March Horoscope 2017 By Alex

March Horoscope 2017 By Alex

Welcome to your March horoscope 2017

Think about every parental drama you were ever embroiled in – a time when you had little power and maybe felt like a victim of some kind of institution that was wronging you. Now think of every institution that appears to be attempting to do the same to you in your life now. That might involve the government (e.g. heavy taxation and regulation) or your family (heavy guilt and disapproval around your adult decision-making), and especially it might involve ideas of God and feeling abandoned, neglected or sold short within your life situation and chances. Bottom line here is coming to terms with what has always seemed to hold you back. We can wage crusades against authority, especially when its instruments squeeze us. We can lose faith in fundamental justice, human decency and our regulatory systems and bodies. We can take action, becoming agents of change ourselves, or merely lament our loss and lose our faith, trust and hope. As Saturn transits the Galactic Centre at the start of the month, ask yourself “What is my God?” “What do I really place my faith in?” Saturn now, speaks of the restoration of legitimate governance.

Jupiter, opposite Uranus (conjunct Mars) and square Pluto, is now retracing its steps through Libra. Our experiences, thoughts and feelings about justice and what it is in practice, are in the spotlight. Do we need rescuing by a divine and benevolent paternal figure with all power, or do we need to assert our personal power and revolt against all the forces of injustice we perceive? Bear in mind that the Sun is conjunct Neptune at this time and what we perceive may be subject to a filter, or set of distortions/biases. What activates those ancient parental complexes? What am I REALLY angry about, beyond the appearances of things ‘out there’ in the world (and largely relayed to us through mass media) that may be triggering me? You can go down the revolutionary route and seek to overthrow the ‘tyrannical monarch’ (who was that person for you historically?) or you can build trust and faith in the fundamental benevolence of the cosmos and principles of justice, humanity and beauty that are the true glue, beyond all ideological battles about right/wrong, which hold together our humanity. It starts with you. If it doesn’t begin in your heart then blame and shame will be projected out onto convenient ‘hate figures’. Don’t go down that path. Support the true spirit of peace by stepping into your personal power. When you are a creative, vibrant being, seeing opportunity all around instead of decadence, it is truly a joy to be alive!

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Enjoy your March horoscope 2017

Aries - March Horoscope 2017ARIES: Who is in charge? And why does it matter? Who has the power? And what difference does that make? I think you may have assumed for far too long that you actually know what you want. But you’ve not been aware it was an assumption. The world out there is so full of yummy and exciting things that the world within likely feels very dull in comparison. But actually, your primal spark is that of instinct. What you aspire to in the world, what you see appears to be connected to filters you have in place around ancient dreams. All the “what ifs?” can skew the here and now. You want something but you do not know why. But when you think about it, you cannot understand why! For you, this is a battleground between the voice of intuition and the voice you hear that wasn’t ever yours. HINT: If you wish to separate reality from illusion and get back onto the throne of your own life, look at the difference between the dream and its real world outcomes. The dream alone will only promote pangs of longing. Your decisive actions will test the substance of any dream and test your intuition. Testing requires action, not overthinking. Trust what you know.

Taurus - March Horoscope 2017TAURUS: You are, of all the signs, the one most unlikely to be able to separate who you are from what you do. You’ve actually been feeling the need to break the mould acutely for around seven years now. That can lead to a profound restlessness over time, IF you have not secured an outlet/focus. You can even become somewhat disillusioned. What you need is traction in the everyday world of ‘details’. Indecision (for whatever reason) derails your energy. However, the discomfort of polarisation, the feeling of the need to act and the inability to act at the same time, drives you to become. You become the solution. People often require a target or goal, in order to galvanise them to action. But that is part of your problem – you really aren’t sure where you are supposed to be headed. This month, it appears that you are to make friends with disorientation as the new orientation. All bets are off! Truly, going with the flow is the ‘gospel’ of the Tao. This is taking your usual logic to its extreme. When we get mired in details we lose ourselves. No external measures will remotely suffice. Think possibility not probability – walk through every open door!

