November December 2017 Tarotscope – by Alex

November December 2017 Tarotscope – by Alex

Welcome to your November December 2017 Tarotscope

At the unplanned moment I chose to commence this reading, Saturn was EXACTLY trine (120 degree aspect) Uranus to the arc minute (to 1/60 of a degree at 25 degrees 38 minutes of Sagittarius and Aries respectively). Now is the time for you to look at every single old structure you have built within your life, to see if it remains fit for purpose. That which is no longer operating to serve you, is defunct. It is time for you to leave past emotional complexes and investments behind and to look to the future – this moment is synchronous to your future unfolding. Act this month, as if you are the author of your destiny, unimpeded by all those external problems that always seemed to bog you down. The first thing to do is change focus, because you have changed your belief from can’t do to can do. You maybe did not wish to look at certain things. Well, this month, make sure you stare them in the face. Here we have a time of reckoning. This is a time of renewed hope and as Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio, understand that you may have to visit your personal underworld in order to discover the light which can illuminate your soul and shine a light onto your path. How much do you want to make of your life? That is the determination you need to arm yourself with over the coming four weeks. Keep your faith! Enjoy your forecast.

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Aries November December 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrology - ramARIES: If you wish to build strong foundations for your future; the ones that will prove durable, then recognise this month that you are called onto a new path. Aries is the sign of youthful exuberance and primitive drive. There’s something wholesome in just how basic that is. However, there comes a time for each of us, where we must engage in a process of substantial reflection. You know, a strong-willed friend of a friend of mine once drove thirty miles in the opposite direction to home (on the motorway), because of stubbornness and ‘not wanting to be wrong’ – but she was! It’s now time for you to appreciate that your weakness is the flip side of your strength. It’s time to take your foot off the accelerator. It’s time to abandon the autopilot and reflect on what direction you truly wish to take as the person you are now

Taurus - November December 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologyTAURUS: We all know what we are supposed to want. That’s the ‘easy’ part! What drives that rarely comes from ourselves. Many factors from childhood condition us into a life-pattern, wherein we never truly feel our way into our choices. We end up, at best, conducting pen and paper exercises to retrieve any sense of what should, in fact, be natural. We are all so numbed out that we’ve lost contact with the reliable knowledge called ‘getting in touch with your most basic feelings’. As your ruler Venus, encounters expansive Jupiter in your relationship house of Scorpio, the light of the Sun suggests that your shut away feelings need to escape the box of rigidities you have incarcerated them within. Your best guide is your intuition. The moon is exalted in your sign. It is time finally to incorporate your feelings into your compass.

Gemini - November December 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologyGEMINI: The cycle of the seasons reflects the principle of constancy within the experience of change. This model is the optimal one for human living too. If we always remain static, growth becomes impossible. If we always change due to restless desire to escape constancy, we can never truly feel grounded. This month, the element of mastery that is all about finding and retaining your centre, while continually keeping your life fresh, is at the threshold. If you happen to be of the view that you can avoid this transition, I’m sorry to disappoint you! This amounts to seeding a new pattern for your life. Resist if you like, but the stagnation will crack your façade of defence like boiling water on an iced car windscreen. I know such change can feel like a death. But remember, spring’s new buds always follow on, after the petrification of winter.

Cancer - November December 2017 Tarotscope- tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologyCANCER: Can’t you see I’m all hemmed in here? Almost choking? Well certainly, you are defending against something. Yet the battle appears to be largely with yourself. You are likely shadow boxing old demons, my crustacean friend, with the soft centre and exoskeleton! Your very life force appears to have been endangered in the dim and distant past and you are understandably not keen to be in that position again. I almost get the sense of an umbilical cord wrapped around your neck. Pleasure can be closely aligned with pain, at times, but also associated with a complete lack of it. But pain is unavoidable in life and it cannot become an excuse that leads to self sabotage.. We all must do the basic self protection – but security is more than safety. Pleasure and joy sometimes carry risk. So either defend against the past, or open up to the present.

Leo - November December 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologyLEO: Unconscious versus conscious – delving deep into those buried areas, a wrestling match of warrior like proportions develops. It’s epic and just like the major arcana Strength card that is associated with your sign, you seek to subdue the lion within and exercise self-control over primal ‘stuff’. We are talking mastery here… of the self. This is about the moulding of character at a level deeper than ever before. Your strict values may have got in the way of your pleasure, in the past. It’s quite possible that you’ve locked your happiness away in a self-built tower – or perhaps somebody else confined you there, just like in the fairy tale of Rapunzel? Hear well! Every ancient energy which helped imprison your dreams, is loosening; everything which removed you from your joy, disarmed. So will you now leave your confinement or stay put?

