The Law of Attraction – Can It Make You Rich? (By James Lynn Page)

The Law of Attraction – Can It Make You Rich? (By James Lynn Page)

Desire nothing and there is nothing you shall not realise.

Austin Osman Spare

Just as the late philosopher Alan Watts once said about personal power and the will, the more you give it away, the more it comes back. This is another of those illogical, Zen-like paradoxes one shouldn’t  take literally, yet which say much about how life really works. It means this: when you let go and voluntarily give up control, you draw upon hidden, ‘higher’ powers. This is of interest to those trying to use the Law of Attraction or magico-spiritual techniques to invoke ‘health, wealth and happiness’. (Particularly wealth – more of which, later!) But it should concern everyone, too: when you cease wasting energy trying to make something work, something peculiar happens. The solution often presents itself: an idea pops into your head, a friend or loved one offers unexpected assistance, or maybe things just start to go right again! In short, Synchronicity is invoked. The genuine Law of Attraction!

Understanding this is vital – for not paying heed to this Law may be why your magical intentions or visualisations never work. (And, of course, no one loves a control freak. Not even Nature, apparently.) But, by not letting go – and I mean really letting go and relinquishing your mental hold on things – it could be you’re actually undermining the very goal you’re trying to achieve. For no matter how potentially powerful your spells are, how ‘magical’ you think you are, you may be committing a fundamental error. So here is how the Law of Attraction really operates.

When you ‘let go’ of a situation, it seems to flow much more harmoniously. This is how life should be! In your social life, when you’re not reaching out for company, people come towards you with social invitations – the phone rings, you get an email or text, or an old friend appears at your door (often, when you actually want to be alone!) Plus, you may have noticed that, when you don’t need money, it seems to flow towards you. Mysterious, eh? These effects are not random – there is a hidden pattern in all of this, and it’s called the Law of Reversed Effort. It’s as if your Unconscious has received the following message and acted upon it: ‘I don’t need anything external to make me happy. I feel fulfilled with things as they are.’ And it is this Law – the real Law of Attraction – that’s come into force. It is the paradoxical lack of effort on your part that ‘attracts’ things to you, reminding me of the old saying that ‘much will have more’ (one of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s favourites).

But, to many, the whole idea of actually attracting money through ‘magical’ means is preposterous. No doubt you’ve seen phrases like ‘how to attract wealth’, or ‘visualise your way to riches’ a million times on the internet, and been rightly suspicious of the claims that are made. (Especially on Mind-Body-Spirit sites.) As such, I’m not going to make any wild promises here. Attracting money, as it were, naturally requires effort, but the way in which it happens (magically speaking, if you like) is no different from any other metaphysical process. For example, you have friends, a partner you share you life with, right? Well, you have ‘attracted’ certain people into your orbit because of the patterns of energy you broadcast. Let’s just call them ‘vibes’. Others have tuned into your wavelength and you’ve finally found each other. We can make it even simpler – let’s just call it like attracts like.

Put differently, there is an entirely hidden realm of reality (or energy) that seems to operate according to certain laws. And they are the same ones that generate events in our everyday lives. Even modern physicists acknowledge that there’s a hidden, metaphysical realm behind the material world that is the real source of all the phenomena we experience in this one, which brings me back to this subject of using the Law of Attraction for money and wealth. What many people fail to see is that for the Unconscious mind to ‘work’ (that is, produce the right results) one has to somehow ‘communicate’ with it – with this other recondite sphere of influence, this other ‘plane’. I’ve said many times before that just thinking positive thoughts is not enough to get the desired response. Just saying your three wishes out loud won’t cause the magic to happen. So what should one do to make the Law of Attraction work?

Well – and you may have heard this advice before – whatever it is you’re trying to attract has to be experienced here and now. In short, it has to be real, overwhelmingly so. You must behave as if the goal were already a present reality. This only needs to start with the question: what would I be doing today if I had abundance, if I had money to take care of all of my needs and wants? How would I actually act and feel? All you need to do is start experiencing those emotions. You can be sat at home; waiting for a train; waiting in a queue in a department store – what kinds of new things would be running through your mind if you really had all the money you wanted? Wouldn’t you feel much more joyous inside? Your physical posture and facial features would reflect this – so get busy with your method acting!

