November 2014 Horoscope By Alex Brocklehurst

November 2014 Horoscope By Alex Brocklehurst

Alex Brocklehurst Intuitive Astrology

ARIES: What sacrifices have been made by you for others, historically? Which were justified and which not? There is a change in the air, one which follows the death of an old way of thinking.This month, you consolidate the recent eclipse energy by solidifying a new foundation for your integrated self. Your crusading and self-reliant spirit can now take flight. However, be aware that you need to deploy awareness to see what has incarcerated you so long, without you realising. I suspect you will find yourself tackling issues that have dogged you since childhood – and which likely involve family power struggles. This change of energetic relations is you transitioning into your true power, finding your voice on a new level, releasing the pain that held you back. You can draw wealth to yourself too. The key for you this month is ‘Use it but do not abuse it’.


Alex Brocklehurst Intuitive AstrologyTAURUS: How are relationship templates different to relationship realities? Perhaps the definitive question for you right now, as Saturn nears the end of his tenure in your opposite sign. Review and notice that realities do not follow templates when it comes to relationships. The Sun joining Saturn at the end of another cycle, suggests completion. Throw away your script, my bovine friend and learn to be excited by what is unpredictable in others. You simply do not need the mental anguish any longer of trying to make decisions about ‘how things should be’ before anything has even had opportunity to happen! Something shifts this month – you release your life force in these changes. New light, new energy, new connections as you surrender to ‘not knowing’.


Alex Brocklehurst Intuitive AstrologyGEMINI: Seems there is a basic readjustment in view. The restlessness you feel comes from misalignment. ‘Is this right, Is it wrong?’ The constant question posed since youth, must be laid to rest. You see fragments of evidence of change – a new flexibility found in trying new pursuits, in line with your right-brain creative processing. Pay attention to the details. How you handle them will reveal much about what must change. You have to apply yourself, but be assured this will lead to tangible new realities. I can tell you this: Your guidance system is due to change this month. The mind, once de-throned, will be replaced by a decisive inner voice. This inner voice is actually your energy. Trust it and follow where it leads.


Alex Brocklehurst Intuitive AstrologyCANCER: Having a good time is something we can easily forget to do. Letting one’s hair down can become a faint memory, more than a regular facet of your experience. We live, yes, in serious times and you face serious daily responsibilities. But you know you need the ‘lighter’ side this month. A new cycle begins in November, where you get to remember what it is to be ‘in the moment’, fully present and alive. This seeds a new pattern for you. However, as yet, this is only a taster. There is a process in view. You are having to learn that although life can bring you the occasional delightful surprise, living in the moment requires the ongoing choice of saying ‘yes’ to opportunity as firmly as your ‘no’ to most of the expectations of others. This is what we call true integrity.


Alex Brocklehurst Intuitive AstrologyLEO: Spiritual matters, social traditions and soul connections are hugely important for you most of this next year, Leo – and you can thank Jupiter for that. But this month it is CRUCIAL to realise that this only bears fruit when it is combined with the parallel journey to the centre of yourself. Homecomings are a time when you connect harmoniously with your tribe – but this only happens when you are in harmony within yourself. Do not be surprised if ancient material surfaces. It is there to be dealt with! Old patterns are ready for the fire. Think about distinctions between joy and war. Ask yourself ‘Have I been/Am I still at war?’ ‘Have my family templates kept me there?’ And ‘Is joy the alternative?’ What might stopping fighting look like?


Alex Brocklehurst Intuitive AstrologyVIRGO: Sacrifice is a boundary issue, Virgo. It is also a CHOICE. There is a definite necessity for you, this month, to explore how your sense of self in connection to others has been an exercise in self-sacrifice AND what a healthier manifestation might look like – one where you don’t simply shut down or choose radical self interest as an antidote. The balance between self-protection and surrender in relationship is both ancient and vexed. No doubt about it, your emotional freedom (and that of your partners) depends upon you cracking this particular nut. Make sure that you do not rely on your innate intelligence this month, at the expense of a true alignment of your feelings in your interpersonal transactions.


