July 2018 Horoscope – by Alex

July 2018 Horoscope – by Alex

Welcome to your July 2018 Horoscope. The major talking point is the retrograde of Mars which commenced on 26th June and this reading will interpret that for each sign.

For those of you who have not yet seen part 3 of the annual, covering summer and autumn, it is now available at this link: Annual 2018 Part 3

You will notice some new glyphs being used for the signs and each is a photo-link to the site of astrological artist, Kathryn Monks. She produces beautiful birth charts and birth chart clocks to a high specification. She exhibits at The Astrological Association of the UK and other big events. She also makes charts and clocks for christenings, weddings and other special occasions.

Kathryn has just released her new star sign bracelet range and we invite you to take a look at those by clicking the glyph or by following this link: New Star Sign Bracelets

Have a great month and these first waves of summer (for those in the northern hemisphere). Catch you soon.

Alex  ❤


Carnelian, Red Jasper and Garnet

We all know you’re a strong individual and having clear goals is something which helps focus your individuality. It is time though to reformulate some of those goals. You won’t lose yourself by doing this. Rather, you will explore a new dimension of yourself. I might just point out that some of said goals may not involve you winning a prize or excelling to new heights of achievement. No, it may be that your energies will be better directed in assessing the benefits of any examples of effective cooperation you see all around you. You may decide this July that on occasion there is much to be gained by apportioning tasks to various individuals (you may have to work either on your trust, or your judgment of who to choose to collaborate with). ‘The whole is greater than the sum of the parts’ and you can be truly enriched this month by allowing yourself to move away from certain ideas about efficiency, toward enjoyment of mutual support.


Apple Jasper, Rhodonide and Black Tourmaline

Mars rules your 12th and 7th houses. It’s time to review every aspect of your partnerships, in terms of how your relationship to your existence (basically how you transact life) has been shaped by ancient unconscious material. The energy you put out, is the energy you get back. We call this a mirror. Said mirror reflects everything back to you about how you approach your daily reality. Partners morph, seemingly, into familiar shapes you dimly recognise (but without full awareness). Thankfully Chiron in Aries is helping you to bring these into focus for ‘healing’. It’s the stories we tell ourselves that have the most power. “What’s your story?” is a very common line of approach that folk use upon meeting others for the first time. Mars is actually in your 10th house and so all the structures of your existence and purpose are in the spotlight. Reversing your traditional approach to everything is July’s key.

Gemini July 2018 horoscope by Alex

Blue Lace Agate, Green Jade and Pyrite

Religion is not something we usually associate with Gemini. But religion is truly any belief system that you ardently hold to and live by. No god or goddess is actually required! There’s no question that you have considerable intellectual prowess, knowledge and critical acumen, but the fact that you ‘know your stuff’ can lull you into guru mode. A side effect of this is that you can easily believe your own hype and occasionally fail to notice important subtleties. There may have been times when your intellect got in the way of a deeper wisdom or discernment of the facts in plain sight. Again, this is a place where your deep-seated beliefs may have sneaked in and you’ve seen your own presuppositions reflected in situations (even prejudices) , rather than what is actually transpiring. The good news about this is that once you address the blind spot and any unhelpful zeal, you’ll be in a stronger position to progress your life mission.

Cancer July 2018 horoscope by Alex

Mother of Pearl, Moonstone and Green Jasper

It’s fair to say that you can be ambivalent about commitment and especially where your private spaces may be compromised by inability to escape the presence of others. Boundaries are a funny animal and they can be compromised in many ways. Boundaries often also receive challenge around issues of shared resources. Who contributes what? It looks like you may be reviewing your strategies this month around how shared resources and contributions are valued. Conflicts around shared assets may revolve around trust (often do), or different valuations of the importance and uses of money. Mars is not normally one for conversation but this month taking a look at your motivations will pay you dividends. Others may well wish to go deeper with you but differences around shared resources are a potential sticking point. You’ve got to sort out your own values before shared ones can work.

Leo July 2018 Horoscope by Alex

Amber, Garnet and Stripped Black Onyx

How have you transacted your relationships historically? There is a sense that they may have been volatile, according the current astrology. There’s no surprise in this when you observe the Leo-Aquarius axis. Aquarius offers you quiet and sensitive containment. Your Sun rules the roost, while Saturn and Uranus (co-rulers of Aquarius) battle out whether they commit or demand freedom, once dealing with the always shining Sun. You do a dance as a sign pair of “I want this. No I don’t”. And “I want traditions and stability. No, I crave my freedom”. Swings lead to volatility and excitement. But excitement of the wrong kind does nobody any good. Mars retrograde in July says that you must look carefully at your investments of time and energy in your relationships. Mars does not really consult, it simply acts. But this is sometimes its downfall. Time for a review of where relationships fit into your priorities.

Virgo July 2018 Horoscope by Alex

Malachite, Fossil jasper and Celestite

Aquarius is your solar 6th house. People may be fooled by your unassuming style! But underneath your cool exterior lies a highly innovative soul. We know you are a sign of service and with the Aquarian dimension, we can see you working in areas that are humanitarian and meaningful. The planet Mercury grants an airiness to your earthy nature, which is very well suited to Aquarius on the 6th because Aquarius can sometimes suffer loss of application due to endlessly swimming in blueprints. Now, with Mars retrograde in this part of your chart, it is time to assess whether your efforts have really been ‘worth it’. It is so easy to waste energy, even on valid pursuits – usually because there is little chance of the effort being valued, appreciated and made good use of by others. Frustration with such matters can make you quite the martyr! July is the time to ask whether it might be time to direct your innovations elsewhere.

