May-June Tarotscope 2016 – by Alex

May-June Tarotscope 2016 – by Alex

Hello folks, here is your May-June Tarotscope

Some folk read the horoscope uploaded on Monday the 2nd, for May – then it disappeared! It was probably my favourite piece of writing EVER… Our database had a brain fart, sadly. Consequently, that offering seemed to have returned forever to the ethers. Still, this Taurean decided to be unruffled by things. Mercury retrograde periods are notorious for this kind of phenomenon. From now on, I will be pasting text into my Facebook group when I publish, so that it can be copy/pasted back in, in the event of any more such gremlins. One cannot reproduce the inspiration (and I would not wish to try) but there is always something more you can say.

Writing an effective horoscope from just your Sun sign is demanding. But I have a method/approach which allows considerable precision within a general reading. Many people say that the writing resonates. So there I was, quite saddened by the loss but then, amazingly, one of my readers and Facebook friends, Donalda, produced the text which she copy/pasted via email – JOY! So order was restored. But the whole experience DID make me ponder again just how we have ALL to come to terms with our losses in life (some being MUCH greater than others). But we continue. We do not give up. Life is still there, inviting us to embrace it boldly. Hopefully, this month’s tarotscope, reflects some of that experience in the message it brings to your door!

Enjoy your May-June Tarotscope, Alex ❦

Aries May-June tarotscopeARIES: Something is being offered to you. BUT you are having to look within, in order to find it! What exactly ARE resources? And how are they related to the beliefs you have about life and its ultimate purpose? You may have been a little disillusioned of late, Aries. You may believe that you have not inherited the rewards that you deserve. But let me tell you. You’ve been looking in the wrong place! Your intuition is not really used as much as it could be. Take this opportunity, into mid-June, to review your ideas about your resources. Please recognise that the vast amount of experience you have accrued is one of your biggest resources. Do not look at what assets you lack. Focus instead on all your inner resources. They have a REAL and enduring monetary value.

Taurus May-June tarotscopeTAURUS: Your sense of self is suddenly being driven from foundations much different than even six months ago. A maturation process has been underway, which has forced you to move beyond issues of cognitive processing of your life and its various pressing situations and problems. The old way of living was really quite harmful to your bodily wellbeing in many respects. I trust your body has been giving you that message in a number of ways – telling you that change is essential. How you invest your life force into your commitments is under serious review in May. It now seems the turning point is reached. Your body knows what your mind cannot. Trust its messages implicitly and don’t over-extend energetically. You MUST be your number one priority. The world can wait!

Gemini May-June tarotscopeGEMINI: How do you define your identity Gemini? Do you conceive yourself in terms of the tangible things you possess? Or maybe you identify your busy mind with who you are ‘on the inside’? I’m here to tell you that a much deeper shade of you wishes to emerge – your ‘hidden self’, if you like. Perhaps you’ve known this intuitively for a while but have been waiting for it magically to appear – suddenly you change and ‘they all live happily ever after’? Sorry to disappoint! The basis of your life is NEVER going to be located outside of you. There will not be anything outside your locus of control that will transform matters. You are called upon to be a spiritual warrior in May/June. You must battle with yourself and decide to be the author of your own destiny. Make it so!

Cancer May-June tarotscopeCANCER: Why do you so often sidestep things my crabby friend? Is the world going to collapse around your ears if you are direct and assertive I wonder? Perhaps one of the reasons you can be so hesitant is because you surround yourself (usually) with a certain type of person, who does not really challenge you. You do not therefore have to explore any of your comfort zones. This can have the side effect of making you overly reliant on ‘strong’ people’s opinions. Next thing is, you cannot bear to upset them and you maybe suppress your own needs. It is utterly hopeless looking for yourself in the acceptance of others, Cancer. Invest your energy in the right things, not what others think is best. The right things involve a significant dose of pleasure. You can start now…

Leo May-June tarotscopeLEO: This month you are exploring your relationship to the idea of ‘work’ as vocation. Is work a prison to you, or is it a source of joy, aligned with the essence of who you are? I get the feeling that your investment in the pleasure side of the equation is being constrained by your accrued experiences. We all face that balancing act which must be maintained between securing resources and having the freedom to enjoy what we do. This month, look at the early messages you received in your life about this balance. Can you identify the voices behind the internal monologues? Your working spaces are connected to these early influences. It seems your whole work/life balance has been shunted out of kilter in that whole melting pot. Bring your work out into the light, Leo!

