October/November 2018 Tarotscope by Alex

October/November 2018 Tarotscope by Alex

I went into the woods today to peer behind the cycles of time and to enter into the heart of things. Tracking the pathways of natural phenomena assists in the quest to unearth the patterns lying behind the appearances. I stepped into this space and looked around. With my left hand on some damp moss an invocation was offered to unearth the mysteries. Entering into a grove I noticed leaves pirouetting down to the ground from autumnal trees. Intuitively my understanding was, as the wheel has decisively turned from one season to the next, that my presence involved catching a leaf and speaking truth through it. A door closes. New ones open. The image was strong. I took a photo. Shortly thereafter I found another scene and a leaf. This one I plucked. The story complete. I surrendered the first leaf and kept the second one. In entering stillness, we connect with that which grounds us and so reaffirm ourselves on our new path.

“You wore your Goddess gown in jaundiced disarray – your halo fell into decay
swiped by those you loved, but could not hold a sway behind you.
And then the dry spell leaves at a low shutter speed long enough for you to see
that you create your own reality and that the wait alone will not enshrine you…”

Terence Trent D’Arby

Here is your October/November 2018 Tarotscope. ?

October/November 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexARIES: If you have experienced disappointment recently remember this: whatever such might have been, your honour is your integrity. The key this month is to remain centred. Do not lash out in pain. Instead, remember that the seemingly small things in life are where real joy is to be found – and rest there a while.


October/November 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexTAURUS: A very clear pattern is emerging in front of you. Do not simply look at the disturbing details. Remember that the big picture is much greater than what your eyes are drawn to. Faith is a matter of heart. Trust is a matter of aligning with the cosmic pattern and then ‘letting go’. Magic requires patience. Weave but relax!


October/November 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexGEMINI: Sun Tzu would let you know that those who are not out for your best interests may well be strategic about their attempts to thwart you. Open enemies were often previously friends. Perhaps others feel you tried to make their decisions for them. Whatever, just remember that protecting others has its limits.


October/November 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexCANCER: It is important that you watch for addictive patterns of behaviour that keep you wrapped up in old complexes. As a result, you should be cautious with your energies. If you do your best to do things the right way and it remains the case that your energy and care are simply steamrollered, you know the drill.


October/November 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexLEO: This is certainly not a month in which you should seek to please the crowd. Neither should you worry much about having to innovate. Be true to what is obvious to you. In times of considerable transition the dust can be swirling around obscuring your vision. Just allow your own heart to dictate, not circumstance.


October/November 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexVIRGO: This is a month in which you should endeavour to remain true to what you know deep down your life purpose is. Follow your goals with dedication and do not allow yourself to be distracted. Above all, have patience that your desired outcomes will unfold in time, as you simply maintain resolve and cultivate lightness.


October/November 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexLIBRA: This month do not fall for the old trick of the mind that desire is something you can expect to be real on a mental level. Desire comes from a much deeper place. If something is to be real it cannot be forced by your hasty actions. Trust and allowing will bring the real into fruition. Listen to your heart’s desire.


October/November 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexSCORPIO: It is vital that you are not misled by appearances in a key situation this month. Something may be being offered to you that looks too good to be true. It isn’t! Just do not worry too much about implications of this or that. It is sometimes important to just accept. Just as sometimes to give – no ulterior motive in sight.


October/November 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexSAGITTARIUS: It looks as if somebody is about to offer you some kind of opportunity, so keep your eyes firmly in your head. This situation may not be as straightforward as it might seem. So overall it would seem as if you need to be “in it to win it” and be prepared to play by the rules of a game laid down by someone else.


October/November 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexCAPRICORN: You may be looking at a situation where it appears obvious that there is an injustice in the works, or that has transpired. For any kind of just intervention to happen you must get past your personal ethics and into the frame of reference of other people affected. Take your time in gaining all data before you act.


October/November 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexAQUARIUS: I’m not sure how you are in terms of making promises to people. Such things never made much sense to me! Still, should you have made promises it is time to honour what you have offered to come through with, this month. Even if your circumstances have changed – life rewards the integrity of those who make good.


October/November 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexPISCES: I think you are capable of considerable generosity. Still, those who behave accordingly always have to monitor for those people who quite like things that way. Your love of connection can make you vulnerable to the unscrupulous. Be generous by all means now, but be smart enough not to advertise.


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October/November 2018 Tarotscope
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October/November 2018 Tarotscope
I went into the woods today to peer behind the cycles of time and to enter into the heart of things. Tracking the pathways of natural phenomena assists in the quest to unearth the patterns lying behind the appearances. I stepped into this space and looked around.
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