October 2017 Horoscope by Alex

October 2017 Horoscope by Alex

Welcome to your October 2017 Horoscope

Hi everyone. There are many ways in which you can approach a chart (or charts), for a monthly reading. A key one is to take a divinatory snapshot of a significant moment that can be considered to represent the energy for the month. Sometimes I use midnight of the 1st of the month for my own location of writing. That has no astrological significance as a moment. It has human significance as the precise second of the calendar month’s inception, but that is it. Other times, it may be preferable to use the new moon as a signifier of a new cycle beginning, although that might be toward the back end of the calendar month. Of course, such has an astrological quality that midnight on the 1st does not. Sometimes, instead of a divination, you may choose to consider several key aspects/configurations that light up that particular month – that approach requires a little further research with the ephemeris, or a resource which highlights the key elements for you, in order to save some time.

This month, however, Jupiter changes signs to Scorpio after a year in Libra. Of course this is a new cycle, but it is also the end of a reasonably long, planetary transit. To me, this speaks of summation, not simply endings. A culmination is a summation point, a karmic moment where we see the results of the old and can feel shifts of energy as a sort of release. Hence, my decision to choose the full moon as the symbolic moment for the month, while Jupiter is in the culminating (anaretic) degree of Libra. If you’ve been in the water with your life belt on, now is the point where it comes off and you begin to swim free. The old life can disappear, just as reliably as it can seem to be inescapable. Now is such a moment – a point where miracles can happen, but where there is risk too, if the energy and preparation has been inadequate. Enjoy your forecast for October. Alex ?

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Enjoy your October 2017 Horoscope

Aries - October 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, ram, monthly, divinationARIES: How you feel about them and how you see them behaving towards you are not always in a happy marriage, Aries! It seems to me that you have regularly suffered disillusionment in the details of your relationships as a result. You may also have wondered whether your standards are too high, or theirs too low. It all comes down to expectations… and they are certainly yours to manage. But it helps if you can somehow just feel ‘on the same page’ as partners. Jupiter moves this month from the karmic degree of your relationship house (where it is at full moon) and into the house of contracts and other people’s stuff – and that transition sees the ruler of your sign and the ruler of your opposite sign conjoined at the moment of culmination/summation. Now is the time to examine the details of your significant relationships. It looks like this coming year they could take you through great highs and great lows. If you are ready to commit more deeply, this journey will be remarkably life changing. If you have doubts, my advice is walk.

Taurus - October 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, bull, monthly, divinationTAURUS: It looks like a volcano of suppressed, base emotion, is rumbling within you at the full moon. This runs counter to your normal patient and measured demeanour. In order to help you work out what to do with this, I’d recommend asking all your Scorpio buddies how they express anger and even vengeance. It seems to me that something natural has been tamed by you. That thing, Jung called ‘shadow’. What parts of yourself can you not face? What are you capable of at your most frightening limit? This you must face this month as the way out of an ancient maze. Healing always calls for bringing what is an unconscious driver, out into the light. This makes it okay and allows others to accept you ‘warts and all’ and that’s the rejection you fear, my friend – that somebody judges you bad. Ancient mistreatment is not NOW. Close liaisons may have had the tendency to position you as ‘magnet for unfair treatment’ in the details of your exchanges – an ever lurking theme. But why? This is the moment where analysing of feelings gets replaced with raw expression.

Gemini - October 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, twins, monthly, divinationGEMINI: The last twelve months have been a study for you in the question “work or pleasure?” On the face of it this appears like a no-brainer. But as we all know about the old saying, creative outputs come from one part inspiration and nine parts perspiration. And so, we cannot seemingly escape the work requirement – hard work at that, very often. Saturn will move on in December, which will help, but Jupiter moves out of your solar 5th house this month and you will likely face another year of doing deep work. You know, the devil can be in the detail. There’s no doubt you’ve rediscovered some of the old joys of play and freedom to explore in recent times and you’ve likely noticed how that can lay strong foundations for a rewarding life. But this is not just about you and your existence. It appears that yours is now to be the role of teacher, bringing enlightenment into the psyches of others – perhaps those within your significant communities who feel weighed down with drudgery and feel isolated by responsibilities. SHOW them a better way…

