March 2015 Horoscope

March 2015 Horoscope

Here is your March 2015 horoscope enjoy

The March 2015 horoscope presents by way of homage to the soon-to-be-departed Uranus/Pluto square, which has worked not only according to the independent actions of both generational planets within their respective signs, but also in tandem as a personal influence through a confluence spanning two and three quarter years. While the influences will linger for many months and the respective planets will continue thematically within Aries and Capricorn respectively, there is a sense of culmination. Echoing this is the soon-to-follow total solar eclipse, in the final degree of the zodiac – which speaks also of both culmination of a cycle and the radical seeding of newness – of course spring is hot on the heels of this celestial combination, as the Sun hits 0 Aries. To boot, if we were under any doubt about this as a seeding time for new intentions and patterns, we find Mars in Aries and Venus newly in Taurus, as an image of the active and receptive principles being in their optimum positions (as the respective planetary rulers of the first two zodiac signs). This is in fact the real beginning of the year and it would be entirely appropriate to make a wish under such planetary influences – but note here ‘wishes’ that express your resolve and purpose. This requires both awareness and discipline as the underpinning of (perhaps completely new) actions within the span of your daily existence. It is time to spread those wings and fly, regardless of your specific astrological signature. Over to you!

March Horoscope 2015 AriesARIES: Welcome onto the stage, Aries. It is finally time to shake off the constraints that have left you restless and dissatisfied in your sense of making your livelihood on the planet… I imagine the Uranus/Pluto square to have engendered a sense within you of needing complete autonomy from external governance. Still, it feels as if you have wrestled some strange invisible foe, a hard-to-define internal obstacle that has persisted despite your best efforts. Humans are so enslaved with invisible chains to their habits and these are so often derived from how the structures we encounter give us a sense of containment that breaking free is deeply threatening. In this cosmic dance you have learned that you have no choice other than to honour YOUR path, rather than the one you had been following on autopilot. This month, make ONE decisive step in the direction of the route you know your creative autonomy demands. It will prove to be the first step on that proverbial ‘Journey of a thousand miles’.

March Horoscope 2015 TaurusTAURUS: Aren’t concepts great, Taurus? You can spend a whole lifetime swimming around in them and never even notice what is actually going on – tragically, meaning we can fail to access our deeper self. But yours is a sign of constant becoming, agonising deep within around questions of how mere concepts can actually find true manifestation in the world of ‘things’ – and among those ‘concepts’ is your actual (sense of) self. I suspect that upsets and instability generated by factors you have been deeply unaware of, have been hallmarks of your life since summer 2012. For sure, some of your defence mechanisms have been crying out for exposure. These crisis points have been showing you the invalidity of many of your ancient views about the world. You clocked on some time ago that mental processing must be superseded by experiential learning. At last, you are prepared to be a conscious participant in ALL your relationships. The eclipse leads you into ‘communion of the few, who together constitute the seed of a new day’.

March Horoscope 2015 geminiGEMINI: I get the feeling that your relationship to groups and communities has, historically, been a space you’ve approached from a location of not having found your true sense of power-in-the-world. You know intimately just HOW irrational group ‘thinking’ can be and, as a result, a species of fear has made you deeply reluctant to participate actively within the minefield of group psychology. To be sure, there IS a skills-set which must be mastered to sit comfortably in an often competitive ‘dog eat dog’ space. Undoubtedly, Uranus has seen you approach questions of the revolutionary unction needed to change not just society, but your own significant local groupings. These groups have challenged you historically, but in recent times your need to challenge back has unearthed certain binding fears deep inside. This has paved the way for an enquiry and major transformation that challenges your sense of what deeply binds you to others. Your journey toward secret knowledge led back to you. No more hiding. Self is self-in-relation.

March Horoscope 2015 CancerCANCER: My feeling is that your sense of self has undergone a deep upheaval in the context of your professional situation in recent years. Perhaps you have persistently failed to see how these questions have been deeply related to specific questions of how you relate both one-to-one and in groups. Maybe, having seen power ‘out there’ has led you to feel trapped or oppressed within your professional situation. Specifically, your interactions within your work-based settings have been attempting to show you that power does not truly lay within structures and/or traditions or roles but within YOU. You cannot assert personal power through a structure and that be YOUR power – it is merely on loan when you transact that way. Think of it thus: Are you merely an aggregate of roles outside the work setting? (Mother, brother, church member who acts as scout treasurer?) Are you simply a cog in a machine? Are you just a set of morals? Pluto has demanded you take back your projections. In March, replace defensiveness with true confidence.

March Horoscope 2015 LeoLEO: Many of your most rigid views of the world (and your own life) have come under sustained assault these past few years. Old ways (that SEEMINGLY served you) suddenly worked no more. You are actually capable of being a deeply intuitive soul (the moon rules your solar twelfth house). But for that to manifest you must inhabit the higher vibration of your Sun, beyond the egoic and superficial manifestation of your selfhood. The eclipse has much to say about regeneration here, but Uranus has been striking at old worldviews decisively, so that Pluto could work the territory of your mental/emotional/physical health (the psychosomatic complex). It seems that the connection between these different aspects of your being (and therefore tangible presence in the world) have lain largely unexamined. Breakdown has been an ever present lurking threat, much more than the much-preferable vitality you should inhabit. Now, the fully embodied, the intuitive you, awaits. The amniotic fluid, the birth canal. Estranged no longer.. Be whole!

