November – December 2016 Tarotscope by Alex

November – December 2016 Tarotscope by Alex

Welcome to your November – December 2016 Tarotscope

It is a significant full moon that we experience as I write. The moon is at its closest distance to Earth for nearly 70 years. If you wish to culminate a particular drama or passage of play, now is the time to align your intentions with the closing of a chapter. Perhaps do a ritual to embody it and make it more real. Have a transformative month!

Enjoy your reading for November -December and please feel free to feed back and share to anybody you think may benefit. Thank you! Alex.

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Enjoy your November – December 2016 Tarotscope by Alex

November - December 2016 tarotscopeARIES: What is the emotional nature of your relationship to your resources? By resources, I do not simply mean your possessions. There appears to be a sense of loss nagging at your comfort. It is not clear the extent to which this is an actual loss or a fear of loss. Whichever it may be, I get the sense that a challenge you are being asked to rise to involves confidence in your ability to replenish your resources, to be a constant source of new ideas, inspiration and innovation. You are your greatest resource, regardless of what is going on all around you. There definitely seems to be some material uncertainty. Don’t lose faith! Allow your imagination to soar. Any new idea that comes to you out of the blue this month, is one well worth treating as a priceless seed that you should nourish to eventual fruition. So pay close attention to any sparks of inspiration and do not be afraid to talk to people you can trust, about those sparks. You can fan them into a flame if you develop them properly and do the research required to flesh them out comprehensively.

Taurus November - December 2016 tarotscopeTAURUS: It seems you’ve been lodged firmly within a period of uncertainty, this past month or so. As you look out into the world and the essence of your circumstances, you are likely plagued with doubts; deep fears about your ultimate security. You may therefore have concluded that the point of all of this is just the situation at hand and what is going on at face value. In reality, it looks that you are in the midst of processing some karma. Why have you failed to trust your intuition, historically? What doubts have made you believe a negative message, or have a negative expectation (time and again), instead of exercising a simple trust in what is unfolding? You may not believe that intentions shape your reality but they really can do so. Certain things may be unclear, but that uncertainty does NOT mean that everything is about to be lost, compromised or impoverished… It is time to ask where these automatic negative thoughts originated. Who has let you down in the past? Human nature IS capricious, yes. But your faith counts more – MUCH more.

Gemini November - December 2016 tarotscopeGEMINI: You know how the brain works, right? Just like with the eye, the brain takes outline information and constructs the whole picture from just the fragments. It may seem like the information you are getting, perhaps from a partner, is not only incomplete, but misleading. Consequently, your brain may be constructing a picture that is not true to what is actually going on. Gemini natives could often do with a little of its solar twelfth house (Taurus), grounded intuition (or a good Taurus buddy), to help fathom what the message is – not simply from the mind but the body. You appear conflicted about whether you can actually believe the things you seem to be seeing with your eyes. Here’s the rub: The curse of the intellect is that it cuts in two. Once things are in two parts they are fragmented and you cannot believe half a story. But stories are not ratified simply by facts or appearances. Get in touch with your deepest sense of knowing… by moving beyond intellectual processing. To quote Faithless my friend “You don’t need eyes to see, you need vision.”

Cancer November - December 2016 tarotscopeCANCER: When we achieve a measure of success, when we complete a task and appear to have reached a certain goal, it can be like having scaled a mountain. Here’s the interesting thing – you can settle for that… or not. You may imagine that the way you decide whether to stride forward again, or rest on your laurels, is only down to willpower or energy levels. Actually, be aware that you can be driven from a sense of something being missing, or someone being missing or obstructive. You may, on the other hand, be fighting a battle with your intuition that may be giving you one message, while your circumstances and experiences appear to be pointing in a different direction. All this can prove very confusing. You don’t really need to compete with anybody else and you do not need to wrestle with other people’s expectations of you. In reality, you need to have a conversation with yourself about where your deepest sense of contentment is to be found. What is your greatest pleasure in life? Get busy making your decisions in line with that one guiding principle.

Leo November - December 2016 tarotscopeLEO: Here is the issue facing you this month. How do you balance your visions about your highest achievements in the world, with the highest achievements of those people who are most significant in your life? Indeed, how far do you sacrifice your own needs (and trajectory of progress) to provide nurture or offer assistance, to all those people to whom you are deeply connected? It would help you to see everything in your environment, in your life, as a resource which can be shaped to the benefit of everybody. This certainly runs counter to most practices we see in our world that too often place self-interest above all other priorities. In reality, self and other is a false polarity. Every positive energy you put out into the world is actually an investment in yourself. This month, try not to feel too frustrated that you may somehow be prejudicing your own chances by giving time and attention to others. You will likely find that the processes which you nourish will nourish you back several fold. Leave behind any fears of scarcity and lack. Have faith in you.