Virgo - November December 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologyVIRGO: Heartache and sorrow, we just cannot escape them while on this human journey. Sometimes we remember and sometimes we forget, but always we continue. And it is what we make of things that is always the true indicator of what will endure. It is clear that many painful things have occurred in recent times, with longer term implications that cannot be wished away. But the signs are good that a cycle can finish, just as quickly as it began. Things may never be the same but why must we always view that negatively? Sometimes, the fact that you can never go backwards in a particular area, requires that your only option of moving forward, is the option that does unfold. ‘Unfold’ is a great word poetically and visually – it shows us that processes play out, conclude and lead to fresh possibilities. What you need is close at hand. Its hallmark is indestructible.

Libra - November December 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologyLIBRA: In marketing terms, there is probably no more powerful understanding available to anybody than “you ARE the product”. You know that you are approaching a level of self-actualisation when you can embrace that this is true for your life and work. I’m not saying that you are 100% there yet. I am saying that this month, you get a window, or sneak peek, into what it may be like for you to own such a notion at some point in the not-too-distant future. It’s a cliché to say “the world is your oyster” but some clichés remain true nonetheless. The reason this is opening up to you right now is because you seem to be opening up to an idea that would have felt arrogant in your recent past – but it was not arrogance – that was self-doubt speaking. Even better news is that this breakthrough is going to improve your financial situation. Raise your vision of what can be.

Scorpio - November December 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologySCORPIO: Something has been missing. Do you know what I am referring too? I’ll pause a moment… Do you remember that old saying about not being ‘half of a couple’? It looks to me as if you knew this to be a truism intellectually, but have secretly been operating so as to feel completion in union with another. This has taken on holy grail proportions, albeit under your conscious radar. Well, now you are called upon to draw that quest for the ‘perfect’ lover, into yourself. The cosmic wheel is turning! What you seek ‘out there’ is truly what you must uncover ‘in here’ – that is, within your inner sanctum. I repeat, this is NOT a mental exercise, Scorpio. You know this stuff. Under the law of attraction, like attracts like to itself. If you are busy indulging your wish list, how on earth will you give attention to experiencing presence? It’s time to replace lead with gold.

Sagittarius - November December 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologySAGITTARIUS: Do I think you should become a monk? Hardly! It’s pretty undesirable for a person with healthy drives to deprive themselves of earthly pleasures – and so I certainly would not recommend that. Nevertheless, there are times when our impulses get in the way of our discipline. This is usually when we have a legacy of chronically unmet need in some area or other. The biggie is the one involving love and approval. I remember as a child, being needy for the acceptance of teachers and authority figures, because I felt so much disapproval and rejection. These experiences can become chronic esteem wounds. But do we expect/demand that others love us first, so we can find esteem in their acceptance or… do we correct our focus? It seems you must disconnect from such material from your past. Your quest this month is to become your confident, higher self’.

Capricorn - November December 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologyCAPRICORN: What does Capricorn do with the energies of transition? As a sign seeking stability and substance in the world, too much transition can have a profoundly disrupting effect. When confronting the reality of unexpected, unscripted or undesirable changes, you have the choice to resist or embrace what is going on. I think you have figured out some time ago that embracing is the more adaptive and healthy response to loss of control. But ask yourself what life may be wanting to teach you about the illusion of control by these regularly disruptive events. We often quest for ‘stability as guarantee’. But the one thing we can always guarantee is that there is no guarantee – only change. Well things are transitioning for you, again! But this time it is different. It is not so much an external shift (though it may be) but one within you. ‘Flexibly solid’… Word!

Aquarius - November December 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologyAQUARIUS: Your stability at the moment may make you even more shocked than usual to see the chaotic nature of a significant partner’s life right about now. I would urge you not to be too unsettled by what you see. This is a rite of passage (and maturation) that they must go through like the caterpillar, if it ever aspires to grow wings and transcend its former limits. For your part, ensure that you continue with the process that has been coming to fruition over the past six months, regarding your views and responses to the kind of partnership you both desire and need in your life. Retain a dispassionate outlook, as only you can and continue to weigh up what the most balanced, equitable and productive arrangement might be within your life, when it comes to significant other ‘contracts’. At times you may have questioned if you have been barking up the wrong tree. I can assure you that you have not. Remember that you are a source of empowerment to others with your high values. What benefits you, benefits them too.

Pisces - November December 2017 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologyPISCES: Unconditional love… I could stop there, Pisces. In truth, it is a journey that takes us to that place. But in the end, after all the extensive preparation, it remains a choice as to whether we have the courage to embark upon the new journey that will unfold once we reach the end of the old road. I’m glad to say you’ve graduated from your initiation phase. Perhaps you feel lost at the prospect of taking the plunge. Maybe you fear entering a maze that you’ll never again be able to exit. All this is natural. Here is the alchemical moment of transmutation of all your old beliefs about love and human relating. It doesn’t matter what experiences made you cynical before. What counts is the shift into understanding that you are the ‘light of the world’ – the light of your actions. You draw love toward yourself by being love’s flame.

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November December 2017 Tarotscope - by Alex
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November December 2017 Tarotscope - by Alex
Welcome to your monthly November December 2017 Tarotscope. At the unplanned moment I chose to commence this reading, Saturn was EXACTLY trine (120 degree aspect) Uranus...
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