November 2016 Horoscope by Alex

November 2016 Horoscope by Alex

Here is your November 2016 Horoscope by Alex

Welcome to another month that has a super moon, at full phase. There are several shifts this month. Neptune finally stations direct after several months retrograde and not just the Sun, but also Mercury, Venus and Mars change signs. On planet Earth we finally see the result of months of campaigning, propaganda, claim and counter-claim in the U.S. elections. The world of politics seems to have become a giant soap opera and it has become difficult to separate facts from fiction. But the chart I cast suggests that the illusions of many are going to be shattered on November the 8th and that the ‘sins’ of the mainstream media may become apparent in the old dictum that you “reap what you sow”. While our societal structures are continuing to be transformed beyond our capacity to conceive it (Pluto in Capricorn), the era of illusion can no longer be drawn upon to give ideological justification for the changes. The cover has been blown, the lid is off (Neptune changes course). It is going to be up to the people to decide what is real and what is fake and finally step up to the plate in action, rather than allowing the soap opera to continue under the pretence that it is real. While the world waits with bated breath for the biggest political outcome in fifty years or more, your monthly reading gives you a focus for what is your particular challenge/opportunity complex for the coming month. Enjoy! And… see you on the other side!

Enjoy your reading for November and please feel free to feed back and share to anybody you think may benefit. Thank you! Alex.

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Enjoy your November 2016 horoscope by Alex

Aries November 2016 horoscope by AlexARIES: Relationships often cause you no end of conflict. There are plausible astrological reasons for this, not least that Libra is your solar 7th House. You are intrinsically direct, but dithering is the subject matter of your relationship house… and Jupiter is currently there. This is magnifying all the usual glaring problems you find when attempting to find another person to partner with, who is as decisive as you. As the month begins, we find Venus (ruler of your 7th) conjunct Saturn; plus, Venus and Jupiter are in each other’s sign (mutual reception). So, they can help each other out. It would appear that your intimate relating, or other partnering endeavours, will benefit from an association with an older, ‘wiser’ person who may be of foreign extraction, or be knowledgeable or well travelled and experienced – they may also have a similar career focus to yourself, or be part of an ideological peer community you participate in. The key for you, this month, is to follow the dynamic energy. Anything which shuts you down must be jettisoned.

Taurus November 2016 horoscope by Alex TAURUS: ‘Spiritual’ depth and substance are hugely important to you (especially when you are looking at any partner’s suitability for you) – by which I mean openness toward, and faith in, authentic personhood/reality. Anything less than solid, or that is remotely flaky or inconsistent is likely to exit the trapdoor sooner or later. And, of late, the matters of depth and commitment (and what it means) have truly been on the table for you. This energy can be heavy. This month, it is going to shift into a lighter (and more productive) space… but not before some fundamental questions about authority, responsibility and tradition are addressed. Responsibilities can carry an almost unbearable pressure upon our sense of freedom, and yet it is clear that we cannot shirk them. This month, you get to a sort of reckoning around where this sense of responsibility comes from – yourself, or a significant other. Do not confuse your sense of responsibility with theirs. Drudgery, oppression and escape are NOT the same as being authentically aligned to what is – and don’t you know it!

Gemini November 2016 horoscope by Alex GEMINI: Ideas usually precede reality. We think of an idea first and then we go on to conceive/plan its outworking into our actual daily situation. And yet, does a Gemini (or anyone really, but especially a Gemini) ever change by merely thinking? With Scorpio as your solar 6th House, it is clear that self-transformation in the depths of you, is an act of doing. Change comes through active participation in your own processes of ‘directedness’. You are called upon both to think about any change and actually to change, in the context of passionate experimentation this month. Both Mercury (your ruler) and the Sun move into your house of partnering, in November. It would appear that changes you make through the first week of November will prepare the ground for imagining a whole new (transformed) way of relating intimately – which largely involves spotting something about yourself and how you have tended to set out your stall historically within your intimate liaisons. It is one thing knowing everything is in its ‘proper place’, quite another to ‘Let It Be’.

