March 2018 Horoscope – by Alex

March 2018 Horoscope – by Alex

Hello everybody, here is your March 2018 horoscope. On the 21st March we will be entering the sign of Aries which signifies a new start to the 12 month astrological year. We start the month with a full moon in the earth sign of Virgo on the 1st of March and the common theme now is spring cleaning. There will be a purging and releasing of physical and emotional debris to allow for deep healing. Keywords for this month are change, adjustment, progress and clearing away the dross. You need to get rid of the old to make way for new, to find a new sense of purpose, meaning and structure in your life. The second full Moon for the month is known as a Blue Moon and falls in the sign of Libra on March 31st. This full Moon may feel more intense, and may also bring up issues that need to be cleared and resolved. We need Surrender into alignment with our core purpose: That is the message that comes with this set of energies. What gives you purpose? What gives your life meaning? What would make you want to spring out of bed in the mornings?

We will find a clearer sense of direction toward the end of March.


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Aries - March 2018 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, ram, monthly, divinationARIES: How does anybody decide who they are at the deepest possible level? The short answer is “by having experiences”. However, you then need to process such experiences and you can be found in there somewhere! Shorthand for said processing might be ‘discovery’. There’s a restlessness in you these days. Even while you long to get out and explore, your inner life is posing deep questions. We learn in many ways. Here is a guide. From March 1st until the equinox, allow yourself to dream, to meditate, to reflect and to plan. It is like you could become any of a number of people right now: the healer, the lover, the philosopher, or the artist. In truth, you are all of those. It’s just that you’ve been outgrowing your old clothes for a while. The future path unfolds by choice. Make sure you know exactly where you are at now. Because the path you follow in spring, will be one you will find yourself on for quite some time.


Taurus - March 2018 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, ram, monthly, divinationTAURUS: All manner of relationships hang in the balance for you this month. Whatever the outcomes prove to be, some things will never be the same again. When you reach certain milestones on the journey of life, it becomes natural to re-evaluate many things: priorities, attachments, goals, needs and wants. This makes things ‘perilous’, after a fashion. Nevertheless, just as the snake sheds its skin periodically, it is a healthy process to outgrow certain old limits (whether they are internal or external). Although this shake-up may have repercussions, it is preparing you for the forthcoming sign shifts of both Chiron (into your 12th house) and Uranus (into your sign). Patterns crystallise and they can be very difficult to break. Sometimes ‘force’ is needed. Those structures incarcerate energy and smashing up the structure can release trapped energy. That’s what you need. Just ensure that you are vigilant about what you choose to smash.


Gemini - March 2018 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, ram, monthly, divinationGEMINI: “Work smarter not harder” is one of my favourite phrases and very good advice when you have driven yourself into the dust. We might also describe that as strategy. True mastery comes from understanding just as much as from practice. This is also why career (or vocation) is much more than work per se. Look around you this month and notice how others so often become unproductive workaholics (you may even be closely connected to one or two). This kind of approach won’t work for you any longer. Step back and look at your many talents. Could it be time to reshape your view of your most ‘aligned’ career?


Cancer - March 2018 Horoscope, astrology, psychic, crab, monthly, divinationCANCER: Creative individuation is, for you, on the cusp of shifting its financial viability. But this is not a fait accompli. Beliefs and ideas are often learned in settings that teach us less about substance and more about other people’s values’ hold over us. This means our beliefs can exercise considerable tyranny. If you are to benefit materially from your creative talent, you must heal a wound to your confidence re your creativity, aesthetic judgment, communication and knowledge, indeed re your very self. Clue: Do not take your cues from conventional measures. True success carries originality, not simply evidences of rewards.


Leo - March 2018 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, lion, monthly, divinationLEO: What is release? Well, that depends on the associations you make with pressure on yourself, measured in terms of its effects and the pleasantness or otherwise experienced. Of course, release propels you into new territory. And this can be understandably double-edged. Ideals are not necessarily illusions… but they can be. Commitment requires love and thought and communication. But it requires more than that. It requires you to ‘show up’ and actually be present. Your absence, while parts of you seem to be hanging around, is not a recipe for heart fondness. The time has arrived to stop believing that a half-hearted you will ever find what it is looking for. If you do not (or cannot) show up, nobody can truly relate to the fragments of you that you send out ‘on patrol’. You need new ideas and new ways of being in all the significant relational areas of interaction. This will mean coming out of your comfort zone. It’s your call.


Virgo - March 2018 Horoscope, psychic, virgin, monthly, divinationVIRGO: Feelings of lack generally and feelings of lack of recognition specifically, take up much of your focus this month. It could even be that a partner appears to experience all the things you lack. Is there a tinge of envy I wonder? Not that you fail to realise your own value. It’s just that others perhaps seem to gain all the plaudits, all that glory and recognition. Things will get easier as the month progresses and, as spring lands, you will be able squarely to recognise more of the benefits of the dynamic within your significant other dynamics. For with more recognition, comes more pressure. All such observations will help you in the long run, in making the sort of authentic decisions you need to make, in order to be truly content with the life you are leading. I would add that any feelings of doubt will best be tackled not by shrinking back but by stepping forward. This is not responsibility as ‘burden’, rather as promoting growth.


