September-October 2016 Tarotscope – by Alex

September-October 2016 Tarotscope – by Alex

Here is your September-October 2016 tarotscope

September will be a month of unbalance, uncertainty, lack of continuity and the signs most affected are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces or those who have significant elements in these signs.

By October the cycle will be completed and the ambiguous, dubious, complicated situations will be over. However, in October we have another T-square but this time in the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Even though we can expect crisis or conflict, this astral configuration can also force some changes that will have positive outcomes. All in all a dynamic couple of months.

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Enjoy your September-October 2016 tarotscope , Alex ❦

September-October 2016 tarotscope ARIES: On The Fool’s journey there are many, many disruptions. Sometimes, you can encounter a mirage. Indeed, you may doubt your senses. You might even question where your dreams come from and whether they are simply fantasies. When are you experiencing enslavement in yourself (your unconscious holding you back in ancient stuff) and when are you being tied down by others? You long to escape in these moments. Your urge for freedom appears currently to be invested in finding beauty and romance in relationship. But you know where THAT leads! Instead, focus on what you wish to achieve in the world. What is your highest sense of purpose for your life? Let The Fool’s path involve exploring that, rather than dreams of bliss that lead only back to that familiar slavery.

Taurus September-October 2016 tarotscope TAURUS: Is your creativity constantly tied up with the drudgery of having to plan and to explore details? Does it seem as if you’ll NEVER make that elusive breakthrough into the fun aspect of the creative, into the ease and flow of expressing your natural flair? Have you struggled to find your niche? The lunar eclipse makes clear that your creative ‘completion’ is going to involve embracing the healing of the historic dynamics you have encountered within groups (which COULD have supported your process, but instead undermined it). Your creative partners are, forthwith, your new community of interest. It is time now to bury old apathies and invest energy into solidifying deeper bonds, in terms of more formal arrangements and making actual COMMITMENTS.

Gemini September-October 2016 tarotscope GEMINI: A key for you this month is reviewing how your sense of security is related to the places you live and the people who’ve traditionally been viewed as your kindred. This does not mean this is about to change radically. What it DOES mean is that you are called to look deeper than the routine, everyday assumptions of “this is where I live and these are my folks”. I have a feeling that you have a dream that has lurked in your unconscious unattended for some while now. I might go so far as to say you have yearned for something more than your expectations have allowed you to dare. I’m suggesting that one of the other keys for you is recognising that your creativity (as applied to your career) is a healing crux. Heal your creative wound and win/lose becomes win/win!

Cancer September-October 2016 tarotscope CANCER: It’s simple this month. You are at the dawn of a new era IF you can shake off your older beliefs. They are no longer fit for purpose in this newer phase of your existence. You have to notice the relationship between how expansive your mental space is (or how restrictive) and how expansive your social and geographical space is. They are intimately connected, in a way you may fail to have appreciated until now. When you navigate with old rules, beliefs, expectations and experiences, it becomes nigh impossible to expand your social and geographical horizons. The eclipse suggests you review the beliefs underlying past decisions made about where to live and how to inhabit the space called your neighbourhood. Clue: Examine your ideas about responsibility.

Leo September-October tarotscope 2016LEO: It is time to heal a deep wound you’ve been afflicted by when it comes to partnering at a deeper level. You may feel that going deeper is a sacrifice too far of your autonomy… your very self. None of us like feeling like we’ve lost touch with ourselves – and relationships can be a place where that’s easy to do. This wound is likely hiding behind a set of beliefs you’ve developed around radical self reliance. Let me tell you that self reliance IS a life skill and very valuable. Still, it can get in the way of a more expansive reality, if you grasp it too tightly. In refusing to shift from a rigid stance you become the author of your self-undoing. Saturn and Neptune are blurring the boundary between pleasure and commitment. What’s your body telling you?

