July-August 2016 tarotscope – by Alex

July-August 2016 tarotscope – by Alex

Welcome to your July-August 2016 tarotscope

We have had a huge month and it is shaping up that we face another, with many challenges presenting to us as a world just now. Reality appears to be dissolving right in front of our eyes. Remember to keep calm and not be in a reactive state. The world needs wisdom right now and you have opportunities to be an ambassador for sanity in a world seemingly out of control. If you can retain composure and stay in touch with your ‘spiritual’ centre, you can be a strong pillar of your community and family circles. Use the advice of the oracle this month to steady your ship and offer some of that steadiness to those around you, who are sorely in need of it.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”
― Charles Dickens

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Enjoy your July-August 2016 tarotscope, Alex ❦

Aries July-August 2016 tarotscopeARIES: There’s been quite a lot of angst in your life and you may have felt tortured by dreams you wish to manifest, but which seem to be beyond your material means. What are loss and gain, really though? They seem to be linked to our hopes and fears but they are simply conditions in our lives… and our lives are greater. I get the sense you need to rest, or desist from some waste of your energy. Taking time will enable you to look at why you are attached to your dreams, in the way you are. To know you are okay in yourself is a far greater resource than anything seemingly going on ‘out there’. Take a look in the mirror my friend – accept what you see.


Taurus July-August 2016 tarotscopeTAURUS: Is busyness chaos? It can feel that way very often. Being busy can be satisfying too. The greatest pay off can be that you do not have time to think. It is ironic that not being able to think can give a chance for your other needs (often suppressed by the mental process) to surface naturally, because the mind has no opportunity to block them. This can be an odd route by which to slip into your bodily life – you know, counter-intuitive that you should be busy and discover something quite different to what your life seems to be focused upon. Something arises from your unconscious. What you want is not of the conscious mind. Indulge your heart this month.


Gemini July-August 2016 tarotscopeGEMINI: It looks to me as if you are facing two distinct career paths or financial decisions around enterprises you have an opportunity to take up. One path may involve reaching for a long held dream, the other may revolve around the security and contentment of you and yours. This may have financial repercussion at root, however it may also revolve around your desire for adventure and whether to put emotional security ahead of ideas of once-in-a-lifetime dreams. Realism is precisely NOT the point here. The question really revolves around whether you settle for the known or reach out into the ‘gamble’ of the as-yet unexplored, regions of possibility.


Cancer July-August 2016 tarotscopeCANCER: Are peak experiences sustainable? Nope! So then, are peak experiences really all that desirable? I mean, if you have to come back down to Earth with a bump, why bother rising so high? Disappointment is not really something we hanker for, after all. It all depends whether your expectations of peak experience are expressions of unrealistic values. Perhaps they can instead be seen as take-off points into your new phases of experience. Once you climb a mountain, do you wish to stay there forever, or instead discover and scale new mountains? Life is a dynamic process of change. It is much better to enjoy than expect. Do so, this month!


Leo July-August 2016 tarotscopeLEO: The creative journey can be very difficult work at times. Perfectionism can torture and drain. Lofty dreams can make us focus on what is not working out (to our blueprint), rather than looking at what is going well. It seems that you may have to address some key issues this month, around whether you are sabotaging your own success, in certain ways. By what standards do you measure success? It appears as if that question is burning bright for you this month. Things CAN get clearer and easier now, but only if you are prepared to ease up on yourself and take a more pragmatic view. What’s working best? Are you seeing results? Follow the easy path!


Virgo July-August 2016 tarotscopeVIRGO: It seems to me that you are reaching a point of no return. The path of resistance is not going to take you where you wish to go. The first thing you need to do now is align with ‘what is’, Virgo. And that requires clear-sightedness – something you are eminently capable of. You may have hesitated for a considerable time in following your truest wisdom, for fear of what the implications may be of desisting with your struggle. But ask yourself, “does fighting these battles actually lead to tangible change?” The alternative may not be apparent to you right now. It involves making peace with the reality and freeing yourself thereby, to take authority.


Libra July-August 2016 tarotscopeLIBRA: Circumstances may finally have shown you that endless struggle is not necessary in your life. When bigger issues take over, the smaller stuff that seemed so big, suddenly appears in a different light. This can be a statement about our most core values. Yes, we live in a material world, to quote Madonna, BUT we benefit from taking a completely different view of the ultimate point of life, from time to time. This is often induced by crisis, because we find it so tough to break our moulds. Yet it seems you may have had some experience which has shown beyond doubt that some things are so sacred that they cannot be ignored. Let those changes become permanent.


Scorpio July-August 2016 tarotscopeSCORPIO: Is there a God in the sky who pronounces judgment on the unrighteous and who rewards those of true integrity? Isn’t that the million dollar question? It is especially pressing when the answer appears to be “no”. Now, I know Scorpio can do the self-appointed revenge thing, but does that really qualify you to be like one of the Gods? It is perhaps much better to displace any thoughts of vengeance and punishments this month, with notions of trust based upon fearlessly offering yourself as a model of trustworthiness and the virtues of true integrity. There are many things to be angry about right now. I’d suggest that you remember your loftiest vision.


Sagittarius July-August 2016 tarotscopeSAGITTARIUS: “It’s the road you laid that made you blind” – so sang The Veils. Opportunity for something entirely new may be heading your way this month – something that changes your material journey in some way. But you may feel somewhat suspicious of this development, solely because you have a very fixed notion of how “things are supposed to be happening”. You are fiercely independent and full of bright, expansive ideas. But this month, it will do you no harm at all to look at different ways of viewing things and doing things, especially in collaborative projects. Do not let your self-sufficiency cost you a real opportunity as August lands.


Capricorn July-August 2016 tarotscopeCAPRICORN: A big month awaits you! What is any kind of dream, without the opportunity to progress it in tangible ways? It seems that you see ‘out there’ a huge opportunity to realise a long term ambition, perhaps in your personal life. It will take a kind of spiritual devotion to your highest vision to achieve it. A whole new start appears to have been on your mind for some considerable time. I can tell you that it IS something tangible, real and achievable BUT you are absolutely the one who is going to be responsible for manifesting it. It is NOT going to come to you – you are going to have to go to it. Well, Capricorn, will you finally take the big gamble?


Aquarius July-August 2016 tarotscopeAQUARIUS: Stepping up to the plate is the order of the day for you, for the foreseeable future. The road ahead is getting a little easier with each step you take decisively toward the construction of your own future. Sure, there are major uncertainties as you branch out and take risks, but I’m glad to say that you are up to the challenge of tackling each of these as they arise. Please pay attention to how you feel, each time you act decisively. How much better is that than vacillating? Get used to the feeling and let it guide you as you make your major decisions in the coming weeks. Your innate wisdom knows more than your mind. Let it guide. Trust it… and act.


Pisces July-August 2016 tarotscopePISCES: “I still thirst for romance and the sand between my toes” sang Cherry Ghost. It looks like you have been missing both a sense of romance in your home situation and a sense of carefree adventure and exploration that just feels good. Life can undoubtedly grind us down with demand after demand and seemingly endless drudgery. Financial worries may be taunting you too and a little voice in your head may be preaching at you that you need to be sensible – not a bit of it. You do not need to be sensible, so much as very focused with your energies. You need to blow off some steam. This is healthy, as long as you remember to do the standard safety checks!

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