento, ascribed to Hippocrates (460-370 BC), Washington Academy of Sciences], 2004.

3. Levy, Paul, ‘Catching the Bug of Synchronicity’:

4. Greene, Liz, The Astrology of Fate, Allen and Unwin, 1984.

5. Haldane, ‘Possible Worlds and Other Papers’ , 1927 (p. 286 ).

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Synchronicity - Your Reflection in the Universe (by James Lynn Page)
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Synchronicity - Your Reflection in the Universe (by James Lynn Page)
This is Synchronicity – and it’s the Universe playing back to you what is secretly unravelling in your soul. Sometimes there is a quaint intuition that we’re being ‘guided’ (or warned) by an unseen hand. This is also Synchronicity. Haven’t you, at one time or another, felt that ‘if so-and-so hadn’t happened when it did’, you wouldn’t be where you are today?
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