July 2015 Horoscope By Alex Brocklehurst

July 2015 Horoscope By Alex Brocklehurst

Hello everyone, here is your July 2015 horoscope reading for all twelve signs

Please check out last week’s solstice reading of runes/tarot. Also, over the next couple of days, be sure to check back in for a special animal augury reading that I have been preparing for these past two glorious days, here in West Yorkshire. I believe that all modes of divination have something useful to offer us. Ultimately, my desire would be to see more folk connecting with nature and receiving their own messages. It was a very interesting first augury attempt and I specifically structured it to a horoscopic format. After I had finished, things felt somewhat like the outcome from the Sabian Symbols https://wiki.astro.com/astrowiki/en/Sabian_Symbols
That reading should be up by Friday at the latest:

Aries July 2015 HoroscopeARIES: What an incredibly graphic message comes through for you this month – rich and complex, but entirely viable in your life right now. It is all about security (and the guilt which often keeps us tied to it). In the bible we often hear of a ‘yoke of oxen’, two beasts joined at the neck, in a stocks-like device; forcing them to travel together, while ploughing a field. This image reminds me of you right now. Are you, in reality, trapped in an arrangement of some kind with an inflexible and closed-off person? Or is it really ancient material percolating in your unconscious that has led you to being servile and feeling frustrated about the life that you could have? This can start to feel a little like the equation “I can only be free when on my own”. Sure, we must manage the expectations of others but this is about much more than that. If you are going to manifest your dreams and move beyond this pervasive restlessness this is the month to start. Not only is the Sun in your solar fourth house, but so is your planetary ruler Mars (in the sign of Cancer). This suggests that you have a wonderful opportunity this month to enter into your soul-level purpose by addressing ancient issues around mother and the family unit and all the guilt you were socialised into that has warped your view of where true security resides. What keeps you locked in the past is NOT significant others, regardless of how it feels. This month, you are called upon to consider leaving behind not a person, but the very notion of security that you have both cherished and built upon your whole life. A part of you knows that shrouds don’t have pockets. Start to live as if that means something!

Taurus July 2015 HoroscopeTAURUS: It must be quite traumatic for a little chick that is about to hatch having to force its way out of the egg that has been its home and protection from the world outside. What does it know about what lies ahead? One thing is for sure; unlike that little bird (which knows no real anxieties), we humans often are beset by things that we simply do not wish to face. I’m reminded too of Adam and Eve losing their innocence and realising they were naked. That was, simultaneously, the point of realising one’s mortality. Death entered the scene. It is incredible just how far the scary things ‘out there’ cripple our sense of action and ability to change our life course. The cosmos seems to be telling you that it is now finally time to confront and leave behind those fears – tied as they are to the womb as protection from danger. You realise you cannot control outside reality. Having tried for years you eventually saw through that snare. Could it be though that you don’t simply ride past karma, but create your own NOW by the way you view the past and act differently in the present? One of the things which keeps us stuck in terror is its outworking of inability to articulate – feeling damned if you do and damned if you don’t. The only way around that IS to speak. Of course, it may be inconceivable to speak with those who think they know you and may be shocked by your sharing. So, if you know it is time to seek professional assistance, do not be ashamed. The world is waiting patiently for your emergence.

Gemini July 2015 HoroscopeGEMINI: Everybody else has a carefree and joyous life don’t they? You can just see that spring in their step and feel it taunting you constantly. “Why does everybody else seem to be able to do normality and ease and I just get to dream big all the time but never achieve what I want?” I hear you lament. To be fair though, you have been quite the hermit in recent years. It seems that you made a choice some time ago to ensure that you were personally ok through being self-sufficient and having to rely upon nobody at all other than yours truly. Old habits die hard, especially when you have had considerable success in keeping your ship afloat using this strategy. Still, we must ponder whether, as per Maslow, meeting our most basic needs satisfactorily as our bottom line, does not sometimes seem to preclude the meeting of our needs in relating and finding love through free expression and association. Those folk out there, who can leave you feeling so unexciting, actually have quite a lot to offer you beginning this month. Yes security through bricks and mortar and tangible resources in the bank are important, but this month Mars is attempting to cajole you to change your approach somewhat. Normally, you would be inclined to let things come to you. But I see that you will be pleasantly surprised at just how empowering it feels this month to go right out there and demand what you are worth. Don’t settle for any “I’m not worth it” nonsense in your head this month. Jupiter and Venus tell you to push your luck and begin the journey from surviving to thriving!

Cancer July 2015 HoroscopeCANCER: You are a powerhouse this month, no doubt. On the horizon you can clearly see the fulfilment of every dream you ever aspired to. Security realised, abundance of solid and satisfying connections with all manner of family and friends. It is also clear that you are comfortable with the transitions that are in view for you over the coming weeks. You see clearly the point of all those key decisions you made over the past couple of years and that things are going according to plan. You are manifesting abundance and things have perhaps rarely looked so promising. In some ways it is difficult to speak cogently from an astrological perspective when all is looking to be working together auspiciously for you – and everything would appear smooth. But one thing holds good in such situations and that is that we must not completely align ourselves with a sense of the good times continuing forever. Some transition is painful but yours is looking smooth. But DO NOT take your eye off the ball. You will soon be gladly leaving certain things behind. But do not be complacent. It would appear that you will have to retain tenacity in aligning with your life purpose. This is not an ending or arrival so much as a new beginning. Do not allow all the excitement of transition to blur your focus on what keeps you grounded. This month, you can play, but soon life’s wheel will turn again and you will wake up finding that life continues to be what you make it. Keep future plans tucked away in the back of your mind. They will come to the foreground again in autumn.

