Intolerance: My Opinions Are More Important

Intolerance: My Opinions Are More Important

People who suffer from intolerance are often fanatical

  • The spectrum between intolerance (the outer projection of outright disgust with and prejudice against another person, place or thing) to (the inner subtle feeling of superiority and inward judgment, seeing one’s self as “better than”  another), is fully covered by the Bach Flower Remedy, Beech, when one is overcome by this particular negative state.

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Whether discreet or in your face apparent, this state is not only hard on the people who are associated with someone carrying these thoughts and feelings, it is highly detrimental to the contentment and ultimate happiness of the one harboring this posture.

Eventually, no one and nothing will meet the high standards of the negative Beech state. The carrier of this energy is of course their own ultimate standard. In effect, no other person or group will live up to or surpass the expectations of a person in the negative Beech state. One becomes cut off eventually from the bulk of humanity and from seeing the beauty in the diversity of human life.

Dr. Bach said of this state:

“It is obvious that none of us is in a position to judge or criticize others for the wisest of us sees or knows only the minutest fragment of the great scheme of all things, and we cannot judge, knowing so little, how the great plan will work.” (from BLOOM by Stefan Ball, p.205).

During an election year, we might find this state easily observable in our thoughts, and knowing that allowing them to grow is as harmful to one’s serenity as a poison, we are thankful for an antidote, a balm. Beech opens us again to the acceptance of another’s differences. Even to accept traits in others we do not like, without cutting them off or wanting them to change. The beauty in diversity is once again appreciated and valued and equanimity is restored. As gently and easily as four drops of this liquid magic four times per day from a treatment bottle will once again restore one to the person one chooses to be. Thank you Dr. Bach, and Beech.


Lea is a retired registered nurse, a Reiki master, a self-taught American herbalist and has been assisting family,  friends and clients in using the Bach Flower Remedies since 2001. She was accepted onto the International Registry of Practitioners at the Bach Centre in Mount Vernon England and has been a Registered Practitioner since 2003. Her blog (see below) describes her consultation practice. She will answer one question per month from a Healthy Tree Frog reader. Questions may be asked in the comments column.


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