Love, Feeds The Soul, The Belly And Survival.

Love, Feeds The Soul, The Belly And Survival.

A healthy love affair

It is a beautiful early May, Sunday morning, and I have a sense of urgency to go for a long walk. The thought, brings my senses into longing. I have to go and meet her again, not sure if she will show up, but my haste means, that I can not be bothered to troll through my hundreds of photos, for the date we last met, I am chancing it.

Love, Feeds The Soul, The Belly And Survival

The Sunday way.

The last occasion we met, our one and only time, was overwhelming, I sure could not miss a repeat of the magic of that encounter, it would be a fair stroll, and avoiding the weekend drivers on our narrow, twisty Devon country lanes hastens my departure.

The setting I remember was utterly enchanting, fairy tale romantic, complete with castle, her sweet perfume, reminiscent of honey, no wonder she was the centre of attention, talk about bees around a honey pot, the place was alive with humming.

When I first saw her, she was calmly gracing the edge of a small lake, ducks, moorhens, and geese, with their broods of chicks & gosling’s, were milling about weaving their way through her voluminous deep green skirt.The sun was warm but tender and the valley was filled with bird song. The deep wooded slope beyond the little lake, was topped with the remains of a castle that held on to tales of dark deeds from bygone times.

Love, Feeds The Soul, The Belly And Survival

Berry Pomeroy Castle.

The foreboding ruins of the castle, did nothing to dampen my delight, for this is how ridiculously giddy with excitement I get with each new encounter I make. No, it’s not exclusive to just her, but a joy I share with the many. Though I must say she does rank in my memory as special, a relation of the lovely rose, meadowsweet the object of today’s excursion. She does not, however, derive her name from her sweet perfume or location, as she prefers damp edges and margins, but rather to her having been an ingredient in mead. Her scented blooms would also be scattered on floors and used on coffins to disguise any unwanted odours, such is her pleasant nature.

Love, Feeds The Soul, The Belly And Survival

Meadowsweet our last encounter.

My journey today was rich and rewarding, as I encountered old friends along the way, three corner garlic, ramsons, docks, beech leaves, dandelions, navelwort and the nights’ supper plan was coming together in my head thanks to their kindly appearance.

Meadowsweet was there, just not dressed in her finely scented creamy flowers quite yet, but I was beckoned to come back again in a month or so, that is a date I will not miss, the thought of encountering her sweet scent once again filling that delightful glade will be a bliss.

Love, Feeds The Soul, The Belly And Survival


As I made my way home, a stop for a lie down in a verdant field, watching the blue sky, clouds and sun play chase, whispered to me. All I needed to know about the ache in my heart, I was /am in love with the beauty of our planet home, and when I reach home, news of her suffering would be on my social media, in my e-mail inbox, on the science blogs I follow. The news bringing little joy, as the struggle for the rights of Gaia are sidelined for stock market profits. To carry on protecting the earth in my small way, to be a voice in amidst the indifference is a must, and I can not/must not, grow faint-hearted. This is why love, feeds the soul, the belly and survival

Love, Feeds The Soul, The Belly And Survival

The playful sky.

Love always comes with a degree of pain, that drives us to strive for our beloved. While I can be called a romantic, what I witnessed today, is but a small window view of the magic of our home, the incredible biodiversity of nature is and was all so real, and who can argue with real. To be able to touch, feel, smell, see, be nourished, sheltered, clothed by nature, is a wondrous gift and one gift deserves another. I will never stop striving to help protect our wonderful ecosystem from damage. Now on to primary needs, supper.

Wild supper recipe.

Tonight’s meal will be dock parcels.

Ingredients, my selection, but, use what suits your cupboard and tastes.

8 to 10  medium-size dock leaves per person

A bunch of wild garlic greens, ramsons or three-cornered.

1 onion

Cup of puy lentils or any other variety.

Seasoning to taste, I love Japanese flavors so used…

1 teaspoon of Gomasio

1 teaspoon of Ume Plum seasoning

1 teaspoon of miso paste

Freshly ground pepper, no salt as the above already have it included.

Finely chop the onion and fry in a little oil, add lentils to the pan and enough water to cover, gently simmer for 20 minutes, topping up water if need, add chopped garlic greens and all the seasonings,  simmer for another 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, blanch the dock leaves in boiling water for 30 seconds two at a time, remove from water and place in a cross shape on a plate, put one heaped tablespoon of your filling in the centre of the cross, and proceed to wrap over ends to make a parcel, place in an oven dish, add a small amount of liquid to the dish, vegetable stock is ideal, and bake in a hot oven, 170 degrees for 15-20 minutes, serve hot with vegetables of your choice, a sauce, such as a simple chilli tomato, or a creamy wild garlic sauce as pictured below, will go nicely with the dish, delicious and can be done in so many ways to suit your  own taste buds.

Love, Feeds The Soul, The Belly And Survival

Dock leave parcels with wild garlic sauce.

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