Gemini - March Horoscope 2017GEMINI: Having a creative career means nobody can put you in a box of their own making ever again, when it comes to the fundamental authority you have over your own life – which in essence means concepts of ‘independent livelihood’. Of course, there are usually considerable challenges associated with making such a leap. But what’s the alternative if you wish to feel empowered, rather than enslaved? Such moments of transition from one mode of living your daily life to another, can be highly stressful. But the creative dream pushes us forward relentlessly! Yet doing things as sole authors of the creative vision can be draining. Partnering is on the cards for you. Our dreams feel like ‘my dreams’ most of the time. But it is now time to recognise the power in ‘our’ and that is what the recent eclipse ushered in for you, Gemini. The pressure to achieve that is endemic to our culture, can have a completely flattening effect. Well, you are due a shot in the arm. Things look rosy in the garden if, this month, you can make a shift in thinking. It may feel like too much to contemplate, or implement. But in truth, you’ve needed this for a long, long time!

Cancer - March Horoscope 2017CANCER: It is time to develop your ideas of what constitutes success. A person naturally directs their energies to achieve it. This means that many ideas are up for review and recalibration now, ushered in by the recent solar eclipse in your ninth house. For example, some people would, in essence, reduce success to simplistic notions of winning. The problem with that kind of thing is that cultural norms and practices may foster such an equation but… the culture may be decadent in that particular area. The ‘competitive culture’ is extremely double-edged – rewarding when you are ahead, potentially humiliating when you are not. It’s also true that our esteem requires a bottom line of recognition and endorsement of our achievements, but should not be exclusively fed by a craving for it. Disapproval is connected to shame and guilt. For you now, healthy growth implies “no more wasted life force, on battles or wars”, either with ‘competitors’ or within yourself. You’ve reached a point of recognition, in the eyes of those who may formerly have disregarded your efforts. Enjoy that shift as work well done and, this month, feel how that can impact your career.

Leo - March Horoscope 2017LEO: Sometimes, a single area of our life can trip us up and seemingly compromise all the rest of it. This is rarely more true than in the area of material resources and often the nexus point between our material resources and those of other significant parties in our lives. This gives them great power and can bring about a whole psychology of dependency and defence against loss; seeing threat around every corner. It’s hard to relax under such conditions because the environment appears to have the winning hand in a game of poker, every time we ‘play’. Imbalance must of course be corrected. And this comes first of all as a change of attitude, before a change of circumstances. Somebody may choose to bless you, but equally they (or their circumstances) may see fit to undermine your stability. You can never do much about such a scenario. What you CAN do is shift perception – often as a direct outgrowth of necessity. The key question this month is “How do I view resources?” It’s ‘du jour’ to say “time is money”, or “money is energy”. Try eating time or money! The point is equivalence and contracts and what has value. What is your strongest asset this month?

Virgo - March Horoscope 2017VIRGO: What happens when you really reach for what you want? Instead of suppressing your own needs you always have the option of unleashing your primal drives. But are you scared of them? Have you so civilised your conduct, so dealt with slippery and elusive folks, or controlling types that you have lost touch with your fire, in favour of avoiding their ire? Maybe you have been so in your intellectual function that you have lost touch with your creative foundations and talent. You continue to be in a phase that has spanned a year and a half, of stepping into the fullest expression of who you are meant to be. Our mothers sometimes instil within us a fear of stepping out into the world fully (the only route to enduring success) because of their own fears. Thereby, her emotional ‘stuff’ becomes our legacy material. If you have become shut down over time, due to such influences and it feels a little too daunting to consider plunging into the creative white waters, consider that a more workable approach is to begin speaking about your creative interests, begin contemplating a future wherein you can take up your place creatively among your peers. Start there in March.

Libra - March Horoscope 2017LIBRA: What’s the difference between what you want and what you need, when it comes to partnership situations in your life? It does seem as though you’ve been looking intently for a change and to experience more order in your relationship life, for some time. It’s strange how our childhood conditioning so often has us chasing phantoms that we long ago realised (cognitively) are not true to experience. These deep longings are really the irrepressible desire for a return to the age of our innocence, where everything was pink candyfloss and funfair exhilaration. We don’t like the realism so much and this is why that fantasy persists of ‘the one’. This also accounts for the irony of those times when we discover a pearl of great price and count it as having barely the value of a grain of sand. You may have lost all hope of ever finding true contentment in partnership, but this month it appears as though karma may be offering you a boost. A cycle has completed and a new journey is about to begin, provided that you do not go into self-sabotage mode. Don’t bring your history of doubts, fears and failures to this particular feast, nor the idea “I’m not worthy”.