One of the New Thought writers, Annie Rix Militz wrote in her Prosperity Through Spirituality:

‘The first step in prosperous attainment is to have the right attitude of mind and heart toward worldly wealth … You find prosperity within. Then you carry it with you – you are yourself prosperity. Like the poet Whitman you can say, “I seek not fortune, I myself am good fortune.” You find it in the business you have now.’

Again, Militz is suggesting that the ‘reality’ of your being rich must come first, and thus you need to change your ‘metaphysical pattern’ – you need to broadcast the right vibe! Make a point of doing this every day. (You can find detailed techniques for all of this in my book You and the Conscious Universe, but I simply want to introduce the Law of Attraction’s underlying mechanism here. Remember – it is based on the phenomenon of Reversed Effort. The French occultist Eliphas Levi, in his book The Great Secret, once offered this piece of magical advice:

‘So if you wish to reap on the left hand, sow on the right, and meditate on this piece of advice, which looks like a paradox and will give you a hint of one of the greatest secrets of occult philosophy. If you desire to attract, make a vacuum’.

Levi is thinking about opposites in nature and how they attract, the weak to the strong, male to female, and – like the poles of a magnet – north to south. Two entities of the same substance have no use for each other – just as you can’t have two Alpha males leading a group, but when Levi said, ‘if you desire to attract, make a vacuum’, he meant: in order to attract (magically) you must become vacuous or ‘empty’ of desire. Think about it, the only time you really ever enter this state is when your desires have been fulfilled – you don’t want what you already have, but when you don’t have it this feeling can drive away the object of desire! This is why we use the As If technique – adopting the feeling that you’ve already achieved your desires. In short, to enter into a state of desirelessness.

The Law of Attraction and The Tao

The Chinese philosophical text, the Tao Te Ching, is instructive when it comes to the Law of Attraction. Note the reference to being ‘desireless’ in the following passage (in magic, this is a stumbling block for most people):

Supreme is the Tao! All pervasive; it can be on the left hand and on the right.

All things depend on it for life, and it denies none.

Its purposes accomplished, it claims no credit.

It clothes and fosters all things, but claims no lordship.

Ever desireless, it may be named ‘The Indivisible.’

All things revert to it, but it claims no lordship.

It may be named ‘The Supreme.’

Because to the end it does not seek supremacy; it is able to accomplish great things.¹

The idea with Taoism is that if we could imitate and ‘be’ Tao’s desirelessness and non attachment, we would ‘accomplish great things’. And this has a direct bearing on visualising for material things and the Law of Reversed Effort:

Have in your hold the Great Image

And the Empire will come to you …

If you would have a thing shrink

You must stretch it;

If you would have a thing weakened,

You must first strengthen it …

If you would take from a thing,

You must first give to it.²

The last line here is a simple statement that one gets nothing for nothing, but these apparent paradoxes are resolved thus – if you want to achieve a certain kind of effect via magical or spiritual means (and you’ve understood the nature of what you are trying to attract) then you need to embody the opposite principle, as it were. If you want to attract money, act as if you already have it! In fact, one should behave as if one did not even care about succeeding! That also means behaving as if you didn’t even want it. This sounds like a recipe for madness doesn’t it? Then again, Levi did say that this was a paradox.

As noted, the Law of Reversed Effort is the secret behind the real Law of Attraction. If you are going to attempt becoming rich via the powers invested in the Unconscious mind, do remember this! However, becoming truly desireless and imitating the powerful self-sufficiency of Tao is easier said than done. (Positive Thinking is an Art requiring years of training, is it not?) With that in mind, I wonder how many people have been successful using it!

1. The Tao Teh King: A Short Study in Comparative Religion, chapter 34, (trans. C. Spurgeon Medhurst) 1905.

2. Tao Te Ching, LaoTzu (D.C. Lau translation), Penguin Classics, 1963.

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The Law of Attraction - Can It Make You Rich? (By James Lynn Page)
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The Law of Attraction - Can It Make You Rich? (By James Lynn Page)
How the real law of attraction works. Just as the late philosopher Alan Watts once said about personal power and the will, the more you give it away, the more it comes back.
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