A Guide to Successful Meditation (Part Four) by James Lynn Page

A Guide to Successful Meditation (Part Four) by James Lynn Page


In the previous article in this series we looked at the whole business of worry, and its solution: Be Here Now.  Here, in part four, we’re going to focus on a very effective visualisation using the Sri Yantra mandala. When we use meditation, or any other ‘inner’ technique, a definite signal is sent to the Unconscious and impresses upon it a certain Reality that mere thinking does not. This is how raw feeling works. This is how symbolism works – the impact is emotional, and it operates at the gut level. Images have the power to do what words cannot!

When performed correctly, these will affect what the occultist Dione Fortune called the ‘astral body’. This is your emotional centre, the part of the Unconscious realm which ‘contains’ all the information about your real desires. We communicate with this part of ourselves unknowingly every day – with our actions, for the way we behave reinforces what we are really saying to the unconscious.

However, you may need a little training, even if you’re already gifted with a vivid imagination. Either way, you will find the exercise below nice and calming. Starting at your feet, imagine a small bright light shining on your toes. Don’t just ‘see’ this light; ‘feel’ it too — its soothing warmth. Keep on until you can actually ‘feel’ the mild heat from this glowing light upon your feet. Next, move this imaginary light along your legs and repeat the process; feel how relaxing it is to be bathed in this white light. Apply it now to the whole of your body: arms, shoulders, hands, and face. Feel your whole being bathed and immersed in this warm glowing light. Keep on for about fifteen minutes, and then slowly allow the light to fade. This ritual will not only give you some practice at visualising – it will relax you, too. Perform this exercise every day until you master it, and the warm sensation from the light is ‘real’.

Our next encounter with directed imagination will be that of simple, recognisable shapes. To get started, take a quick look at the illustration on this page. This is the Hindu Sri Yantra (“sacred tool”) mandala derived from the Shri Vidya school of tantra, with its nine interlocking triangles radiating out from the central (bindu) core. Without getting too much into the theory let’s just point out that this symbolic diagram contains all the primal archetypes in the Universe. The main thing is that its correct use yields powerful results. (In this, it’s kind of like an Eastern Kabbala).

Getting Started with the Sri Yantra

The point in the centre of the Sri Yantra represents the One which underlies the Many forms of manifestation in the world (of which you are but one!). Just meditating on that central core, with your eyes nicely and gently relaxed can itself bring about a state of inner balance and harmony. There is a much larger, correctly coloured image of the Sri Yantra here, which you may like to download and print to use in serious meditation and visualisation exercises. Set it as your ‘wallpaper’ on your laptop or computer desktop – so you’ll see it every time you boot up!

Focus intently on the inner point of the Sri Yantra, and after five minutes, allow your field of vision to enlarge. Slowly move your eyes around the border of the yellow triangle – then move outward to include the triangles containing green, black, red and blue. (Of course, they’re interlocking too.) Also, move in alternate directions – don’t just follow the outlines upwards; move downwards too. Then follow the circles (symbolising the eternal Now) the lotus petals (your unfolding awareness) and the square (the material world you inhabit – notice how it comes last. Squares symbolise the final manifestation of something – matter, in other words.)

Then close your eyes and recreate it as an image in your consciousness. This will need some practice, but try to recreate the Sri Yantra green square and its T-shaped portals, the circles, lotus petals, the triangles and the centre core. Recall all the various colours. Like I say, this will require some practice; it will take time, and retaining the image might prove more difficult than it first sounds. Just see for how long you can hold the image in your consciousness. As an aid, print it out and hang it where you’ll see it every day. Let the visualisation imprint itself on your consciousness. (There are also many versions of the Sri Yantra online, and you may prefer to locate and use your own, of course.)

As the physicist Patrick Flanagan – who published an article on how to draw the Sri Yantra (or ‘power diagram’) says: ‘we have shown that shapes and diagram can exert powerful effects on the subtle energy body. These effects have been measured by means of acupuncture and kinesiology.’ It is time now to summon those powerful effects on your inner being.

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