March Horoscope 2015 virgoVIRGO: I get the sense that there may have been a significant person in your life who blocked your light without you fully realising it. Perhaps you have lost, or decisively lost contact with, this person sometime since summer 2012. It would be no surprise if this person somehow embodied the whole signature of your life up until the point that they vanished. Recent years may have involved a core struggle wherein you have come to see just how you have internalised restrictions within your life. Your story of late has involved casting off layer upon layer of other people’s expectations so that you could emerge from imprisoning pressures. The goal, dear Virgo, has been to release your deeper creativity. Pluto has been working feverishly to put you in touch with your previously much under-explored, creative self. With Capricorn as your solar fifth house, you would normally express a blueprint and form/structure in your creations, well suited to your Mercurial attention to detail. Freeing spontaneity is your new hallmark.

March Horoscope 2015 libraLIBRA: It’s safe to say that there have been upheavals and surprises in your relationships these past three years or so, Libra. The unusual expressions within them have all been designed to lift you decisively out of yourself. It seems you may have been following external rules as a way of navigating your relationship contracts and my gut feeling is that your own mother may have been on the throne of your life in this regard, blocking your own intuitive guidance and instead nattering in your ear from her own insecurities and relationship history. Pluto has been working here to strip away the layers of faulty expectation you internalised, in order to expose deeper strata of how you were psychologically formed, within all your childhood experiences. The seemingly endless challenges of the daily grind and how every area of life has been impacted is now ready to give way to a deeper entrance into shared reality/exchange. The intuitive you awaits the eclipse, heralding a move from conforming personality to freed bird.

March Horoscope 2015 scorpioSCORPIO: Duties, obligations and excessive demands – not really the stuff of fairy tales is it? These have worn you down for far too long and yet, you willingly accepted this ‘reality’ on endless autopilot. It’s so easy to sacrifice when you lack personal direction and lose touch with the deeper shade of who you are. These issues gradually reached breaking point after numerous seemingly cataclysmic disruptions to the routines of daily life since mid-2012. The point has been to underwrite deep change within you. This has forced you to bring your core ideas about life and what you value into sharp focus, so that you could begin to root out each faulty assumption. New beginnings beckon, insofar as you have confronted these deep, blind-spot issues. Now is your time to align your thinking with your feeling and with your resolve, so as to forever discard those old patterns and suffer them no more. No longer honour the dead and sterile. Instead, embrace your inner spark of creative flow. Make a CHOICE to alter perceptions forever.

March Horoscope 2015 sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: The Uranus/Pluto square has been teaching you that the only way of authenticity for you involves liberating your creativity. You have discovered painfully that it just is not viable for you to function as a cog in a machine. Of course, this revelation has come with a price tag, as you have been forced to jettison so very much of the more formerly conventional trappings of life. Your values, your resources, the everyday foundation of your economic existence, have been mightily shaken. The point has so clearly been to demonstrate in a visceral way that your life is very much bigger, in its essence, than anybody’s investment in ‘how things are SUPPOSED to be’. There seems little doubt, dear Sagittarius, that the cycle now culminating in your life (as indicated by a total solar eclipse in the final degree of your solar fourth house) is the one where mother’s voice dictated your life path. This is another way of saying that in your new creative emanation now, it’s ALL down to you….. And breathe!!

March Horoscope 2015 CapricornCAPRICORN: Many spontaneous challenges and demands have assailed you in your roots these past two to three years. Each one of these has led you into a deep questioning – this wrangling has been around the comfort that you need within your inner sanctum and how, when there are severe disruptions in your life, questions of personal resilience take you back to your primal maternal relationship. Moreover, I’d add that my feeling is that how your father treated your mother, when you were small, left deep and lasting impressions. Nevertheless, you have been re-working you, in your nuts and bolts – tackling these issues of nurture/comfort one by one. New ideas about how safe the world is as a place to play in, are emerging and rapidly approaching meaningful expression – this is a new alignment, based on replacing some of your legendary seriousness (and stoic bearing of burdens), with a MUCH lighter side. It’s about time too, Capricorn. And so, grief be gone. Burdens fly.. and finally, say hello to some FUN!!

March Horoscope 2015 aquariusAQUARIUS: A rollercoaster ride of awareness regarding the real picture of how the world is right now (both at large and in terms of your place within the locality of that larger picture) has led you to some rather uncomfortable confronting of what were, in truth, childhood safety issues; these past three years or so. The questions of how daily routines are connected to the personally meaningful, have assailed you in a semi-permanent, intellectual wrestling match with yourself. The point has been to soften up the hardened ground, so that the deeper unconscious attachment-drivers could come to the fore for resolution. Now that you have finally managed to slay your demons around your feelings and emotional presentation within the world, you have completed the deep review that was required of your values. Equipped with this radically overhauled value-base it is time to re-enter your locality in a mode of deep engagement. Your focus in coming years is making love both practical and real and outworked in the neighbourhood.

March Horoscope 2015 piscesPISCES: Was there a time when you imagined you were simply an aggregate of creative ideas and impulses, acquired while in hermit-mode, dear Pisces? Your values about your own life have been somewhat segregated from your ideas about your tribe and indeed the whole subject of belonging. Your expectations were about ‘going it alone’ and the noble quest of being the best you humanly could be… no thanks to anybody else! As Uranus has set about your values and led you to ask some pretty radical questions about your personal resources and what connection they have to the role of other people in your life, Pluto has been transforming your understanding (and in truth the nuts and bolts) of your sense of relatedness to your significant communities. Now you rapidly approach the dawning of a new you in these matters of tribe and your place within it. Your segregation (self-imposed) is nearing its end because, in a sense, you feel that authentic others have finally met with YOU, unfiltered. Act decisively without fear now. It’s time to join the flock.

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