June – July 2017 Tarotscope – by Alex

June – July 2017 Tarotscope – by Alex
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Welcome to your June – July 2017 Tarotscope

Hello dear friends! My message to you this month in the June – July 2017 tarotscope introduction will not be astrological. It will be personal. News story piles upon news story. Tragedy seeks to try on a new costume, seemingly every day. The planets reflect something to us… but they are powerless if we wear a blindfold. Things are even more difficult when we believe that we have 360 degree, twenty twenty vision, all the while the blinkers are on – the planets cannot assist when we fail to notice.

This month I have realised just how much I have failed to notice, even where I thought my sight to be pristine. Insight can be tough. True vision is an attitude just as much of the heart as the mind. This month, be inspired. This writer’s voice, bound up in his experience says: Listen carefully. Open your heart, as well as your mind. Silence the voice you think you know, in favour of the unfamiliar voice that has likely been whispering beneath the know-all mind. Allow what you hear to transform desert or icy region into a hospitable oasis.

With love 💚


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Enjoy your June – July 2017 Tarotscope and have a great few weeks!

Aries June - July 2017 Tarotscope ARIES: What is that whole nurture thing really all about? Isn’t it simply a waste of dynamic energy that you could deploy elsewhere? When looking at the foundations of the life we build, it is important to look at key qualities that lend strength to the whole building. Impatience can be a virtue when time is wasted with dithering. However, to view energy channelled into nurturing, as an ‘efficiency drain’, would mean that you likely carry a lack within your being. One of the key consequences of this can be felt within your relationships. Even if you consider this a detour from productivity, spend some time this month on an audit of your compassion quotient. Recognise that efficiency is good but that taking the time to develop other, broader values, will help you and everybody you connect with to find a deeper sense of contentment in your shared bonds.

Taurus June - July 2017 Tarotscope TAURUS: Have you ever thought of boundaries as sacred? We often think of them as geographical, more than personal. But where would the milk be without the carton? Your boundaries define who you are and they are your truest protection. Relating often blurs boundaries because factoring others into the reckoning and balancing their needs/demands with our own, takes us out of our own zone. The good news is that ‘growth through facing tensions’ is a life principle; whether coming through restricted health, unstimulating work or relationship challenges. Your battles with such tensions have brought angst certainly, but also experience. A change is coming for the better (however things may appear) but you’ll have little control over it. Just remember that you do have control of your boundary. CLUE: Your boundaries encapsulate everything you do that sustains your well being.

Gemini June - July 2017 Tarotscope GEMINI: Faith is a funny old thing. Nobody seems to know quite what it is! One thing is certain though and that is faith’s relationship to knowledge. We tend to be more comfortable with knowledge. Knowledge is less esoteric, more tangible than faith would appear to be. Faith isn’t a belief in magic, so much as an aspiration to ‘higher possibilities’. In reality, faith can only spring forth from the knowledge you already have. That knowledge is a form of confidence in what works and what doesn’t – taught to you through many layers of acquired experience. This means faith has its foundations in your learning, skills and experience. And yet, we are compelled to reach beyond what we know, in order to reach toward the fingertips of the gods who reach back toward us. Faith in yourself comes first and is absolutely essential this month… Then comes that dreaded leap!

Cancer June - July 2017 Tarotscope CANCER: Necessity is the mother of invention, or so they say. Maybe restlessness is too. Our life force sometimes gets trapped in unconscious constellations of thinking/feeling, rooted in earlier experiences that can often give us a ‘driven’ quality. The difference between being unconsciously and consciously driven all boils down to productivity. Crabs move sideways and perhaps you have felt like such a metaphor describes you in recent times – Much energy, sparse forward movement for that effort. Of course, you must do your bit in being willing to face those unconscious drivers. The more you do so, the more energy you will release. With Mars recently entering your sign, you have all the assistance you need to harness that released energy. Let me say that it can manifest in creativity and/or craftsmanship or just as easily in erotic terms. Anything is possible.

Leo JJune - July 2017 Tarotscope LEO: The Sun (your ruler) is marching toward the moon’s North Node in Leo and the solar eclipse of 21st August will be a significant turning point for you. In the meantime, a new cycle awaits in a kind of hibernation – or perhaps better, gestation. Something within your emotional ‘economy’ is at the point of renewal. But before the new cycle can begin, an older one (that is no longer aligned with who you are becoming) must end. Of course, the inner work must be done before the outward manifestation can occur. Now is the time. Our choices and our circumstances carry the seeds of an older mentality. It’s surprising how different the world looks, once we’ve a changed lens through which to view our life. Even good things sometimes have to be seen as no longer relevant to our freed-up sense of self. The goal is to become more fully you. You are now caterpillar entering chrysalis.