Libra - March 2018 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, scales, monthly, divinationLIBRA: Is work simply a matter of taking responsibility? Is it simply a matter of offering service and care to other people? It’s obvious to me that you understand that there is a bigger point to it all. But the problem from where I am standing is that you never quite seem to arrive at that bigger point. You may have struggled for a while with finding the deeper dimensions of your daily working life, but this month the planetary picture favours putting that behind you as an expression of an aspect of self-healing that a part of you has been crying out for, for as long as you can remember. To choose such you must bring the old way into check. But maybe that’s just a little too scary!


Scorpio - March 2018 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, scorpion, monthly, divinationSCORPIO: Issues surrounding personal security can feel very serious. They can have a life or death quality to them. In that sense, they perpetuate their own gravitas. You can help yourself this month by taking a different tack. Freedom to move is a sound basis for creativity and play. Moreover, cultivating a spirit of play and creativity can generate some serious wiggle room. What notions of security have you been operating with? And what are the non-negotiable aspects of true security to your mind? Whatever you consider to be the ultimate “bottom line”, try to remember that this is where you need to lighten up. If you become relentlessly driven, you’ll doubtless get the job done in time, but may not be happy with who you had to become so as to arrive there. You’ll get chance to apply yourself diligently once again, once spring kicks in. In the meantime, give yourself some space to do anything just for the love of it.


Sagittarius - March 2018 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, archer, monthly, divinationSAGITTARIUS: What’s the difference between your dreams about your life mission and its loftiest expression in the details of your life? There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that there is a strong healing component within that vision. But in reality, what actually happens? Are you seeing people heal? It feels like becoming who you are meant to be involves fulfilling that mission in some way. This month, you get an opportunity to bring a little bit of that vision into this scene of time. I suggest you be vigilant around every healing theme that seems to be brought to your door.. as if by magic. In those events you will find clues to your future direction. For, more than anything, it is meaningful direction and a sense that the dream can become a tangible reality, which are most seeking to come to fruition at this time. You are seeking some kind of confirmation that your faith is warranted. Believe in the magic so as to discover it.


Capricorn - March 2018 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, goat, monthly, divinationCAPRICORN: Who you are has both an internal and an external quality. Since your ruler Saturn returned to your sign (late December), you have been able to get some inner alignment. Your sense of who you are in relation to the external world has nonetheless continued to be in a state of flux. Chiron will join Uranus in your 4th house on April 17th and this will commence a healing of your relationship to all factors external. Saturn will continue to keep you focused upon your core self which will provide the grounding you need. Between now and then there is much activity in Pisces (and moving gradually into Aries before Chiron does) announcing a transitioning period involving all the factors connecting you to a particular location. Meaningless activity holds no interest for you. You’re never merely “passing through”. When you move from one phase of life, (or geographical area) to another, there should be a sense of occasion. Make it so!


Aquarius - March 2018 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, water carrier, monthly, divinationAQUARIUS: In order to work out “what is missing” we often have to conduct a review. Since May 10th of last year, the South Node of the moon has been in your sign and it has been incumbent upon you to sift through many of your old reflex mechanisms, used in navigating life’s challenges. Hopefully, it has become clear that the old adaptations no longer get the desired results. There is something this month about attachment styles in relationships. Freedom has always been a prerequisite for you in relating. Yet now you must ask what the associations from childhood have been about on this specific question. Overbearing and domineering people have likely always repulsed you – you are ‘offended’ by them. Do they remind you of anyone? Well, now is the time (up until the equinox), to explore such associations. Selecting others, based on their “oppression quotient” is not the future. Neither is understanding others’ conditioning. Time to feel.


Pisces - March 2018 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, fish, monthly, divinationPISCES: Thinking, feeling and doing are all crucial components of communicating and thus, relating. We live in a world where these facets have become skewed and obscured and there is no doubt that our western societies require renewed teaching emphasis in such matters. They also require role models. To be successful in life, people simply must understand these components and their inter-relationship. The lack of this understanding writ large implies a need for healing. How will this come about, exactly? Well, I think it fair to suggest that you know these things in your heart. You may even have lamented this ‘cultural wound’ as it has affected your own experiences of relating to others. This month, however, it is time to recognise your own responsibilities in this area. What kind of example do you set? It’s perfectly okay knowing and lamenting that something is amiss, but are you embodying the antidote? Talk time is over.

Tarotscope by Alex Brocklehurst

Psychic Tarot by Karen Lennox-Williams

Astroweather Forecast by Rayna Hollingsworth

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March 2018 Horoscope - by Alex
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March 2018 Horoscope - by Alex
Hello everybody, here is your March 2018 horoscope. On the 21st March we will be entering the sign of Aries which signifies a new start to the 12 month astrological year. We start the month with a full moon in the earth sign of Virgo on the 1st of March and the common theme now is spring cleaning.
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