May June 2018 Tarotscope – by Alex

May June 2018 Tarotscope – by Alex

Welcome to your May June 2018 Tarotscope. However you wish to mark Uranus moving into Taurus, remember the movement of darkness into light and light back into darkness. Be like Magpie who is guardian of the secrets of the unconscious, coming through into the conscious arena. When Magpie chatters as you dream/think, understand that mental chatter often suppresses your deeper knowing. Chiron gets to grips with some of your ‘stuff’ of recent years – but Uranus says a new journey being undertaken will help you stretch beyond your old limits. It’s scary and lonely setting off on your own, but Uranus has plans to free you and all the help you need will be delivered by his emissaries – if you pay attention enough to hear and are willing to act. Enjoy the change of life emphases that awaits! Alex ❤

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May June 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexARIES: You set off on another journey now. What happens when you have everything under control and when your plans are panning out without hiccups? Well, it certainly feels better that way. Yet the time often arrives, where you can no longer make square pegs fit into round holes. For you, this looks very much like your career requirements – the need for space to move and freely define yourself and the vocational structures you build – will soon be out of kilter with your economic balance sheet. It’s time to decide between money and fulfilment.


May June 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexTAURUS: Taurus is a fixed sign. Think of this like rock hard earth that requires either lots of water to soften it, or a rake and considerable force to break it into loose soil, or in terms of Uranus entering your sign! The old approach to life has run its course – persisting with it will result in feeling out of touch with ‘reality’. Now is the time to face the old ‘stuff’ you’ve been holding onto and release it. It no longer matters. The way forward starting now is ‘complete’ self-reinvention. This is not really new, you’ve been anticipating it. Get creative. Be true at all times.


May June 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexGEMINI: How is your community (the one that upholds you), related to your sense of family? Family may not always be around and although your grounding community may likewise not always be functionally present, you carry these structures with you in different ways. Some people have managed to make these structures equivalent, but most folk don’t succeed with that. So emotionally, family may feel more nostalgically relevant to your ‘sense of belonging’, but daily reality likely operates with a different scheme. For you now, ‘Family’ is, in truth, community.


May June 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexCANCER: The thinking self and the feeling self are aspects of the same entity, which is ideally a whole being. However, often one function dominates the other. As a water sign it is not too difficult to notice that your thinking function may often be secondary. Thinking ushers in challenges that refusing to think excuses you from. It’s now time for you to think about your significant community. Disruption and challenge are often the only catalysts to change in our lives – we would not choose it. Remember, you are a self-in-relation and you must manage all your bonds.


May June 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexLEO: Small children require safety, in order to be able to explore their world productively. Let me say that is not simply physical safety… it is emotional safety too. There are many less than obvious ways that emotional safety can be curtailed and lead to a defensive relationship to existence. It is time, heralded by Chiron in your 9th house and Uranus fresh in your 10th, to explore what wounds have dogged you around safe exploration. Overbearing individuals shut us down – but what does that mean? Really? New financial beginnings beckon, once you resolve that.


Virgo - May June 2018 Tarotscope - tarot - readings - astrological glyph - horoscope - astrologyVIRGO: What do you believe about the world? I’m going to hazard a guess that disruptions in recent years have led to seismic shifts in your partnership configurations at the deepest levels. It appears that there has been some unwelcome fruit from these experiences, laced with sorrow, heartbreak and potentially now, bitterness. Things must change – that much is clear. Some damage wrought in recent times to your key alliances can be corrected, but most importantly, you can change. How will you do that? Question your ‘world construct’ for starters!


May June 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexLIBRA: Libra carries the sign of the scales – within which balance between two entities of self and other must be effected. This can have a crippling effect on Librans because justice is impossible to effect by one party. You can end up living vicariously on behalf of the world. There is something out of kilter with relationships that are merely dyads. We need more! You need more! The planets and cards indicate that dignity and hope are to be found in community for you now. Heal your ‘relational self’ there. The old has gone, behold the new is at the threshold.


May June 2018 Tarotscope- by AlexSCORPIO: What is the essence of oneself? We all ‘see’ the fruits of a person’s life. But most of the iceberg is under the waters. What rules you? Is your essence what you do, or is there a different measure? You have endured much chaos in life’s details (the places where you have perhaps felt less free). But to find true freedom, it is now time to stop seeking external solutions to internal conflicts. Self and other get shaped into shared foundations with cooperation – without which, nothing lasts. What do you want to last, especially where cooperation is lacking?


May June 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexSAGITTARIUS: It’s time to pay attention to your health. This can be looked at many ways. However, let us choose the central theme of life force. This is ruled by Mars. The things we value are the things we generally chase after. And what you chase after consumes your energy. What if you are chasing the ‘wrong’ things? Pleasure and ease should not be underrated by humans, neither should they dominate. Understanding your needs is key, to avoid enslavement, or denying what matters. Your life structure must now reflect what brings you true contentment.


May June 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexCAPRICORN: Pleasure and partnership should go hand in hand. It’s funny how often that does not pan out in reality! There’s something about your inner child here. Loosening up is related to the capacity to have fun. But in modern living, fun can feel like an unaffordable luxury. Now, pleasure is clearly more than fun but you could do a lot worse than beginning your pleasure seeking with fun. Pleasure can render you passive. Fun has an active component. Break up the rigidity of serious relating with others. The hour glass sands are slipping away. Break out!


May June 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexAQUARIUS: When we step out of old constructs that have defined us we must let go of things we clung to. The good news is we release life force in doing so and become more free to travel alternative paths. The parental axis of life now clamours for your attention. Especially, there may have been a volatile parent and a more dependable parent, with the more reliable one less present. Perhaps that dependable one was fleeing the other parent for most of your tender years. Regardless of detail, it’s time to transcend how these dramas defined you.


May June 2018 Tarotscope - by AlexPISCES: Where do you live? What I mean to ask you in effect is something about the tangible nature of your neighbourhood. Like your Libran friends, community is evolving into a vital facet of your everyday experience. Unlike said Librans who have relational matters afoot, you need to be asking whether where you live and the people you encounter there, are ‘fit for purpose’, in terms of your overall well being. Perhaps you’ve never felt 100% safe in your neighbourhoods. It’s now time to ensure that everything about your area is healthily aligned.

May June 2018 Tarotscope - by Alex
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May June 2018 Tarotscope - by Alex
Welcome to your May June 2018 Tarotscope. However you wish to mark Uranus moving into Taurus, remember the movement of darkness into light and light back into darkness. Be like Magpie who is guardian of the secrets of the unconscious, coming through into the conscious arena.
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