June 2017 Horoscope – by Alex

June 2017 Horoscope – by Alex

Welcome to your June 2017 Horoscope

Psychological astrology often fails to take into account some of the properties the ancients observed as they gazed toward the celestial sphere. You could claim that ‘primitive’ humans were more subject to fear and superstition and that both The Renaissance and The Enlightenment figured prominently in revising older superstitious mentalities. We all wish to say and hear positive things and ideally we’d be able to do this most of the time.

However, when Saturn opposes Mars, these two ‘malefics’ augur some considerable difficult potentials within human experience. The tragic next chapter of radicalisation struck innocent people, trying to have a pleasurable evening at a concert in Manchester, on the 22nd of May. Groups rally together in the aftermath and seek a healing catharsis to an ever-deepening wound. Try as we might however, forces outside of our control, seem to be dictating incidents riddled with fear and anger, chaos and retribution.

As I publish this, the Mars/Saturn opposition is separating but there may be aftershocks. The question, as always, is “what will I do with this stuff?” Hopefully, you will not bury your head in the sand. Hopefully, you will speak your truth and not let bitterness become a smouldering ember that extinguishes your love and faith in the goodness of human beings. The worst of our darkness can bring out more darkness. We need to own our own darkness, the ‘bad’ things we’d like to believe we are not capable of… this will stop these things going underground into the deep recesses of our psyches. Own your pain, speak it if necessary, grieve if you must. But remember. You are human and you choose whether to be humane or inhumane – just like everyone else.

Saturn and Mars might indicate a time of darkness in the triggering of human ‘stuff’, but yours is the choice of whether to succumb or to own your scars and do things in the right way.

Governments must take their share of the blame. We can no longer just say it is because some people are good and others bad. Let us begin a conversation, neighbour with neighbour, where we begin to change our tune from either retribution or resignation and into the honest embrace of human suffering and a determination to be vulnerable, yet remain strong. It is time to stand in solidarity with all victims of power, wherever they may be found and to call out oppression in whatever form we encounter it. These matters are serious but through it all, I encourage you to retain your love of life and your highest ideals. Nobody can take your integrity from you.

Blessings to you all this month. Catch you soon! ?


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Enjoy your June 2017 Horoscope

Aries - June 2017 HoroscopeARIES: The beliefs that you have long held onto about the world are coming into conflict with the direct experiences you are having of your environment in these days. It looks like your sense of what is tangible (your material goods and your relationships – basically your attachments) is being shaken, disrupted or undermined in some way – possibly even quite unexpectedly. Who in fact are you when you cannot rely on anything external? What happens when routines you have always taken for granted disappear overnight? At root, especially for an Aries, action is decisive to one’s sense of self. I’ve little doubt that you will be in two minds about these developments! But one thing is certain, the world is challenging you to set aside your assumptions and get curious. Hint: For you, the world should now be viewed more like plasticine than rock.

Taurus - June 2017 HoroscopeTAURUS: Don’t you just love that word “psychosomatic”? Many of us have had our voices and experiences surreptitiously discredited by the misuse of that word! I’m reminded of Morrissey’s line here “Does the body rule the mind, or does the mind rule the body? I dunno”. Conundrum or medical panacea for ignorance, the fact remains that all parts of our being are intra-connected (connected internally). Your body is the most sensitive instrument you possess. What it tells you offers vital information that may be available to you in no other way. When your body speaks, as it is doing now, it is important to listen. Please be aware that you have a history of relationship between your psyche and your soma. What is being asked of you this month is to function like a foreign language interpreter. Once you understand, confusion is replaced by clarity.

Gemini - June 2017 HoroscopeGEMINI: It looks as if it’s time I had a little chat with you about your ideals. How life and the world are supposed to be, appear to have been strong drivers for you. Yes, there is a profound beauty in order and nature decrees this for our eyes to see. But what about when the volcano rumbles, roars and spews forth dangerous lava? We often sanitise life with our concepts, rather than appreciating that awe can be overwhelming and shocking, not simply inspiring. There’s a reworking going on at the core of you right now. And, it looks as if there is a large component here of letting go of your traditional prescriptions. Granted, these are comfortable… but not really so comfortable when you ponder a while! This month, you are called to outgrow old ideas about scripts and plans and even, dare I say it, cosmic order. Make peace with the irrational.

Cancer - June 2017 HoroscopeCANCER: Being a home body, it is clear that stability involves a certain amount of ‘rhythmic predictability’, an order and precision in how your surroundings support your emotional constitution. You, more than most, know what it feels like when these things get badly out of kilter. It would appear from my vantage point that certain factors outside your control, have been shaping the conditions in your sacred spaces more than is desirable for you. Thankfully, Pluto indicates that there is going to be a shift in the outward circumstances and structures of your situation this month. Just what form these take is as yet unclear. What is also unclear is whether or not this will happen in the way you either would prefer or expect. Remember, you sometimes get more than you bargain for! Indeed your wishes can be so strong that you get what you desire at a price.