COctober 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, crab, monthly, divinationCANCER: It looks very much like the nuts and bolts of your foundations are holding everything firmly in place. Yeah sure, you could probably do a little better with how you are grounded within your neighbourhood. You are possibly a little isolated outside of your family roots but you can work on that and the energies are conducive for improving that state of affairs right now. Really though, it is time first of all to ask some questions about what you feel regarding your vocation… really feel. I don’t mean rationalise! Once you notice those feelings I invite you to think about what could shake that set of feelings up a little bit. Okay, well here goes. Things feel just a little too stable right now. Perhaps you imagined a while ago that your true goal was solid foundations and lucrative (or at least sustaining) work. Things are moving on however and needs change. Jupiter’s imminent shift into your solar 5th house for a year, suggests that pleasure may require an edgy (even risky) side. Where’s the erotic right now? Feel those cravings…

Leo - October 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, lion, monthly, divinationLEO: Give and take is not simply an idea. It is a colloquialism. But it reveals a little clue to a problem in human contracts. That’s the taking bit. Why should we even have to take? Well, when our experiences of early formation are imbued with relations of power, we get to notice what works and doesn’t in terms of victors and vanquished, winners and losers. These are virtually universal human dynamics within western societies. So somebody has the power, at someone else’s expense. We can learn the unpleasantness and decide we won’t be experiencing the expense, if at all possible. As Jupiter now moves into your solar 4th house, soon after Venus and Mars (planets of give and take) conjoin under an Aries Full Moon, it is now the time to recognise how such survival mechanics constructed your views of success and failure in the world. Any dissatisfaction you may have carried around being materially established and/or secure, at the same time as feeling reliant on parties outside of your own control, is up for assessment now. What IS true security? Give and receive…

VOctober 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, virgin, monthly, divinationVIRGO: What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine. That is not how it is supposed to go, as we know. Yet so often seemingly, it does! What can be done about this? Well, before looking at any material disparities which may introduce politics and power into any shared narrative, it is important that we look at underlying attitudes and what they truly reveal about our sense of personal value. I do not mean getting out a Virgo checklist here and ticking off all the qualities you give mental assent to, by the way. I mean, truly understanding your personal value. While we may take these cues from others, it is textbook to suggest we should find this sense of worth within ourselves. Although that contention is broadly true, I am asking you to focus on all those people who think highly of you. Now, to ensure that this does not remain a simply abstract idea, I would encourage you to approach a few of those people who value you and ask them candidly what it is they particularly admire or like about you. Take note of your facial muscles as they speak.

Libra - October 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, scales, monthly, divinationLIBRA: What have you learned these past twelve months with Jupiter in your sign, about the self/other dyad? Hopefully, you have noticed that community is something crucial in not simply organising your life around looking after others and making decisions that constantly take responsibility in principle, for the wellbeing of others, to the detriment of yourself. I’m hopeful that the new moon and eclipse energy of August, cemented this for you. This month again, it feels very much like the last tarotscope’s message is still reverberating loudly and this is supported by the astrology now, as Mars and Venus merge under the culminating Full Moon energy. Look at the assertiveness you have been on the receiving end of from so many quarters, all your life. Take careful note both of how you felt and how they appeared to act in respect of any obvious feelings they were expressing. What might it be like to be in their position? What might it be like to be the one making demands and not accommodating the other? Now breathe out. Indulge YOU!

