The Sun Dancers: Psychic Tarot Reading

The Sun Dancers: Psychic Tarot Reading
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Keywords for The Sun Dancers are joyful activity, celebration of life and abundance

The Sun Dancers is the card drawn today, from the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid.  The Sun Dancers is the 32nd card in the deck.

In numerology, 32 becomes 5 which resonates with: personal freedom, unconventional, individualism, non-attachment, change, life lessons learned, variety, adaptability, versatility, resourcefulness, motivation, progress, activity, experience, travel, adventure, understanding, sociability and companion-ability, surrender, influence, sensuality, promotion, natural flair, vivacious, courage and being courageous, health and healing, idealism, telepathy.

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When you see The Sun Dancers, it means that you are being reminded that you create your own reality through choices that you make. Unfortunately, most of you don’t believe that you have control over your life, but that is not the truth. There is always choice.

The emphasis now is on returning to wholeness within yourself through taking personal responsibility for your actions, and through building self-esteem, and of a sense of worthiness.

You do have the free will to choose the direction in which your life should go and in order to do that you will have to live in harmony with the universal laws. It does not matter if you are aware of them or not, the universe is operating according to these laws. Workings of these universal laws become quite obvious for a person who gains a deeper understanding of them. The Law of Attraction – Can It Make You Rich?

Message from the book:

As your Ally, the Sun Dancers celebrate you now and remind you of the laws of success and praise. Anything you place your attention on will manifest an experience, so the laws are always perfect. Expect the best and praise it in advance. This unleashes the magic of mystical magnetic energy, drawing circumstances to you to create the reality you envision.

Give thanks in advance for the grace and goodwill of the Divine. Be willing to dance the victory dance as if your greatest dreams are realized, and watch how easily things begin to fall into place. Stay positive and leave the timing up to the Divine. All things are possible now. Dance the joy of being, and celebrate your life and abundance today!

You will find your answers, but only after you’ve made time to play. Tomorrow, after all, is another day, and the sun will rise again to shed its warmth and light on all that needs clarity.  You can count on it. ~ Colette Baron-Reid

  You are what you think all day long. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

You say: I am not free. But I have raised and lowered my arm. Everyone understands that this illogical answer is an irrefutable proof of freedom. ~ Leo TolstoyWar and Peace

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The Sun Dancers: Psychic Tarot Reading
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The Sun Dancers: Psychic Tarot Reading
When you see The Sun Dancers, it means that you are being reminded that you create your own reality through choices that you make
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