Virgo November - December 2016 tarotscopeVIRGO: What’s the real difference between being active and passive? As a Virgo, you know all about diligent application. But this month, I have a question for you: “Have you merely been treading water as you have meticulously held onto your standards?” I get a sense that perhaps you may have been fending off a deeper calling for quite some time by being pragmatic and very down to Earth, as you usually are. But ask yourself honestly, “is treading water actually any fun?” I know that you know the answer and I also know all the counter justifications you will offer as some kind of riposte! Life’s a serious business and those who overstretch tend to be fly by nights… I hear you reason. One thing is for sure, if you continue to deny the truly creative impulse that abides within you, you will experience the kind of loss that is like the atrophy of a muscle when you never use it. You have a clear tendency to rationalise away your creativity is frivolity, or “not really important” in the grand scheme of things. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Libra November - December 2016 tarotscopeLIBRA: Sometimes when we lose something concrete from our lives we also lose faith along with it. Faith can be lost in basic human goodness, or that integrity will have its reward. I sense some disillusionment in you just now. As you look out into the world and scan for justice, it would appear that not much is to be found. It can be easy to lose touch with the essence of our life force and become weigh down with burdens instead. Where has the magic gone for you of late? Well, if you look outside of yourself you may not find much evidence to lift your spirits, BUT if you can reach within for your highest vision instead of measuring the future in terms of what has gone wrong, you will be able to fan a small spark into a flame. This will require determination and resilience. Conflict is a hallmark of your life at the best of times and with Jupiter in your sign, all the astrological indicators are that these tendencies are being magnified. The point is not to overwhelm you but instead to show you that you must detach from mantras and act from your centre.

Scorpio November - December 2016 tarotscopeSCORPIO: In some senses, vocation is everything. It gives a complete focus for our time here on Earth, should we choose to seek a productive life. It seems to me that you have had some very clear ideas about changes you’d like to make, in line with your highest vision – but that you have not quite hit your personal launch button. Perhaps you have struggled to see quite how your best ideas ‘fit’ into the conventional world and its economic and bureaucratic structures. Your investment in your ‘dreams’ is about to encounter some impetus from Mars that will help you to notice just what resources you possess. Once you understand that your ideas are greater than any fears, you will also notice that you are what you do. Being you, where you are, is the starting point. When you realise that, you can happily work from home, because everything is rooted there that you need. Notice this month how your home supports your vision of life’s possibilities and build from there. In essence, this is all about having faith rather than doubt, in what you have to offer. Step up!

Sagittarius November - December 2016 tarotscopeSAGITTARIUS: People can be incredibly challenging to deal with. Yet you know by now that it is impossible to always go it alone. Nevertheless, it is a skill to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. Here is a clue for you to help work out who those people are right about now. Our first experiences of this sort of dynamic comes in the family, most specifically with any siblings close in age to yourself that you grew up with. Who are the people with whom you feel the deepest bond? Notwithstanding any superficial levels of conflict, who are the people in your life who at root, you really see eye to eye with, or you know to be on essentially the same page? The message for you over the coming months is to forge closer collaboration with these people and the rule of thumb with any awkwardness is that you should jettison those whom you have conflict but feel no bond with, while the creative friction of conflict with those you feel a strong connection to, is designed to push you to the next level of your growth. Saturn in your sign says “Get past irritation.”

Capricorn November - December 2016 tarotscopeCAPRICORN: It seems you have a creative partner who you feel is not pulling their weight, or you are envious of because you perspire whereas they inspire! Let me tell you, you are probably correct with such an assessment! This is not merely an academic question, nor is it a matter of irritation (in principle) due to unfairness – no, it would appear that your sense of financial viability in some project is related to how this creative partner may be ‘failing’ to chime in with your vision and act in tandem with you. I have some advice for you on this matter. Just because somebody speaks a similar language, or has roughly parallel goals, does not mean they have identical aspirations to you. It’s crucial that you separate your vision from theirs. To me, merely lamenting how they fail to meet your expectations, hinders your taking of responsibility for the implementation of YOUR dreams. Nobody said it would be easy… it certainly may feel very daunting. Relying too much on others though can stunt your ingenuity. And now, ingenuity is EXACTLY where it’s at!

Aquarius November - December 2016 tarotscopeAQUARIUS: Is life essentially a conveyor belt that transports us at a certain pace from cradle to grave? Is it really the most comfortable thing to go with the flow? I ask this because there are always basically two choices that amount to going through the motions or taking authority over your life. The first is much easier than the second. Neither are we always doing one or the other. Sometimes we have to take a break and ease off from pushing our life. My feeling is though that you are getting restless. Do you settle for what you have or push for more? It seems to me that you cannot really decide! You certainly appear to be at a crossroads of some sort. Security concerns key us into loss and fears but having an adventurous outlook keeps us focused on the next opportunity. You aren’t alone on this journey and can certainly take some risks; especially if you develop a sense of faith in those people around you who you have seen to be there for you whenever needed. This month let your mantra be that life does not happen to you… you happen to life.

Pisces November - December 2016 tarotscopePISCES: You’re in one of the most instructive phases life can ever throw at someone! When we feel we’ve been stuck and are trying to free ourselves, the most important thing to do is realise that often, we must speculate in order to accumulate. Without creative risk-taking we learn very little of any practical significance. You can have all the head knowledge in the world, but if you cannot apply yourself and get results it is all theory. And in life, the real challenge is to procure change. To succeed, we must confront all the ancient security fears that keep us trapped in what we think offers certainty. When you take a risk, what could possibly go wrong? Really? Plenty! Only know that if you are prepared and versatile, you will have the ability to adapt… which is key. The problem is not that things go wrong (that happens all the time), it is that we have not developed the resourcefulness to change course and expect a different result. This month, don’t let fear of poverty prevent you from exploring any creative new career idea with boldness.

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