Jd Meatyard Standing On The Shoulders Of Better Men

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Jd Meatyard - Standing on the shoulders of better menJd Meatyard Standing On The Shoulders Of Better Men

Jd Meatyard’s previous lives as singer/songwriter in Levellers 5 and Calvin Party featured heavily on the late, great and much missed John Peel Show on BBC radio. Their ‘art alt noise’ a favourite of the great DJ but never more than ‘cult of cult’ status amongst the public out there.

It is said that Jd retains the rage and the passion, but the delivery is rather more considered. Live, JDM is usually joined by percussionist Johan Visschers and guitarist Steven Lindley.

Studio players include Johan and Steven, joined by: Natasha Lea Jones’ voice; Dave Thom’s cello, guitar and accordion; Phil Hutchinson’s harmonica; JDM bro Jim Donaldson, also on guitar and dobro; Nina van Winden on guitar and as vocalist; Dave Clarke with his violin; and last, but not least, Simon Fort on drums…

His new album, TAKING THE ASYLUM, recorded at Probe Plus Records, came out on 13th April 2015.

Northern Songs from JD Meatyard – It’s stuffed with songs exposing raw nerves and picking at open sores. “It’s easy to write when you’re down/ self-pity is fertile ground,” Donaldson notes sagely on ‘Happy Song For Amsterdam Man’, before allowing the darkness to become all too visible on ‘I Cracked (You’re Better Now)’, which could almost be Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. Perhaps the LP’s finest moment is reserved for the home strait with ‘Standing on The Shoulders of Better Men’, a rousing anthem that salutes the left field pioneers from Don van Vliet through to Mark E Smith…Personally, I would include JD in this list of unsung heroes”. Tim Peacock – ‘whistling and hollerin’

JD Meatyard struck a chord in me and its still ringing. Songs of passion. Songs of anger. Songs of loss. Songs from the heart. If he was any more authentic they’d lock him up. In fact I suspect they might do anyway. Catch him while you can. HMHB web blog Edinburgh Liquid Rooms review. Copyright Jd Meatyard

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