New Personal Reality-Week Ahead Tarot/Rune

Alliances can usher in a new personal reality

Hi folks. Six interesting cards for you.

1. Ace of Pentacles 2. Seven of Swords 3. Two of Pentacles

4. Othila 5. Uruz 6. Ansuz

What is most conspicuous to me here is the positioning of the Seven of Swords – it is like a wedge between the Ace and Two. Aces are pure original source and a herald of new beginnings and/or ventures. In the Pentacles, this suggests a new orientation or development regarding the material aspects of existence. What are your resources? Or, what resources can you access within a shared reality? How far are the resources belonging to others, also yours? We are in the thick of a story leading from source to manifestation.. and yet we see the Seven in play.

Sevens represent knowledge and, in the suit of Swords, which represent intellect, this can speak of planning. Now, clearly, we need plans. But, do we plan together, or against the other, in the fabric of our transactions? The card itself hints at stealth, if not at best shrewdness and at worst, craftiness. Given that the movement from Ace to Two can indicate manifestation processes from a new starting point, it would appear that the message is around potential disruption and what may cause it. The Seven is at least cautionary about being too open, especially if there are no safeguards protecting your interests.

The Ace can signify a new business and Othila qualifying speaks of material manifestation within the homestead and prosperity for the clan. This means that your alliances have the potential to be much more than just functional, and can usher in a new level of personal reality. Uruz qualifying the Seven shows that the quality of the total energy and wisdom invested will have a direct bearing upon whether the outcome fulfils the promise of the Ace, or leads to considerable teething fluctuations, as the figure in the Two juggles and tries to balance the Two Pentacles to a productive win/win outcome.

Make no assumptions, is the mantra. Ansuz, qualifying the Two, shows just how important strong bonds and clear/productive communication are between collaborators if their ideas/energies are to bear fruit. Still, protect your personal interests and ‘Do not be naive’ is the message the Seven of Swords brings you.


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