Leo July 2015 HoroscopeLEO: All those egos out there. It’s a wonder that you have survived so long having to be in the company of such crushing bores! This month, you will be dealing in acute contrasts. I see that you have been struggling with your sense of place in the world, not perhaps feeling as if you have got your act quite together in the world of things and responsibilities. Yet despite the anxieties you understand that you are in transition. You need to watch for a few things this month and that is because you have become somewhat top-heavy. What I mean by that is that the work you have done on yourself and the way you feel about that does not quite match your tangible achievements. It is quite possible that you could indulge in a superiority complex this month – and that would not suit you well. I’m here to tell you that all the contrasts and contradictions of this month are designed to help you see exactly HOW you have constructed an identity for yourself to protect you from your self-doubts. It goes something like this “I’m the cat’s whiskers and THEY are like something I trod on, on the pavement”. You may not wish to be honest about this since it might offend your sensibilities to acknowledge, but the point this month is to journey inward as you contemplate journeying outwardly, so that you can see clearly that the world will simply do what it always does. You will never control it or its impact on you. It is a deep re-working you seek this month in your unconscious. You may be tempted to lash out in anger at the injustices of the past. Don’t! Allow yourself to feel and give thanks for your life and every blessing in it – for there are many. Look around!

Virgo July 2015 HoroscopeVIRGO: This is breakthrough month for you, in terms of how good you feel about yourself. I do not mean the fabricated sort of feel good factor, I mean the hard-earned graft you have put in finally coming to fruition. When you have embarked on such a journey it can be too easy to forget just how important and sustaining our connection with other people in our lives can be; whether lovers, siblings, other family, friends or even work colleagues. It is always a beautiful thing when we process our pain and come out the other side. But, when we get there, sometimes our old behaviour patterns remain, even though we shifted the pain. This month, you should consider seriously the importance of changing certain attitudes and habitual practices around how you engage with the various people in your life. Do you welcome contact? Or will you appear at “arms length” (an approach born of the old legacy material). And before you try that little stunt of throwing yourself into your work as a distraction from such (and even getting all perfectionist about it), notice what is happening, recognise how far you have come in six months and step back. It is crucial for you this month to take seriously the question of what communities of interest you can comfortably reside in, while being who you most truly are (rather than shutting down parts of yourself to fit in). A part of this exploration may once again be calling you to examine whether or not your current vocation is sustainable and in line with who you are – or perhaps whether you finally do something about re-birthing your career.

Libra July 2015 HoroscopeLIBRA: Try putting your fingers in your ears, closing your eyes and whistling a tune as loudly as you can! Maybe add a few la la las for good measure. What’s going on? Everything is Changing (to quote Keane) and you don’t feel the same. Part of me is tempted to advise you to pull down the shutters for the next month and just go inside yourself to do some processing of things, with the motto “This too shall pass” emblazoned in your brain circuitry. But that would be to miss an opportunity for you to confront some important questions about what is real about ‘reality’. Have you believed for an age that despite everything that goes on around you, you can nonetheless build a reality that is safe and secure within yourself that nothing can touch? Well, most of the time that might seem a plausible thing to achieve. Yet, just now, it is not quite so simple for you. You see, we imagine we are writing the book, framing the story etc but ultimately we are not. The key to maximising on your challenges this month is to reverse the polarity of your usual approach. You like to paint in broad brushstrokes, you prefer principles rather than details. You see the beauty in principles and the tedium in details. This month, you will find that learning to appreciate even the smallest of seemingly inconsequential details will open up doors you could hardly ever have imagined. Step back and open up to being surprised by just what large matters can be untangled by attention to the smallest of things. In order to do that you need to get out and mingle, so that you can notice.

Scorpio July 2015 HoroscopeSCORPIO: I’ve often wondered what is so scary about opening up, when it comes to Scorpio. I’ve always assumed that your connection to the underworld was the reason and it is just too difficult to articulate. The other signs don’t envy you that heavy deal. The themes of recent months are still live for you. Although there may be some important emotional matters that you are resolutely still refusing to look at, there is no doubt that your liberation is crying out to you from the cosmic depths. In some ways, my feeling is that Scorpios are our master psychologists largely because they spend so long dealing with and mapping the energies of the inner plane in such a high stakes and relentless fashion. It’s almost like mundane reality becomes routine by default – vulgar even. Well, this month, there is a very clear equation that I would like you to follow to the letter if possible. Every time you catch yourself dealing with a problem on the internal level begin to think about how you could address (or shift) it on the external level. I can feel your hackles rising! “There’s nothing wrong with me” I hear you roar. Well no, there isn’t but if you wish to make the breakthrough that you know is well overdue to the drudgery that has defined you for too long then realise that your traditional planetary ruler, Mars, is asking you to expand your horizons out in the world. The time has come to balance the inner and the outer. The world does not change inside our heads. Remember that and make some decisive changes this month to challenge old constraints. Go on a foreign excursion would be my advice.

