January 2018 Horoscope – by Alex

January 2018 Horoscope – by Alex

Hello everybody, here is a completely unscheduled Christmas Eve gift for you. Normally the writing schedule is too cramped for a January horoscope. But here is a short guide to January’s features. I’m on with part two of the annual and part one is out. Have a very merry Christmas and see you in 2018. All the best from everyone at HTF. Enjoy! ?

Here is my Annual 2018 Part One and Annual 2018 Part Two

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Aries - January 2018 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, ram, monthly, divinationARIES: You cannot expect to go out into the world and scale the heights if there is something back home that is undermining your comfort and security. This month you have got to get the balance exactly right between stretching out into achievements and ensuring that all is secure in your foundations. This is the month to think squarely about repairs to your home. Ensure it is the space where you can truly unwind and be yourself – both materially and relationally. You are called upon to be secure in your roots so that your branches can truly reach toward the skies. A year of achievement beckons if you attend to these matters.


Taurus - January 2018 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, ram, monthly, divinationTAURUS: Does conformity ever truly bring happiness? It may certainly reduce your stress levels! Fitting in and seeking approval is not a recipe for true joy, however. People pleasing can be both interpersonal and political in nature. My feeling is that you may fall foul more of the interpersonal dimension. It’s time, this month, to stop caring what people think of the stances you take and the positions you adopt. Sorrow comes when the expectations are too lofty. Accept that people and situations are flawed. Being true to yourself allows for no timidity or apologies for your deepest beliefs. Bask in your authority this month.


Gemini - January 2018 Horoscope, astrology, psychic, ram, monthly, divinationGEMINI: Wisdom is of the earth. It takes time to gestate. Often, it is necessary to persevere with details when you wish to be getting on with implementing the energy of the vision. Creativity is one part inspiration and nine parts perspiration. And so, in January, it’s important to start as you mean to go on and seed the best energy for your year. The way you collaborate this year will have a bearing on success. Start now. Recognise that you need to identify key players in this year’s story. If you already suspect you know who they are then begin the process of reaching out to them. If not, now is the time to work it out.


Cancer - January 2018 Horoscope, astrology, psychic, crab, monthly, divinationCANCER: Well, here is the thing. You can either seek ease and mediocrity, both in your personal pursuits and in your relating, or you can raise the bar and operate with completely different standards and expectations… and achieve completely different results! This month, you are able to experience some very powerful human contacts that can both inspire and intimidate. In order for it to be the former, you must cultivate resilience and strength. You can begin a process of much more rewarding relating than you have ever known if you can own your power and trust your abilities. You can now meet others on an equal footing.


Leo - January 2018 Horoscope, astrology, psychic, lion, monthly, divinationLEO: The higher we climb, the further it is to fall. The loftier things become, the more difficult it is to balance and sometimes even to move! It is all a matter of scale. Remember too, that the same applies to both standards and ethics. The more you achieve, the greater the role model you are, the more in the spotlight, the higher the stakes and the greater the expectations. You have what it takes. Never forget though that stature is an issue of genuine quality, never really quantity. Greatness is not measured by size but how pristine a thing is. Pristine doesn’t mean perfect. But it certainly does mean ‘built with integrity’.


Virgo - January 2018 Horoscope, psychic, virgin, monthly, divinationVIRGO: There is always the option of allowing life to grind you down and extinguish your faith in the basic goodness of human existence. A crisis of faith can be brought on when too much is going on and we cannot cope with the cumulative burden. This is where the dictum of working “smarter not harder” comes in really handy. Problem solving, at its best, sees us not lamenting about ‘too much information’. Instead, there is the understanding that we do not have enough information of the right quality. In January, you must recognise that it is not what you are carrying that is the problem, rather what you haven’t yet noticed.


Libra - January 2018 Horoscope, astrology, psychic, scales, monthly, divinationLIBRA: You will never be recognised if you never lay claim to what you are entitled to. This is not saying that you claim something that you do not deserve. Instead, it means you no longer persist in refusing to claim what you have deserved several times over; aka true recognition. Do you believe that? If you answer ‘yes’ then do you actually act as if this is natural and should be recognised by all? Or do you still wait for people to offer you recognition and reward? Newsflash: Sometimes we have to take what we are owed. This is the next step in your evolution and nobody is going to take it for you. Resist if you like or seek acclaim!


Scorpio - January 2018 Horoscope, astrology, psychic, scorpion, monthly, divinationSCORPIO: The pen is mightier than the sword. Elegance and gracefulness may well be more effective than diligence and application in a number of scenarios. Form is temporary but class is permanent. I’m reminded here of Aesop’s fable about the Sun and the north wind; which evokes the dictum that there is “more than one way to skin a cat”. I’m sure as a good Scorpio, that you’ve never flayed a feline. Still, the lesson from Aesop holds good. Charm and guile often carry the day over brute force. You must simply decide whether this compromises your deepest values. If not, recognise this month that you can increase power by using varied tools.


Sagittarius - January 2018 Horoscope, astrology, psychic, archer, monthly, divinationSAGITTARIUS: The path of the spiritual warrior can be a lonely one. Being recognised by one’s community or tribe is no substitute for the spiritual path. Imagine if the shaman settled for acclaim, sat on his laurels and said piously “I’ve arrived”. To acknowledge the sacred fittingly, requires determination and the adoption of a different set of standards than most people deem adequate for the life journey. You must recognise at the outset of 2018 that Sagittarius is a teacher with a mission that others cannot fulfil. It is the siren call of home – that place we venture toward as destiny. You do not seek to be the guru. You simply are.


Capricorn - January 2018 Horoscope, astrology, psychic, goat, monthly, divinationCAPRICORN: This whole year can be experienced in January alone, if you can set the tone for what the energy will manifest as. The key for you now is to be sat on the throne of your personal authority. Success in career, stability in your home life and foundations and contentment in your relationships can all align this year, if you can integrate your psyche away from the need for approval and instead move toward the path you simply know in your bones is right for you. Security is primarily a feeling, but it is nonetheless a feeling you must act upon. You know now (finally) what you both can and cannot accept. Take no prisoners now!


Aquarius - January 2018 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, water carrier, monthly, divinationAQUARIUS: Maturation of perception requires that we get clear with what intuition actually is. Being able to trust what you ‘just know’ is a huge leap forward in any person’s life. Once that jump is made, it becomes much easier to trust oneself. And when you reach that place it becomes much easier to become generous both materially and spiritually. You no longer need hold onto trivial concerns, or worries. This is the kind of growth in you that benefits everybody who encounters your presence. This brings warmth and confidence to others, as they feel secure simply being around you. Can you imagine just what sort of gift that is?


Pisces - January 2018 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, fish, monthly, divinationPISCES: Abundance both comes and goes. Fulfilment is a somewhat different matter. This month, you begin the journey for the year by reshaping your understanding. There are many ways to travel. You’ll be learning to travel light this year. This month however, you’ll be learning to travel with stealth. Many folk trample all over others. But you are sensitive. Life is a contact sport, where we influence others all the time. In January, you begin to see clearly that your highest satisfaction is a lesson learned and one that you cannot just “keep to yourself”. When the three musketeers cried “one for all and all for one” they were onto something.


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January 2018 Horoscope - by Alex
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January 2018 Horoscope - by Alex
Here is a completely unscheduled Christmas Eve gift for you. Normally the writing schedule is too cramped for a January horoscope. But here is a short guide to January's features.
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    Thought-provoking with direction for this Gemini to step into the future. Thanks always for your wisdom.

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