November 2017 Horoscope – by Alex

November 2017 Horoscope – by Alex

Welcome to your November 2017 Horoscope

The ancients considered both Venus and Jupiter to be ‘benefics’. Of course, this word is the root of ‘beneficial’. Venus and Jupiter are also the brightest objects in our sky, after the Sun and moon. They embody many of the qualities that humans cherish as pleasant and/or nourishing. On the 13th November these two come together and light up everyone’s situation, just as the Sun and moon herald a summation, which is the beginning of a transition from darkness toward light. This is a significant signpost to confront the things you have buried in your unconscious. It is time to confront your historic demons and to trust that the time is fortuitous to bring this material out into the light, so that you can release it once and for all. Have a great month, work with your forecast, but above all… enjoy it! Alex ?

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Enjoy your November 2017 Horoscope

Aries - November 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, ram, monthly, divinationARIES: If you ever asked a person whether they would seek superficial relationships, it would be unlikely they’d admit to it! Unless of course, they simply wished to have lots of friends and social acquaintances and reduce human company to an expression, or extension, of their own experience. Of course, this is a perfectly viable way to conduct one’s life… on one’s own terms 24/7. Still, there is a price to pay for such an approach and while it may suit you to function that way for some part of the time, it really is not the kind of strategy that is going to keep you warm at night. This month, activity aplenty in your solar eighth house, indicates that you need to delve deeper than simply the straightforward level of two people engaging in a transaction or exchange. The world literally is your oyster, if you can open channels to something deeper. This involves surrender to the unknown other.

Taurus - November 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, bull, monthly, divinationTAURUS: This is a time of rebalancing for you – especially of your significant relationships. See this as an opportunity; an opportunity that is first and foremost about energy distribution. Relationships quickly become solidified structures. They petrify into habituations that spawn entrenched attitudes which are tough nuts to crack! Seen as energy and opportunity, you are not merely looking at fixity (a facet of the Taurus/Scorpio axis). Your partners are currently more likely to be in reflective mood – perhaps weighing up the degree to which their relationship ethics and conduct up to now, have served their deepest needs. Remember, there is no right or wrong way ‘to be’ in these matters, except that it is always wrong not to be (or to suppress) your real self, for fear of anyone’s disapproval. Take the opportunity this month to be the person you truly are and be sure to show this to everyone you truly love.

Gemini - November 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, twins, monthly, divinationGEMINI: They say that the pope (or even just the priest) is married to the church. The central question for you to address this month is just how you balance this choice of life focus between devotion to service and devotion to another human being in a dyad relationship. With both types of relationship, there is the infrastructure that supports it and the spirit of love that flows within it and is the mortar holding the bricks together (ensuring that the structure does not become prison!) In life, both/and is almost always superior to either/or, when it comes to making satisfying, durable choices. But do you shape your relationships around vocation, or vocation around relationship? It feels like there has been a shift away from relating, for you. Certainly, the time is coming when vocation will be the dominant element in play. So make sure you establish fluid trust with your partners now, before the concrete sets.

Cancer - November 2017 Horoscope, astrology, psychic, crab, monthly, divinationCANCER: Where do a sense of security and a sense of pleasure, meet? In the bedroom? Well, many a true word spoken in jest! For you, pleasure these days is to be associated with the passion of Scorpio, as Jupiter transits there (your solar fifth house of creation/procreation), expanding your desire for all things titillating. There are practical matters to deal with regarding your security in the physical sense. There may be duality and decisive decision-making in the mix. But all that practical stuff should not detract from your pleasure principle. In fact, it would be a very wise idea to make decisions about infrastructure matters along those exact lines of what serves to increase your pleasure, within what you consider to be your secure spaces. The key is to shape all such as the location of your joy and fulfilment. See to it that privacy is maintained. See your security very much like a nest.

Leo - November 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, lion, monthly, divinationLEO: There is a launch of the questions introduced by Jupiter moving into Scorpio in October, this month. The Sun has swept past Jupiter; this month comes Venus and soon enough, it will be Mars. The Sun opened up the question of your true security. In November, Venus draws more of what you need (to make this a reality) into your experience and then early in the new year, Mars places you in the position of active agent/shaper of these matters. Security is a complex business! It is made up of a variety of components. Ultimately, however, security is a question of how you feel about where you are. A caveat here is that often we feel insecure when all is stable and sometimes secure when there is trouble around the corner. This is why security can’t be perfectly correlated to circumstance – It’s a less precise science than that. Your job is to be responsive to your experience. If it feels right, it most likely is.