Virgo June - July 2017 Tarotscope VIRGO: Do you ever remember an old friend of yours that might have become forgotten over time, or discarded, just like a Facebook contact… goes by the name of Joy? That’s right, Joy! Only this old acquaintance was never really only a name. This ‘contact’ was a reality. Think, if you must. Imagine her profile picture. She may have had imperfect hair and crooked teeth, but she was radiant – just like you once were. How did you ever lose contact with her? It’s not like she moved away. This month, it is time first to notice. Second, you must stop kidding yourself that rumination is intuition. Nobody owes you a living. You know that! You stagger beneath your own burden. Resurrection IS possible. This demands not external vindication, but a choice not to flee others’ darkness; rather to bathe in your own light.

Libra June - July 2017 Tarotscope LIBRA: What’s your favourite animal? This is a serious question! Think about what qualities in said creature, really makes it the one you are most drawn to. Now reflect a while on such attributes. These are the qualities you should most seek to develop within yourself. Secretly, I’m hoping your favourite might be a tiger! The reason I say this is because your lofty principles are often unfathomable to others – they cannot work you out because they cannot see any part of themselves in you. The word ‘predator’ gets a bad press nowadays. We struggle to think of anything of merit with one. Our mind automatically thinks of victims… and such makes you flinch. But predators have qualities such as stealth, speed, strength, fearlessness and exquisite timing. Without those attributes they’d never succeed. Now think about your own success. Think ‘missing attributes’ this month, tiger or not!

Scorpio June - July 2017 Tarotscope SCORPIO: Sometimes it is a struggle to see Scorpio as a water sign. It is like water is the natural outcome of the application of fire to ice. You seem to have both fire and ice going on deep within. Thankfully, it is fire rather than ice that dwells in your veins. So the water is there but it struggles to flow. With your ruler Mars in your solar ninth house of philosophies and worldviews (the sign Cancer), while the Sun transits your house of deep entanglements, it looks like there is some kind of tension between your values and the reality that is manifesting between yourself and significant partners. It appears to be time to look at your motivations, beyond the ideas and words that you comfort yourself with. Beliefs are just beliefs and values can be reduced to mere opinion. What you do, how you transact, evidences the heart level. Get clear with (and follow) your heart this month.

Sagittarius June - July 2017 Tarotscope SAGITTARIUS: What’s the relationship between spiritual discipline and intellectual illumination? Or, more importantly, how are they connected? Well, one thing is certain, if you do one without the other, you become unbalanced. It is like you need a symbiosis between the two. And this is a vital protection for you. The Sun’s opposition to Saturn has emphasised this point and highlighted that intellectual illumination should be your focus at this time. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is the key theme these next few weeks. Such will help you to maintain your creative advantage in the face of any opposition you may encounter. Being smart is crucial to making your spiritual qualities meaningful within the world. And the world needs your diligence in several areas right now. You are a warrior of light. Wield your sword of truth with no regard to fear.

Capricorn June - July 2017 Tarotscope CAPRICORN: There are many things in life which can erode, if not destroy, our hopes and dreams. It can be a cruel experience being human. Thankfully, that is not our birth right. Such difficult experiences often leave a legacy of rumination and an inability to stop ourselves from dwelling on the disappointments, or being lured back into similar negative energy patterns and dynamics. Rejuvenation and renewal are possible. Sometimes we must play our part by carefully examining the role we have played in any negative configurations that have emerged (and such would be useful now). Often, such a review is insufficient of itself to bring change. Insight is one thing, change quite another! It seems this month that your way forward comes from setting aside analysis and understanding and instead aligning with the flow and rhythm of life events and allowing your feelings free rein.

Aquarius June - July 2017 Tarotscope AQUARIUS: What is the truest foundation of an Aquarian? Hmmm… For me, the answer revolves around skills and tools aka mastery over technology. I sometimes ponder whether Prometheus was an Aquarian! After all, he stole the most fundamental technology, namely fire, from the gods. I’m not advocating that you become adept at theft, however. What I am saying is that this month, you benefit greatly from harnessing every single item that makes up your toolkit. More than this, I’m saying that you unearth a new talent, a fresh insight, a novel perspective. You are an example to the whole world of what rounded and effective intelligence is in full flow – and this is an inspiring sight to behold. Do your thing. Become even more fully you. Dare the world to follow in your intrepid footsteps…

Pisces June - July 2017 Tarotscope PISCES: What’s the definition of stupidity again? I think it is usually recounted as falling into the same hole over and over again. But that would be unkind. Humans can appear stupid at such times but really, that underestimates the power of habit, patterned behaviour and stuck emotion. At the very least, it would appear that you are dealing with a deep level of sorrow in coming weeks – whether this involves a fresh wound, or an older scar. You’ll likely be questioning yourself as to how you ended up in certain situations, seemingly on repeat like in the movie Groundhog Day. This next four weeks sees both your modern ruler Neptune turn retrograde and healing centaur Chiron do likewise… both in your sign. This is an incentive to you to conduct a review. If you wish things to be different in future, now is the time you can unearth helpful nuggets. Embrace all pain, avoid denial!

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