Scorpio - March Horoscope 2017SCORPIO: There is the mundane and then there is the spiritual. We might also speak of sacred and secular. What is the relationship between those two spheres? And what is your relationship to that relationship? Constraints and obstacles in the material world can feel like the real barriers to your fulfilment – almost as if the quest to overcome them is the search for the Holy Grail. But really, the issues underlying this sense of mission tend to come from not being properly aligned within yourself as, daily, you make your way through the jungle of demands, obligations and responsibilities of your existence. All these matters are pressing on you with some force right now. You’ve been on a seemingly endless quest of “unpicking complications” in work, health and the daily grind. CLUE: All these ‘struggles’ present a focus on external factors and putting out fires. This month, recognise that your life force finds true protection in being connected to transcendence. Working diligently is one thing, but taking the time to connect with the deepest level of your intuition and knowing is crucial. It’s high time that you birth something beyond that routine busyness.

Sagittarius - March Horoscope 2017SAGITTARIUS: I suppose most folk with a modest education will have some idea what the concept of alchemy is. There are many ways to view it. One of the usual ones involves the periodic table of elements and the sense that one could fundamentally change the nature of a substance by applying some external factor or force to it, changing what it is forever. It is usually implicit that the substance has a higher value once transmuted (e.g. from lead to gold). Of course, we could also look to the insect world. Think of caterpillars and the change to butterfly (or moth). Funny how we tend to love butterflies and hate moths. Butterflies we associate with elegance and beauty. Moths we associate with pestilence. Saturn in your sign has been changing you, giving a different structure to your core identity and functioning in the world. Saturn is conjunct the Galactic Centre of the Milky Way right now. This is a metaphor for you aligning with your cosmic purpose, the very goal of your tenure here on planet Earth. The key theme for you in March relates to the connected questions “moth or butterfly?” “perception or substance?” From whence does your approval come?

Capricorn - March Horoscope 2017CAPRICORN: There is a strong feeling of disruption within your roots – within that space you would usually think of as ‘home’ and possibly within the core relationships in those spaces. This is taking place within a sort of polaric tension being presented via an expansive quality in your career house. It’s a little strange that your principles are more outward looking and standards-driven when related to career than when related to the home. There is a sense that perhaps in some ways your traditional views about comfort are at odds with your traditional views about diligence in your work. The dream job and the perfectly ordered household may be your heart’s desire, but I suspect that partners’ values may be at variance and that in some ways they may feel invisible at home, or not valued – almost as if your principles sit in judgment of them, rather than in solidarity with them. My suggestion would be for you to navigate this polarity with emphasis on quiet consolidation of career gains. Be circumspect, rather than effusive. Enthusiasm and confidence are great energies to possess, but remember pride and the fall! At home, replace principle with practice.

Aquarius - March Horoscope 2017AQUARIUS: Responsibility constrains you. How strange, given your vision for society and leadership in driving such things. So we might ask why that would be. So much of authority is tied to traditions. Some traditions are good, some bad. What makes them that way is the factor of whether Saturn and Uranus (your co-rulers) are in balance as archetypes. Creation requires destruction and destruction necessitates creation. Saturnian factors smother your essential solar energy and seek to emasculate unpredictable, creative ‘inventions’ (to preserve the current order). In our world as is, we discover quickly that just as with the Greek myth of Kronos castrating his father Ouranos (who had procreated with Gaia in the primordial creative act), prescribed tradition excludes the revolutionary spirit inherent within all truly vital processes. You require complete freedom to feel alive. There can be a heavy sorrow with this nature you bear. The astrology after last month’s lunar eclipse, is asking you to embrace the notion that “this is as good as it gets”. This isn’t depressing. It is realism. The kind that frees you to shine not in sameness, but uniqueness.

Pisces - March Horoscope 2017PISCES: The true artist is an embodied revolutionary. There’s a cost to that. Unsettling the social order at the same time that you potentially unsettle the foundation of your whole material existence, calls for faith coupled with determination. Pisces really does need a ‘spiritual’ dimension to career. It’s really like the modern question, acted out as vocation: “Where is God in all this?” You may be moved by a sense of divine calling, but the way most people measure success is in material terms. I mean, why would you do anything if the ends could not justify the means? Well, the short answer might involve compulsion to grow. You are in the life-death-rebirth cycle right now. The recent eclipse in your sign completed something and now something of a phoenix moment is at hand. It seems to me that there are two distinct phases to growth – worldly and holy. At the culmination of the worldly cycle a new voyage can be undertaken. Rites of passage have significance here. Some folk get awarded Oscars or Knighthoods, the key being recognition of peers. But once that acclaim is won it is time to transition to a higher plane, that of self-becoming. So it is now.

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