Cancer November 2016 horoscope by Alex CANCER: For a home bird it may not be the case that you ravenously crave change all that often. But it seems to me that you may have been having just such thoughts over the last week of October. In November, you may feel an increasing pull toward the ‘dark side’, or a level of depravity that might normally shock you. All those fantasies that erupt may involve anything but being a ‘good girl’ (or boy). What do you make of all of this? Where do you imagine it might actually come from (and lead)? My feeling is that because you always try to stay on the right side of the tracks (and do so meticulously), you may be craving some time off from that exhausting role – and what better way of brokering change than by completely casting off those (self-imposed) chains? Faith in human beings is a strange mix that involves seeing both the best and the worst of humanity and sometimes being both of those things too. It is more important to be real than to be holy. Later in the month, you can retrieve your halo, safe in the knowledge that peaks require troughs, ad infinitum.

Leo November 2016 horoscope by Alex LEO: The question above all this month for you, boils down to this one subject… What IS security? How does your home embody or represent that? And how do you cope with fundamental changes in that space e.g. new cycles opening up that enforce a complete change of outlook upon where security is truly found? (Rather than the myth to which you may have tenaciously clung as a defence against some unpalatable, or feared, reality or another). Control, and the sense that we may actually wield it, is perhaps the biggest illusion that humans entertain. And it is your sense of control you are called upon to look at in November. How did you ever get into that space, wherein you came to believe you could successfully micromanage every eventuality on terms suitable only to yourself? There is a decision in focus here – known specifically as choosing either the path of enlightenment, or the path of suffering. By the end of the month, I trust that you will have tapped into the emotional maturity of allowing the cosmos to have its way over your entrenched resistances.

Virgo November 2016 horoscope by Alex VIRGO: Sometimes, when we get a little low in mood, we draw the curtains, curl up in bed, and refuse to go out into the big bad world. We kind of know it isn’t really like that out there BUT, we feel like we just don’t have the energy to be exposed to all the stimuli around us that might overload our circuits. It can pretty quickly become too much. Taking responsibility, or confronting questions of authority in the location of one’s roots can involve a lot of drama and expenditure of precious energy. It sometimes feels easier to escape it all by raising a sort of white flag of surrender. Don’t! In November, you are called upon to open the curtains, let the light in and stride out into your neighbourhood. Can you discover even one new thing about your locality (by using your eyes) that you never noticed before? This is a time of regeneration and you must be bold! If you can galvanise yourself this month, you will find that in December it will become possible to challenge some of those power issues that have dogged your home life for seeming aeons.

Libra November 2016 horoscope by Alex LIBRA: Reverse the polarity this month – begin with yourself. I’d encourage you to adopt an attitude of faith and openness. Seek fresh eyes and try to notice the things which drudgery has turned into a commonplace within your experience/environment. Cultivate a spirit of adventure and learn some new things that you did not get from a book. You need this fresh injection because it will give you necessary perspective. It would appear that certain things in the structure of your home life, require urgent attention. Perhaps the balance has been wrong in a partnership, with you deferring too much to the needs of other parties. Perhaps they have had more influence upon the physical space, the economy etc of how the home is run. This matter is one about comfort in your own skin, which cannot be separated from comfort in your own space – which if shared, can be a power struggle around your basic needs being adequately met and your safety bottom line being addressed. Make no apologies in November. Jupiter is unearthing the cracks in your foundations. Repair them!