Alex Brocklehurst Intuitive AstrologyLIBRA: There is no doubt that aggressive moves are afoot for you in your career. Your life force has the inclination to propel you very forcefully into the spotlight – and make no mistake, this could become a lucrative and productive avenue for you. Yet this month, the watchword is vigilance. There is a world of difference between compulsion and propulsion. Make sure you are not being driven by the former. If you handle your energies prudently there is no reason why a vision you have long cherished, in your life mission, cannot be realised. This month, the key on that journey is to recognise how, formerly, the rigidity that followed your passion, was not your friend. Being strong/principled does not imply fixity/rigidity. This month you make contact with a newer you – one who is less bullish, more flexible.


Alex Brocklehurst Intuitive Astrology

SCORPIO: Saturn soon waves bon voyage – and what have you learned during his tenure? Specifically, you learned that who you essentially are, in all its complexity, must be put to work consciously in the choices you make each day. If you fail to keep on top of that, then deeper forces WILL drive you. The goal of your evolution at this time is to be a role model to others of an efficiency that is poetry in motion. Superficiality just is not going to cut it. There have been some painful lessons and struggles this past twelve months, but essentially, every single blow and experience of pain, has been designed to take you deeper – beyond the old concerns and dramas and into a completely new and autonomous sense of self. You can expect results now, because you have laid durable foundations.


Alex Brocklehurst Intuitive AstrologySAGITTARIUS: Being carefree is the theme this month. And, in order to walk that particular path, you are called upon to release generational karma. For too long, your connections with various others within family or relationship settings, have been unbalanced. My life, somehow hidden behind a screen, while others’ needs take centre stage, is no longer the default setting. It would appear that your carefree choosing enables you to increase your social harmony and indeed your sexual allure! This is your new pattern, post-eclipse. You are called upon now to focus your will; to release the old guilt completely and to shift your energy into the kind of reciprocal giving and receiving that you have so longed for. Such is an exercise in finding one’s integrated self. Why not go for it? What have you to lose?


Alex Brocklehurst Intuitive AstrologyCAPRICORN: You need time to withdraw and to reflect upon all the new ideas to which you have been exposed in recent times and also to evaluate, whether or not your personal life is in the place you really need it to be. During this time, until November’s end, sort out how you are going to reconcile your basic need for a simple, yet contented life with friends/family, with your more progressive ideals about society, culture and human values and their transformation. It is important that you do not become shut off, however, or unprepared to commune with peers and friends. This is a month of gestation for you. Ideas are fertilising your imagination. Going within, you allow these to show you your true worth. Somehow, in the dance between your simple needs and your lofty visions, you will create a synthesis. You will emerge with solutions that work for everyone.


Alex Brocklehurst Intuitive AstrologyAQUARIUS: There is a wound in your psyche that is up for healing. I know you pride yourself upon being intellectually pristine and avoiding crass displays of emotion, but I get the sense that a new intellectual frame of reference beckons – and that something pure is about to birth from the shadows. Although this wound will require allowing of some long repressed feelings, I am getting the sense of a ‘father’ type injury around successful manifestation in the world. Although certain, long unaddressed needs, are met this coming month, you may wish to peer behind the layers of where this sense of need originated. I suspect that once you have processed this material, your connection with your higher self will be automatic. Simultaneously, I get the sense that your life will start to become much more outwardly productive.


Alex Brocklehurst Intuitive AstrologyPISCES: There would appear to be a clear message this month, Pisces, about you casting your net much wider, in the quest to discover connections on a feeling level that are able to sustain you. Perhaps you took some risks recently and they appeared to backfire? Maybe this has left you with trust issues? And, just maybe, you are getting to your limits, in terms of feeling you have an available tribe of allies in your vicinity that you can truly rely on. This journey toward your true kindred is taking place on two levels simultaneously. You are seeking a deeper alignment within yourself and what you are about that may involve broad explorations. But you are also becoming more open to bonding on a feeling level. Don’t worry about which you should prioritise – they will blend together in time.

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