Sagittarius July 2015 HoroscopeSAGITTARIUS: You reap what you sow. Or do you? There, I’ve started a philosophical and religious melee right at the start of your forecast. All those naysayers don’t like it when you follow your path. They’d prefer it if you’d follow theirs! And that is just it really. You, just like the rest of us, have your emotional complexes, anxieties and denials as well as your dreams and goals. The difference is that unlike the rest of us, you often fully grasp just how that means risk taking should be a natural part of experience and expansion as a planetary inhabitant. You have known in recent times just how tough that struggle is between leaving everything you idealised and loved behind, turning down conventional notions of security, and striding on out into the unknown. It feels like you are doubting yourself somehow – questioning whether your natural inclination is somehow faulty. Answer? No! What has happened here is that you have made the mistake of believing that simply fulfilling the prerequisites to expansion and growth is the same as actually getting out there and “making it happen”. I have to bring you this reality check to stop you beating yourself up. You have not made a wrong turn. You have simply not understood that doing the right things does not guarantee the right or desired outcomes to our dreams. You have to WORK those dreams; manifest them by diligent application and determination. No pain, no gain. One part inspiration and nine parts perspiration and all that. For you, commitment to your process involves challenging your assumptions and getting out there and “making it happen”. If you do then it will surely happen. If you don’t karma will bite you on the arse!

Capricorn July 2015 HoroscopeCAPRICORN: Well, well. All that hard work has brought you to the place of fruition. Your foundations are well built and creative endeavours are proceeding beautifully. This ride has been far from smooth and there have been, and will continue to be, bumps in the road. That’s the funny thing about creative pursuits. The stakes are highest when we come into friction/contact with other highly charged souls. Sparks can fly in both good and bad ways. We sometimes struggle too, to tell the difference – at least initially. Well expect more of the same this month and even more heightened. You seem to have reached the point in the life of, for example, a business that needs to approach investors (say like in Dragon’s Den). You have gone as far you can at this level and now you face this vexed question of expansion or stagnation, with all the questions of resources, all the doubts that creep in, all the risks involved in giving certain things up in order to grow something new. You have strong attachments to your family. These attachments ground your life in many ways, but they also hold you back in their current form. It is that proverbial time when the little bird must fly the nest. This is not necessarily in a bricks and mortar sense – it is more the emotional ties that have made you somewhat risk averse – and more keen to preserve what you already have. This is the tipping point for you. I cannot say which way you should go. But what I can tell you is that transition is auspiciously starred.

Aquarius July 2015 HoroscopeAQUARIUS: By what standards or expectations are you judging yourself and your situation – or more accurately, whose? Are you secretly feeling terrorised by those societal diktats that convince you that unless you fulfil a certain set of requirements you are secretly a failure? We know we all struggle with such, but I get the feeling this is pressing on your raw nerves a little more than usual this month. I’m here to reassure you that your progress is on track. There are no grandiose notions to indulge, simply plodding through and covering all the bases is EXACTLY what you are supposed to be doing just now. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. However, this can certainly be a hugely productive month for you if you can harness the influence of Mars in your solar sixth house. Sure, you are brushing up against some egos but they are proving this month to be a great catalyst that you can use to energise yourself, rather than being drained. Being an Aquarian can sometimes lead you into complexes mazes of ideas that seem to bear no relation to day-to-day realities and the values of real people. This can be disillusioning. But instead of despair, think instead of how you can ground your ideas in a very practical way, without worrying too much what others think, or how they cooperate or fail to cooperate with your visions. Get practical, physical tasks under that belt of yours this month and you will find that by the end of July you can relax a little and enjoy some of the fruit of your labours.

Pisces July 2015 HoroscopePISCES: There could be news coming this month about the need to relocate – that’s right, moving away from where you live now. In fact, transitioning is a huge theme this whole month through – you could even be helping others to transition either right now or as part of a new work role that you may be moving into. Service is at the heart of this and you will no doubt feel conflicted by a sense of divided loyalties and responsibilities for the next few weeks. Whatever the exact configuration of these themes in your situated life, there is certainly a sense of leaving the established pathways behind, of travelling locally at the very least and of at minimum giving your home a summer makeover, if not a complete transformation. It’s a good job you are so mutable, Pisces, because there is enough going on here to disorientate anybody! But it all fits together consistently to open doors that you have been looking to open for you for a long time. That moment is finally arriving. I strongly suggest that whether or not you keep a journal, you make extensive notes about your daily experiences this next month. Watch for synchronicities and patterns that will help show you a very clear arrow of consistent guidance. You are on your path. Make sure that while on it you remain flexible. You may, this month, have to speculate in order to accumulate. It will be a very good investment if you do! In fact, everything you do decisions-wise this month, you should undertake as an act of faith in the cosmos, as you watch the doors open in front of you.

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