Leo - June 2017 HoroscopeLEO: Is it actually your fate to have to work slavishly, fulfil obligations with almost religious zeal and struggle with all the things in life that are supposed to be pleasurable and easy? It can be an odd feeling to realise that you have no choice other than to work at your dreams and channel your efforts with discipline and perseverance. Well, the world often appears to see beauty through the lens of convention, via a template of consensual appreciation and ‘classical’ beauty. This month, it would appear that those things which might normally get you rejected, are in fact the things you should be focusing on – revolutionary ideas, unconventional notions of beauty, discordant notes rather than the perfections of symmetry. You could also translate this in terms of working “smarter not harder”. Bottom line. Think outside the box in June.

Virgo - June 2017 HoroscopeVIRGO: There is a focus on values for you this month. You pride yourself on being grounded and real virtually all of the time but this month it is going to be important to have pristine and lofty standards of integrity, operating from a different measure of value. This is a month to be high class and high value in all your thinking and transacting, rather than functional, practical and effective. Life is a results game and this is what you are keenly tuned into. But this month, it is going to be more important to do things in the correct way procedurally. How things look can be purely cosmetic and therefore offend your values of being real. Yet sometimes, the veneer is important. Sometimes, doing things in a certain manner takes precedence over the result in view. Think of the band who played as the titanic went down. That’s the deal in June.

Libra - June 2017 HoroscopeLIBRA: What would it mean for you to become a rebel? How difficult would it be to let go of all the carefully crafted rationalisations of why you orientate your life, values and relationships in the way that you do? I mean, what do you really get out of it? This month, I am asking you to conduct an audit of the company you keep. Pay close attention to the characteristics of your friends and partners. Why do you associate with them? What qualities within them are of the utmost importance to you? How many of them are rebels, perhaps in a way you struggle to access? It could be that after your audit you notice that the more rebellious friends are much more interesting to you right now. If so, I’d simply offer up the possibility that you are currently like the moth and they are like the flame. There’s a reason for that. Learn from it!

Scorpio - May 2017 HoroscopeSCORPIO: Is your life a sacred contract? Why are you here I wonder? Unfortunately, I am not in a position to answer that question for you. However, with Mars transiting your solar eighth house of Gemini, you are certainly energised into a transformation, such that the proverbial caterpillar is en route to finding its future pair of wings. Be aware that this month is a potential turning point. What will help you to achieve it is shining a little sunlight onto your usual fixed and intense thinking and choosing to move deliberately toward a more flexible and emotionally detached way of assessing most of your major life situations. Sometimes, you can waste energy on intensity that does not serve you well. A more clinical and matter of fact way of looking at situations will help you travel lighter from now on, as will embracing the humour.

Sagittarius - June 2017 HoroscopeSAGITTARIUS: Here is the thing: Maturation processes are in some kind of relationship to integrity processes. Now you may, or may not, have heard the admonishment of Jesus to his followers to be “as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves”. That observation carries weight right now in your life. My concern is around how your growth expresses wisdom… or not. Many people in modern life manage their situations as a set of compartments that can never be allowed to overlap. Sneaking around and/or keeping secrets is something that is both not going to work very well right now and be compromising to your essential being. We can find every kind of excuse to justify these kinds of choices but it matters not – the truth usually catches up with us. There is a shift in view this month. Saturn retrograde cautions you to watch your reputation and your karmic footprint.

Capricorn - June 2017 HoroscopeCAPRICORN: What brings joy to your life? I’ll wager you a fair sum that it is not battles, wars and the spoils of victory. Winners and losers is an ancient story, which has dogged humanity for aeons. Real joy is something quite different than the shallow payoffs of pyrrhic victories – the cost can be just too high in being proven right some times. And yet, this does not mean we should simply roll over, capitulate and settle for raging battles and war zones. It appears that this month a transformation is in view regarding what you experience being put out into the world from your core self and what is coming back to you in response to your authentic actions. You appear conflicted about a key situation but if you are able to persevere on your path of attending to the details of your daily transactions with integrity, you will prevail in the right way.

Aquarius - June 2017 HoroscopeAQUARIUS: You appear to be struggling with something from your past. This is not so much an isolated incident, as a ‘theme’. It seems that you may be doubting a fundamental aspect of your own character, questioning whether you simply lack something and will never actually possess it (perhaps as a quality). We can quickly get into guilt and shame territory on these questions. “Why AM I like this?” That path will not be good for you! Were you a different person in the past? Have you changed? Well, it does appear that there is an unresolved sadness you carry around a significant loss. This loss appears to have an element of disappointment around a partnership situation. This may not be yours, but maybe even something you witnessed between your parents. Whatever it is, that loss scarred you. Attachment felt unsafe from then. This month you confront those demons.

Pisces - June 2017 HoroscopePISCES: Have you perhaps had your fingers badly burned in the past when it comes to deep commitments? Was this experience one carrying considerable material repercussions I wonder? Were the practical consequences almost unbearable? Such things feel like deep scars, scars grounded in traumatic blows to our fundamental belief in justice and the goodness of our fellow Earth-dwellers. It seems you might be reliving the past this month, as you confront your investments within an earlier partnership configuration. You will be reviewing whether trust in another person will ever be possible for you again and likely facing considerable pain on this point. The thing to bear in mind is that true commitment has a spiritual quality. You commit not to a person, so much as to a vision of life “at its best”. Sure, people disappoint. But life trumps loss.

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