Virgo - November 2017 Horoscope, psychic, virgin, monthly, divinationVIRGO: The time of no longer carrying your seemingly unshakeable burden, is at hand. That is IF you really wish to put it down. The words ‘Virgo’ and ‘service’ go hand in hand. But this is not really me providing you with an excuse to continue the way that you have been. It’s almost like you’ve been complaining and burdened, but have continued to hawk your ‘caring services’ to anybody in need of assistance. Perhaps it is now time to ask yourself why you have been seeking to set up such contracts in reality. Clearly they do not leave you feeling happy. But perhaps it is just easier for you to get contact by being the caring one, rather than acknowledging the discomfort involved in allowing others opportunity to care for you. After all, what would that mean? Maybe ask yourself what it is about love that is so incredibly special. Might it not be the very fact that it does not have to be earned? (Just accepted)

Libra - November 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, scales, monthly, divinationLIBRA: Options are great but choices present a different kind of a challenge. It’s like the difference between doing countless hours of window shopping with dreams and fantasies being stimulated and actually reaching into your pocket and parting with the cold hard cash. It’s not the parting with cash though that proves the problem. It’s deciding what NOT to purchase! You have lots of choices this month that can afford you items of high worth. But which to pick? Making choices is hard territory for you. This month you may fear, with Mars in your sign, that you just don’t know how to decide on what you want. The clue for you is not to choose based on an idea of something. You can be ‘in your head’ too much about these things, Libra. Instead, I recommend you spend some time in the realm of your senses. What feels good? What gives you a thrill? Choose only what feels satisfying. Any doubt means ‘no’.

Scorpio - November 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, scorpion, monthly, divinationSCORPIO: You often struggle to be democratic! The reason for this appears to be that you choose to follow your passion as your truest guide. There is nothing wrong with this and it is quite natural for you. Nevertheless, the price paid is that others can get steam-rollered, if you fail to keep an eye on where you take your leadings from. When it comes to relating, this can be particularly disastrous. You may get impatient with people quite often but this month, you get an opportunity to see things from their point of view. Perhaps they do not assert themselves enough? Maybe you would like them to step up and take a decisive lead more often? Tell them! But first, try to work out why you are the one who is hesitant for once. There is a key for you in this. How you take up your space, directly impacts how others feel they can take up theirs. It’s time to see this more as a dance than a wrestling match.

Sagittarius - November 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, archer, monthly, divinationSAGITTARIUS: To a large extent, our beliefs determine what happens to us. These are often hidden away; locked tight in a filing cabinet that we’ve never returned to since we formed them. They may appear to be the only place where those records can be located. But in fact, they are written all over your life, in every detail and transaction, in every struggle and setback – only, you cannot make the connection. Early in the month, the Full Moon gives you a powerful opportunity to unlock and access those files, giving them the airing they need, in order for them to lose their hold over you. Why would you do this? Well, it is not simply the Sun that is in your solar twelfth of ‘hidden things’, so is your ruler, Jupiter. When Venus conjuncts Jupiter and then later the new moon arrives, if you have brought your feelings out into the light from their incarceration, the portents are good for transformation.

Capricorn - November 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, goat, monthly, divinationCAPRICORN: It seems like anger and frustrations may have constrained your happiness in the past, without you quite realising it. Our perceptions can be easily skewed, even when we pride ourselves on having pristine principles and standards. This happens when we have become overly invested in outcomes. Our attachments can become quite heavy due to a lack of broader outlets. The question for you now, with Venus and Jupiter conjoining in your solar eleventh house, is whether your lessons have been learned fully. True happiness requires balance between one’s own unique needs being addressed, having close intimate partners and a modest number of good friends with whom we can share broad camaraderie. Should any of these three areas get out of balance (or disappear altogether), we find inevitable leakage occurs into the other two areas. If you attend to only one area, trouble surely beckons. Keep your eye on the ball!

Aquarius - November 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, water carrier, monthly, divinationAQUARIUS: My feeling is that you have optimised the balance in your life required to calibrate freedom and commitment. This is a challenge for all humans seeking to be healthy but a must for Aquarians. The only problem with said quest is that it can flatten life down onto one axis of self/other. Such a thing is typical of our times. The goal now is to go beyond this particular conundrum and step into the question of what your freedom means in practice. The principle has been established, but what must you do to find wholeness within your specific situation? My feeling is that the struggle for autonomy, balanced against relating, has left you wearing a sort of blindfold. The goal, starting now, is to recognise that the journey only starts now and that you can no longer procrastinate on questions of vocation. What are you called upon truly to achieve? Venus and Jupiter reward leaps of faith into your life mission, this month.

Pisces - November 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, fish, monthly, divinationPISCES: Projecting your fears onto partners can be one of the most damaging things to happen to a relationship. The desire to feel secure is not something to dismiss or suppress, or to pretend does not apply to you, somehow! When you cannot own your need to feel secure, you will pretend to be strong and then project flakiness or unreliability onto significant others, to make it seem like your insecurity is their responsibility – it isn’t. This month provides you with an opportunity, first to be honest with yourself and second to get honest with those you may have projected your fears onto. The thing is, you know clearly what you want. And it is likely your anxieties about rejection that have really held you back from sharing your deepest desires and needs. Knowing what you want, helps tremendously. But even then, you must summon the courage from deep within that will enable you to show vulnerability.


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November 2017 Horoscope - by Alex
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November 2017 Horoscope - by Alex
Welcome to your November 2017 monthly Horoscope. The ancients considered both Venus and Jupiter to be 'benefics'. Of course, this word is the root of 'beneficial'. Venus and Jupiter are also the brightest objects in our sky, after the Sun and moon...
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