Libra July 2018 Horoscope by Alex

Lapis Lazuli, White Opal and Turquoise

Toward what have you tended to invest your sense of self in the past? What have you clung to that has given you a sense of purpose and identity? I’ve talked often enough about how Libra tends to pride itself on a passion for justice, equity and decency. Mars is in detriment in your sign and so you struggle more with the Martial energies. Think about the Martial Artist here and what they do. It is visually impressive and effective direction of force. Force seems to bother you in certain respects. But you can be very forceful when it comes to the fight against injustice. But under Mars retrograde it is important for you to question whether you have invested in these things because it feels easier to assert yourself on behalf of others. There are other options, such as doing art for art’s sake, or having sex merely for physical pleasure. You do not need to become a brute to show up differently in July.

Scorpio July 2018 Horoscope by Alex

Aquamarine, Garnet and Obsidian

Your ruler Mars, is retrograde in your 4th house. Who was the weaker personality between your parents? It seems you may be exploring some of the anger issues that you’ve perhaps buried around that particular parent’s role within your upbringing. What did this parent’s inaction cost you as a child? That’s the place to start. The implication is that you will be in a position (if using the time well), to correct something within your own life path. Instead of hiding behind blame of the offending parent, you will be able to take this area back and no longer feel powerless. Mars is all about your sense of personal power – whether the power of fundamentally defining who you wish to be, or what you want to do, or perhaps having a sense that you are the one who is truly in charge of your life. If you have been a passenger in recent times, it is time this month finally to stand up and be counted!

Sagittarius July 2018 Horoscope by Alex

Lapis Lazuli, Topaz and Turquoise

What good are opinions and zealous beliefs, really? Under the influence of Mars retrograde you come face to face with a tendency you may be dimly aware of, but have perhaps failed adequately to understand the full impact of. Energy is a precious commodity and while passion is all well and good, it is a finite expression of energy. Time and reflection are often better uses of your time than passion. This is because once you are clear on the exact dimensions of what is important, you can focus. All too often, your excitement and inspiration fails to lead you to the place you hoped it would. Take stock in July. And, while you are at it, do not simply look at the quality of your ideas. Consider also questions about your higher purpose. You may well believe that that which fires the imagination is automatically what you need, but you may discover this month that the truth is quite the opposite!

Capricorn July 2018 Horoscope by Alex

Garnet, Black Obsidian and Lapis Lazuli

How far have you tended to equate your sense of self with the stringency of your values and standards? While it is an admirable quality to have consistency and integrity, I get the sense that perhaps your commitment is less about standards and more about attachment. When other people have perhaps felt less than reliable and trustworthy, it is an understandable reflex to become the quality you desire to see in others, but lack consistent experience of. As Mars begins his retrograde period, you are called upon to evaluate just where your ‘strong values’ originated. Ambivalence, avoidance and loneliness can be the consequence of defences that try to shut out pain before it can affect you. It can be easy to yoyo between longing and dread when it comes to relating. This month, if you can show vulnerability without being needy, you’ll resolve an ancient complex that has dogged your life forever!

Aquarius July 2018 Horoscope by Alex

Amethyst, Turquoise and Amber

Mars is retrograde in your sign. So how has it felt when you have decided to propel yourself forward instead of lurking somewhere in the background? I would not describe Aquarius as ‘shy’ but there’s no question that you are less comfortable in the spotlight. I get the sense that while Mars was moving forward you were feeling an unction to express yourself openly and effectively in a way that would normally seem rather crass and unsophisticated to you. You like clear boundaries and I think you may have felt a little ‘out of control’. Now that Mars is retrograde you get some contrast. What’s the difference between being visible plus looked to for leadership and the quiet theorising and acting behind the scenes that is your usual style? It’s okay to be humble. But this is not about that particular virtue. Sometimes life asks to be expressed raw. And it’s this rawness that may normally faze you. Hopefully no longer!

Pisces July 2018 Horoscope by Alex

Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli and Rhodonide

What energies have you been repressing? This may usually be quite a difficult thing to notice. In fact, you’d normally get first indications through the unpredictable responses of other people to your Mars-fueled behaviours. This month, you get access to your most creative ideas. You may likely notice just how much your frustrations about daily life have been a direct measure of the extent to which your inventiveness has not been given opportunity to thrive. You understand how creation requires destruction, even if you are less keen on the destruction! It’s time to embrace your revolutionary energies. Take a look around you. What do you think needs dismantling and rebuilding? Use this metaphor in July, to remind you that you have ideas, big ideas, about seemingly immovable objects. Remember, at your best you are an irresistible force. Changing the world is not an everyday occurrence. But not beyond reach.

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July 2018 Horoscope - by Alex
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July 2018 Horoscope - by Alex
Welcome to your July 2018 Horoscope. The major talking point is the retrograde of Mars which commenced on 26th June. Monthly horoscope by Alex Brocklehurst.
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