Scorpio - October 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, scorpion, monthly, divinationSCORPIO: What you do and what you feel you are supposed to be doing have likely been jostling for attention in your mental spaces and truth be told, likely squeezing out any sense of pleasurable sensation about your daily routines. What we are supposed to want comes largely from our parents, the authorities and the gurus. Where, in all that pressure to be something pleasing to our guardians, do we ever get permission truly to get in touch with the most raw part of ourselves and how can you even do it, after maybe decades of flying in the face of your own priorities? The most basic thing is feeling your “wantingness”, rather than it being merely an intellectual figment. Spend time in a private space, saying aloud “I want this. This is what I want”… for as long as is necessary. You will know, when your voice no longer sounds like an echo. That’s the key! You are commencing a twelve month frame within which you are called to stretch beyond your comfort zone and reach for the skies. This means exercising leadership over your existence… every day.

Sagittarius - October 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, archer, monthly, divinationSAGITTARIUS: I would like you to think this month about all the ways in which you have relegated your own creative fire, the fullest expression of your creative selfhood, to priorities around service to the collective and being the glue that holds situations together for others (very much in the mould of Buddhist Dharma).It’s very intoxicating being so significant (yea almost indispensable to others and/or the community – just like the shaman). Regardless of your deepest calling and all the growth you’ve been called to as Saturn has transited your sign in recent years, it is vital that you look honestly and carefully at your most basic need for self expression. The point of your existence is NOT merely service (perhaps have a chat with a trusted Virgo friend about that). This month, you commence a twelve month phase of shadow work. Start now by enquiring what it was in childhood that shut you down to your own creative and authentic expression in the world. This could feel like a death of sorts. Your mission is to resurrect, minus the guilt.

Capricorn - October 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, goat, monthly, divinationCAPRICORN: Here’s what I think. You should take a close look at a key facet of how you ‘present to the world’ this month. So much so that I feel it is crucial to give you a guiding principle, especially because it has been hiding in something of a blind spot for a long stretch of your existence. Here it is: Every time you are tempted to speak from a place where you express principle, in order to convey important truth to others (especially colleagues and significant others), desist. Instead of speaking automatically to the issue, check yourself and ask yourself how you feel and what your emotional needs are in that very moment. My guess is that you’ve been using consistency and principle, fastidiousness and reliability, as some kind of credential to secure acceptance, visibility and validation, except… that has not worked! First thing you need is to come off autopilot. The second is to get firmly in touch with your authentic (and neglected) need and perhaps communicate that instead. Change gears by showing others who you really are.

Aquarius - October 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, water carrier, monthly, divinationAQUARIUS: A seemingly interminable battle that has raged within you, regarding freedom to explore the details of your actual embodied life, over against your needs to explore high principle and lofty ideals, is about to morph into a new understanding that “you are what you do”, no more and no less. This is not some old cliché, in your case. It is instead the culmination of an extended phase of your existence where you have been attempting to integrate what often appear to be irreconcilable opposites. The complication for you has been that there has been a polarisation within, between what you actually feel and what your principles align to. What you feel and what you think being at odds, has rendered you more passive than active. In one particular relationship matter, you have placed principle above your own feelings, within your reckonings about the necessary course of action. But now, Mars changes that polarity. As Jupiter enters Scorpio, you finally comprehend that feelings and ideas must give way to actions. Time to implement the dream!

Pisces - October 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, fish, monthly, divinationPISCES: Love should neither amount to fantasy, nor an exercise in being ruthlessly clinical. There are so many extremes of relating we can get into as ways of defending against perceived threats from contact with significant others. It can almost get to the point where all sense of how to calibrate what is healthy, becomes completely unclear. Essentially, Mars and Venus are astrological indicators of the ebb and flow of erotic energies and they embrace in your relationship house of Virgo, at the time of the full moon. This whole thing feels like the push/pull energy of the tides. In relationship terms, this is really about mastery over the dynamics of intimate time spent together vs productive time spent doing your own ‘life stuff’. Sometimes, these issues get obscured by fundamental imbalance between the partners. Who supplies what? Who is the bigger ‘taker’ in practice? Now is the reckoning! If somebody is holding back, this issue must be addressed. It’s time to decide whether the adventures you crave are cravings you share.

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October 2017 Horoscope by Alex
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