Virgo May-June tarotscopeVIRGO It’s time to look at the mother/father complex, my friend. Maybe they looked like two peas in a pod – maybe it seemed like a ‘match made in heaven’ – but I think that if you can honestly explore a little deeper, you will unearth something that has a bearing on your current domestic situation. You see, I get the feeling that you may be feeling less and less invested in what your daily situation happens to be. It seems to me that it may well be time to stop re-living (and therefore replicating) a model you witnessed while growing up. Perhaps you are noticing other facets of life being tedious and uninspiring and possibly, it is easier to focus on those matters, than the ones which really are demanding your attention. A new set of values wishes to birth – based on YOUR wants.

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Libra May June tarotscopeLIBRA: Energy is a precious commodity. What, might I ask, is yours tied up with? Dreams and ideals usually have a VERY difficult time with concrete realities and obligations. But the interesting thing is often that, even when we do not have any serious levels of obligation/commitment to a significant situation (or people) in our lives, we live as if we did. It seems to me that you are in a period of audit that really is about getting straight on such questions. HOW tied down are you in reality? It’s just possible you’ve been plodding along (as if weighed down), when in reality you have many more options open to you. Start with listing the actual obligations you must meet. I can’t help wondering if your sense of obligation has been robbing you of joy. Make your energy DO something this month – particularly if that involves travel.

Scorpio May June tarotscopeSCORPIO: You are NOT your resources! (No matter what early conditioning taught you about that). How you invest yourself in your values is a crucial topic, over the coming month. The relentless Scorpionic drive can come out in any of a number of ways. For that to feel authentic and be sustainable, however, said drive MUST be authored by you (not your conditioning). Making true progress requires effective deployment of your energy – no wastage fighting old battles. How you are conducting yourself, both in work settings and relationship ones, has a feel of inflexibility right now. This month, you get to see that your drivers often lead you to get the job done in less than healthy ways. The alternative is to relax; take your values less seriously. Be selective with battles. Focus! Define your true direction.

Sagittarius May June tarotscopeSAGITTARIUS: On this project we call ‘growth’, sometimes we go two steps forward, one step back. Well, it seems you are taking several steps back. Don’t worry! This is simply peeling back layers of the self you built to meet with the world around you. The journey has seen you revise several of the approaches and outlooks you use to navigate day-to-day life. This month, you begin to venture back in time, in order to get at some of the early messages that gave your life its direction and feeling tone. At the same time, it appears that energy is being freed up to allow your career plans to begin moving in a positive direction once more. In tandem, you will see all around you, the evidence that people are willing to step up to the plate, in order to collaborate with your vision. Strike while the iron’s hot!

Capricorn May June tarotscopeCAPRICORN: Why do Capricorns do what they do? You are a builder who achieves success by having a meticulous plan and by laying scrupulous foundations, so that the blueprint can materialise. Perhaps I don’t need to remind you that Capricorns are the workaholics of the zodiac… or maybe I do, because you were so busy imagining the next plank within your empire building strategy. Of late, you have had to face a reality check. Your solar fifth house has been lit up and under the spotlight (the house of fun, pleasure, creativity), the house that reminds you of the point of sensual indulgences – and the very antidote to the “building for building’s sake” that you can so easily fall into. You must seed a new pattern of balance in simple pleasures, especially since planetary movements now trigger your inner taskmaster!

Aquarius May June tarotscopeAQUARIUS: Some of your plans appear to be on hold. Use this time to do an audit while you wait for the cosmic weather to shift. I’d also recommend that you attend to your immediate physical needs – in the style of massages, pampering and the like. You appear to need a little space, a little YOU time. It seems you’ve had to ponder some significant questions about your current living arrangements and how these are (or are not) conducive to your overall well being. We can lose ourselves in our ties and sometimes need a time out to recalibrate. Before you can move forward into the implementation of your preferred blueprint for organising your living space, neighbourhood and social/intimate arrangements, you’d benefit from a holiday; or at least the opportunity to shift from heavy to light – to some embodied fun. Go for it…

Pisces April-May tarotscopePISCES: My strong feeling is that you need to shift your thinking about what your ‘possessions’ actually are. Are they the things you OWN? What about money, for example: Is it yours? It seems to me that your energy may have historically been invested in this idea that you own things and that this is because you work for them and have earned them. These values need to be explored thoroughly. When a person begins to see their life not so much as a separate thing belonging to them, but as an expression of something which transcends them and flows through them, there is a chance to see that everything is simply a form of energy exchange – money being no exception. In fact, when energy gets ‘trapped’ in money, everything suffers. Resources imply flow. This month, see yourself AS your locality, NOT merely your body.

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