March April 2019 Tarotscope – by Alex

March April 2019 Tarotscope – by Alex

Welcome to your March April 2019 Tarotscope. Mercury is retrograde in Pisces until the 28th March adding extra disarray to your daily routines and affairs. Mercury was conjunct with mystical Neptune on February 19 and is conjunct twice more on March 24, and April 2. It’s best to relax any expectations around these dates and keep a lot of freedom or opportunity to do something different for yourself. With an open mind and the proper setting, exquisite visions of artistic splendour are possible. Alex ❤

“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”
― Edgar Allan Poe, Eleonora

March 2019 Horoscope by Alex

March April 2019 TarotscopeARIES: What do you hide from people, in terms of your drives and compulsions? It feels like something karmic is to be released this month. My feeling is that your straightforward nature may have trapped you into being seen by others as unfeeling or unavailable. I suspect this has cut you off from ideas of pure love. Practice such notions this month, just like you might the moves of yoga.


March April 2019 TarotscopeTAURUS: The flesh may change but the bones remain. Superficial experiences will no longer satisfy. Activities and involvements will evoke very strong and engaging energies within you. This is passion, aka feeling alive. Ride this wave and make the most of it. The new you requires fresh stimuli. Drink deeply this month, but remember to do quality assurance with one eye firmly on the future.


March April 2019 TarotscopeGEMINI: You may be on the verge of resurrecting an old idea in a new form – one which could be worth money. One thing is for sure and that is your ideas are worth something, and especially so to the world at large. I recommend you try to experience this less as a burden or calling to serve, and more as an opportunity to shape a legacy of benefit to others, based upon your hard-won gains.


March April 2019 TarotscopeCANCER: New thinking leads to fresh passion and that is especially true of your relationships at this time. Security is comfortable, yet a time comes when a little adventure to shake things up really adds a bit of pepper to the pot. This month, express a preference for boldness. Stability will always be an anchor but the waves are the essence of keeping the oceans dynamic and supportive of life. Swim!


March April 2019 TarotscopeLEO: Emotional balance is a crucial facet of relating between people. If there is no exchange then life is choked out. There can be any of a number of reasons for such a state of affairs. Usually, it is just that other priorities have trumped your commitment to the work of remaining open, available and accountable in your relationships. New thinking beckons around how you build now. Receive and give.


March April 2019 TarotscopeVIRGO: What must change? Here’s my guess. You can be risk-averse as a cautious Earth sign. You take a stoic approach to adversity and ride it out to victory, by sheer resolve. This works and suits but at times there may be a better method of securing your desires. Now is the time to plan a radical shake-up. You like balancing the books. But consider taking risks now, maybe involving income.


March April 2019 TarotscopeLIBRA: Pleasure and passion, so often looked for ‘out there’ in the world. We imagine that to get our needs met we must engage with others. In a sense, we do acquire friction and traction via encounters, especially of an overtly passionate kind. Still, the place of ultimate pleasure is to be found in exploring within, the things which touch you deeply. How will you know if you refuse that trip?


March April 2019 TarotscopeSCORPIO: Your intuition is strong. Use it this month. It appears that shared projects offer an opportunity to reap financial benefits. Perhaps you have a set up where you and significant others play differing roles. All are required. You may question the weight of everybody’s contributions, including your own. Just know, this month, that the alchemy is in the chemistry – unique blends enrich most.


March April 2019 TarotscopeSAGITTARIUS: It looks from where I’m standing that a job or similar project is on its last legs. Change is most definitely in the air. The wheel turns and you have choices laid out before you. Sometimes, reaching a cliff edge gives you a sense of having no choice. No choice to stay, however! Plenty of choices exists on direction after making a jump into the seas. Be reassured, a firm path awaits you.


March April 2019 TarotscopeCAPRICORN: Wow! There’s an urgency about you of late. And it looks as though this urgency is connected to libido. That’s right, your sex drive. How are you doing with that these days? One thing is for sure – your body is the one thing in the world least likely to lie to you. What it tells you is far more reliable than what your mind dictates. A hungry person should avoid the supermarket. Eat first!


March April 2019 TarotscopeAQUARIUS: What does the nourishment distribution look like in your most significant relationship? It is interesting how resentments can build over time, as we simply adopt our autopilot roles within our significant dyadic setups. We get into ruts then wake up one day and wonder who we are involved with. A key measure mitigating such unfolding is mutual nourishing. This month, weigh that.


March April 2019 TarotscopePISCES: The love you seek requires that you honour mystery. There is something clumsy about desire. It is not truly sophisticated. That is not snobbery, but wisdom. The subtle touch would suggest that a little bit of reservation, a dose of restraint, is often to be preferred. This month, practice such discipline. There is plenty of time to let the plant establish itself. Patience rules now.



March April 2019 Tarotscope by Alex
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March April 2019 Tarotscope by Alex
Welcome to your March April 2019 Tarotscope. Mercury is retrograde in Pisces until the 28th March adding extra disarray to your daily routines and affairs. Mercury was conjunct with mystical Neptune on February 19 and is conjunct twice more on March 24, and April 2.
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