Scorpio November 2016 horoscope by Alex SCORPIO: As a fixed sign, you can often struggle in manifesting the sort of versatility that your non-fixed zodiacal cousins have access to. It seems to me that you have of late fared quite well in directing your energies within the nuts and bolts of your family life – traditions have been relatively unruffled, things have been smooth – perhaps even quite rosy. Most things in your immediate environment have been undramatic. But in November a few challenges present that are going to force you to become innovative in how you manage change within your physical spaces. As Mars enters Aquarius on the 9th, it seems you will be called upon to manage an influx of disruptive energy that will likely attack anything within your home situation that has been left unaddressed (or has been wilfully ignored). None of us live in either a vacuum, or a bubble, even if we might wish for that. If you can manage these challenges in a constructive way, it will lay foundations for further growth into 2017. But elephants in the room may eventually stampede and any fake harmony will be exposed!

Sagittarius November 2016 horoscope by Alex SAGITTARIUS: There is a price to be paid for carrying a heavy sense of responsibility, in the form of duty. Even though such things are noble indeed, they can set up equations of expectation and reliance upon us because we are strong. Before you know it, you are being strong, less because you ARE strong, and more because other people sort of demand it. You have carried people. Perhaps for too long. Such is a process which can age you prematurely. And so for you, this month, it is especially important to be in touch with every possible influence that is youthful – exposure to the untroubled playfulness of young children being one particularly good example. This time of year is always a period of review for you, as you assess the amounts of gunk that have accumulated since the Sun was last in your sign. Take the opportunity now for a sort of emotional and spiritual detox – let go of your cares and burdens. Slacken off a little in diligence and breathe. When the Sun enters your sign on the 22nd you will find your bounce again. For now, go easy and look out for yourself.

Capricorn November 2016 horoscope by Alex CAPRICORN: It feels like some sort of parallel to the infamous ‘mid-life crisis’ this month, Capricorn. Every astrologer knows your Saturn rulership gives you an interesting relationship to time and its passing. I get the impression that you may be being plagued around now by worries or doubts around your own mortality, or specifically the loss of your powers, beauty, or physical acumen/stamina. You may come to an understanding that part of your life has been on autopilot and that you may have neglected significant matters such as your bodily life, as you have been consumed with idealistic projects and their implementation. Now perhaps, you are questioning where the impetus for these things was coming from. Was it a wild goose chase? A pipe dream that merely occupied your imagination, as some sort of distraction from other matters? That is a fair question! Later this month you will be able to explore such feelings in a clear-headed fashion. Yet when they first arise, they’ll likely be unsettling. HINT! You are more than your body. Look into your soul, not the mirror!

Aquarius November 2016 horoscope by Alex AQUARIUS: If I said you were an inventor, perhaps that would sit a little more easily with you than if I described you as an innovator. My feeling is that your familiarity and comfort with tools is a much more tangible thing than the abstraction that involves ‘out of the box’ thinking in a range of different areas/disciplines. I say this because it seems to me that you may have been in a comfort zone, wherein your natural Saturnian qualities have been more at home than your Uranian ones (Saturn and Uranus are the traditional and modern co-rulers of your sign). We can see tools and the problem solving we do with them in much more practical terms. And the skills we demonstrate in wielding tools are much more easily measurable than ‘big ideas’ and their implementation. But you are a revolutionary, even if you do not see yourself that way. Mars, this month, begins to energise your Uranian characteristics. Uranus is about individuation. This month, the cosmos is much more focusing you upon becoming who you truly are meant to be, than on the mastery you already possess.

Pisces November 2016 horoscope by Alex PISCES: How did you become who you are today? And who are you becoming? I’d like to suggest a little experiment to you. If you have never done any research on your ancestry and immersed yourself in the history of the stories of your forebears, now would be a good time to start. We all inherit DNA from those who went before – and there is very little we can do about that genetic make-up. But the stories we inhabit, the intricate web of karmic, generational energies, can be explored externally and eventually our relationship to it can be teased apart and reworked. Are you merely a product of a confluence of ancient forces? Are you in control of your destiny? As Neptune turns direct, and will approach the south node of the moon gradually, you get chance to ask questions about what the most real things are in your personal story. From that point you will be able to plot a course toward your future. I think there may be some material on the relationship between freedom and slavery in there and a whole bunch of fears about the latter. Go figure!

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