October 2018 Horoscope – by Alex

October 2018 Horoscope – by Alex

Welcome to your October 2018 Horoscope

I am now available for a limited amount of consultation work. I have 15 years experience in vocational coaching and a wealth of experience in problem solving. I use runes, tarot, astrology and augury methods to add a dimension to the analytical tools which I deploy, to produce the fullest solutions for personal transformation. If you resonate with my work, please contact Karen on info@healthytreefrog.com to enquire. Most likely I will initially request minimal information on the nature of the input/solutions you require. All the above methods could be prominent (except astrology). While I would be prepared to incorporate a little astrology it would not be the major tool used with you. I can do reports and reports mixed with voice follow-ups. Karen will be happy to assist you initially.

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October 2018 HoroscopeARIES: How do you think and how do you feel about your relationships? The new moon on 9th October offers you chance to explore how you may have polarised thoughts and feelings about what you seek in relationship. You may even have a ‘new’ opportunity in your line of vision! Chiron and Uranus say “a little disruption may remind you that feelings may be scarier, but they are a more reliable guide than thoughts” regarding connecting with others.



October 2018 HoroscopeTAURUS: Perhaps your inner revolutionary feels ‘safer’ than your outer one! Well Uranus will be revisiting your house of the unconscious (November 6th) for recalibration. Maybe that is so you can attend to other matters! Your ruler Venus retrogrades on October 5th within your relationship house. How have your relationship investments secured your unmet needs? Maybe they haven’t! Let deep urges, rather than evaluating, drive your choices this October.



October 2018 HoroscopeGEMINI: Why on earth should pleasure always be about the light side of human experience? What about the shadow? Venus retrograde in Scorpio suggests that you are called now to review why you may have sanitised or purified your pleasures. What about ‘dark’ desires? Perhaps you’ve been programmed since childhood about propriety and virtue? October portends a journey of integration; but you cannot integrate what is denied. Think lust!



October 2018 HoroscopeCANCER: If only we lived untouched by every demand of modern life! If we could only inhabit our shell six days per week, things would be easier. This month, I cannot promise you refuge. What I can do is assure you that balance and alignment between different aspects of your existence is possible. You do not need to relegate your deepest needs beneath wall-to-wall practicality. Everything you do in your home can be productive and ‘fertile’ this month.



October 2018 HoroscopeLEO: How does your home remind you of your formative years? What traces of the past still haunt the way you understand both the building you inhabit and the way you shape it? Venus, for you, is in the underworld early this month. She is retracing her steps. How we mature is connected to some of the ‘monsters’ we meet in formative years – they tend to be ‘scary’ or unwelcoming creatures. Now begins the journey of Liberation from Loveless Leviathans.



October 2018 HoroscopeVIRGO: It’s tough for Virgo to step out of service mentality, even in intimate relationships. With Pisces as your opposite sign, perhaps you feel you should play to your strengths – which are more this-worldly than naturally esoteric. I get the feeling you may see glamour and excitement ‘out there’ much of the time. This can lead both to being deceived and doubting one’s more alluring traits. Giving your power away is not attractive – the whole you is!



October 2018 HoroscopeLIBRA: What happened around 17th April for you? Astrologically, Chiron entered your relationship house then, just a few hours before Saturn went retrograde in your house of ‘home and roots’ – a review of the structure of your living situation, connected with the arrival of healing and awareness centaur Chiron in your relationship house. Chiron has recently reversed from there, as chaotic Uranus prepares his re-entry. Here comes the relationship ride of your life!


October 2018 HoroscopeSCORPIO: When you look at partners what do you see? Is it them, or perhaps all those idealised dreams they appear to have the qualities to fulfil? The astrology seems to be saying with Jupiter in your sign and Venus retrograde there (from the 5th) that the new moon in your 12th house on 9th October, heralds a transition. How your partners are independent to you, may get lost in your passionate outlook. Check in with them – new communication beckons.



October 2018 HoroscopeSAGITTARIUS: Stability versus excitement is a time-honoured battle – very often you gain one, only to lose the other. These polarities manifest ‘in the world’, yet our often contradictory desires are situated in our hearts and minds, where they can dream of co-existing! What price is paid for securing stability? Well, such often requires an arrangement with another party, who can ensure we trade off much happiness. This month, trust uncertainty



October 2018 HoroscopeCAPRICORN: Few people find rubble attractive. It tends to evidence demolition by-products or attrition and collapse. Okay, so it presupposes a structure having been there once… Pluto, the great transformer, has been ‘working you’ over ten years. He recently changed direction again. Perpetual building and renovation may benefit ‘structural integrity’ but it’s ease you seek now. Venus retrograde says you’ll likely meet an old associate this month. Enjoy!!



October 2018 HoroscopeAQUARIUS: For a philanthropist, ‘who requires what’ is where the problems begin. The idea of equality is straightforward enough. But once we seek to unpack the details in practice, it can become a minefield. Mars remains in your sign, while the new moon on the 9th suggests your ideas around the principle of equity require upgrade. Energy expenditure is precious. You must rebalance, so that you do not overstretch, leading to lack of equity for you.



October 2018 HoroscopePISCES: Relationships, boundaries, merging and all the passion and pain that goes with connecting powerfully, are the central topic on the agenda for you this month. Chiron has returned to the late degrees of your sign and asks you “to what extent is being connected to the essence of another, vital to my sense of self and happiness?” Connection is a need for most, yet even more pronounced for you. Chiron asks this month that you go ‘cold turkey’ for a while.


Tarotscope by Alex Brocklehurst

Psychic Tarot by Karen Lennox-Williams

Astroweather Forecast by Rayna Hollingsworth

The Conscious Universe by James Lynn Page

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October 2018 Horoscope - by Alex
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October 2018 Horoscope - by Alex
October 2018 Horoscope - by Alex. Monthly horoscope for the twelve astrology signs for October 2018. I am now available for a limited amount of consultation work.
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