Virgo September-October tarotscope 2016VIRGO: What is ending for you this month is your investment in your own identity. You are MUCH more than you have led yourself to believe. You are not simply the aggregate of all the things you do. You are not visible in the world just because you do things that are useful or helpful to others. But for that truth to be fully born within you, you must choose to stop living as if you are an accessory to somebody else’s existence. It is amazing just how many of us spend much of our lives trying to appease our mother. Mother’s needs are a big issue for you right now (whether she is still around or not). The mother wound is that injury which can sabotage the ‘going deeper’ quality of our other relationships – with us constantly shadow boxing, rather than pleasing ourselves. So…?

Libra September-October tarotscope 2016LIBRA: I’m not usually one to harp on about love. But it appears to me that we are at the turning point for you on this question. How on Earth will it ever be possible for you to find the equal, loving relationship you crave, all the while that you vacillate around every small detail of life, circumstance and service to others which informs your legendary ideals about fairness, justice and equity? You might not like it if I describe this as self-absorbed. That doesn’t mean selfish by the way – anything but. Sometimes however, everything cannot be ‘just so’. Instead of being scrupulous about the details of any potential (or actual) liaison, why not relax by refusing to contemplate assisting others, instead choosing to get some pampering for yourself. Try it…

Scorpio September-October tarotscope 2016SCORPIO: How often have you considered the importance of the spiritual quality of the way you acquire resources? It’s clear you often see the connection with hard work, being driven and ambitious and an expectation that collaborators work industriously and shrewdly to achieve greater prosperity for all. But the material world is subject to other principles than mere hard work. Being smart often means recognising where the locus of control must give way to faith, trust and the expansive mind set of taking risks, or perhaps more accurately, of learning to ‘speculate in order to accumulate’. The rules of such growth of resources is not linear and cannot be plotted on any graph as a metric. Belief in higher authority must now be replaced by faith in your creativity.

Sagittarius September-October tarotscope 2016SAGITTARIUS: Here’s what I think. You are self sufficient and competent but not quite content in that state. And this seems to boil down to an imbalance in your family of origin. It needs to feel more like a supportive community than a group of individuals, from what I can discern. I can’t help wondering if you feel that your mother was an overly critical influence in your formative years? This leads me to ponder whether your ‘true’ vocation might perhaps be to help shape the whole human family in a way you’ve only ever been able to dream of in your personal life. This has the advantage of giving focus in taking the mantle of centaur Chiron in transmuting human existential pain into an outcome which can help heal all – a noble mission!

Capricorn September-October tarotscope 2016CAPRICORN: Fear of lack, fear of want, fear that you are not good enough? All these fears can lead to over reliance on others – but where do such fears originate from? Your ideas need to be separated from your unconscious beliefs and are under review, this month. It seems that many of your loftiest visions were formed in reaction to wounds around “never good enough”, as a sort of compensation. Mother’s ancient voice must be disentangled from your vision. Nurture is a different animal to recognition and achievement. Start by honestly asking yourself just WHY you are doing what you are vocationally. I’d recommend booking a massage for around the same time. Separate off your important nurture needs from your ambition. Fears be gone!

Aquarius September-October tarotscope 2016AQUARIUS: It does continue to feel that your sense of rootedness is going to have to involve a broader community of like-minded folk than you currently enjoy and this continues to be driven by a restlessness experienced in that regard within your locality. These people will have to have very specific values and commitments so that they are conducive to your vision of the type of society that is best to furnish everybody’s needs. This period of your life has potential to be one of the most fulfilled ever, so these things matter! One of the internal barriers is under the microscope just now. How hard are partners working to help you achieve that vision? Is their contribution less than ideal? It will help you hugely once your ideas about prosperity align with confidence in your ability to generate resources.

Pisces September-October tarotscope 2016PISCES: What are the barriers to a deeper sense of love and commitment in your life? It feels like you have a driving wish to have your romantic dreams fulfilled. Does this mean that something is missing in your deep connections I wonder? If so, do you see such things as a complete lack of love, or perhaps a deficiency of it in the bond you share? And I’d also ask whether your sense of love has fully matured – which really means ‘achieved balance’. It seems that you retain a drive toward co-dependency in some way. A relationship may be under review as you assess whether a person (or an IDEA of them) is actually aligned with your sense of soul purpose in partnering. To answer this in the coming weeks, look less at feelings, more at balance in caring/sharing. That’s what will prove key.

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