How I Started Using The Bach Flower Remedies

How I Started Using The Bach Flower Remedies

How I began using the Bach Flower Remedies

Shall we start at the very beginning?

That’s a very good place to start.

In order to demonstrate the simplicity of using the Bach Flower Remedies, and its potent results. I will tell you about my first “client-friend” whose use of my suggested combinations are continuing to serve her and two of her children well today.

This friend came to me in 2001 as a herbalist (my main alternative practice at that time) for suggestions on separate occasions about separate issues concerning herself,  her daughter and her son. I had begun testing the Bach Flower Remedies on myself, my family, my plants,  my pets and a science teacher’s Japanese Fighting Fish—with what were to me astounding results — so I asked her if she would try what I would prepare for her to test  whether they would  help her and her children.

She agreed and with one book in my hand to help me choose which of the flowers might be helpful. I began.

Dr. Bach wrote that one only needs compassion and intelligence to learn how to  usefully apply the Bach Flower Remedies he had developed.

Dr.Bach - Using the Bach Flower Remedies

 His intention was that every family would have one set of the 38 flower remedies, and that, at least one person per family  could prepare appropriate remedy combinations for the rest of the family when needed. He also thought this could assist in fewer expensive and time-consuming appointments with the medical community of his day.

At  the beginning of 2001 she had been looking for work for several months. She was becoming overwhelmed, discouraged and losing faith in herself as the months passed with little success in finding suitable employment. I prepared the combination of Rock Rose, Agrimony and Gentian for her. Within a few days her spirits lifted and she found renewed energy and trust that the best opportunity for her would materialize.

Combinations are chosen based on  personality and  mood

Using the Bach Flower Remedies

Keh Huei’s daisies

She was an extremely happy-go-lucky woman who was also sensitive to the point of fearfulness at different times. She was now becoming bound up in her fear of not finding suitable work for herself. I am happy to say that as she took her remedies she began to feel more calm and courageous and happy. She began to trust that the right -fit would be found in her job hunt. And it was. Her normal  brightness and positive outlook had returned and enabled her to continue her search and find just the right employment for her at the time. Did she think the flower remedies helped? Well you decide: she brought herself and her daughter and her son to me again as the months and years moved on.  Those stories I will tell in my next post.


Lea is a retired registered nurse, a Reiki master, a self-taught American herbalist and has been assisting family,  friends and clients in using the Bach Flower Remedies since 2001. She was accepted onto the international registry of practitioners at the Bach Centre in Mount Vernon England and has been a Registered Practitioner since 2003. Her blog (see below) describes her consultation practice. She will answer one question per month from a Healthy Tree Frog reader. Questions may be asked in the comments column.


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Lea’s blog: bachflowerremediesfortoday.blogspot

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  1. Lea Henderson-Neider
    April 07, 02:00 #1 Lea Henderson-Neider Author

    Good question, Alex. Remedies are always chosen for the mood and personality of the “patient” and NEVER for a specific disease process or physical ailment.
    Dr. Bach, after finishing Medical School and also becoming a Surgeon eventually also turned to homeopathy and became a homeopath because his patients were not “getting well” at times as he thought they ought under the conventional treatments.
    He became curious about the lack of consistency in the outcomes. He eventually determined that his patient’s moods and personalities had a lot to do with the success and failure of medical and homeopathic treatments…
    So my question to you I is ( or whoever has this complaint— if you are asking for someone else): how do you FEEL about this problem? And what have you tried so far? Also, is there something in your life or environment or future that you do not like to be “seeing”? If so, what is your reaction to this thing ahead of you or within your inner or outer “sight” that you don’t like? You do not have to say what it is, just your reactions and feelings to it and about it, if there is such a thing as I am asking you about.
    Since I cannot hear your voice or see you in person these questions are necessary to help you give me the information I need to choose the correct remedy(ies).
    Where you can find the remedy concentrates that I might recommend is based on whether your pharmacy (I do not know what they are called in the UK) allows the druggist (again don’t know the proper term) to prepare the combination I will recommend for you.
    If that option is not available for you then you would go to a health food store (that is what we call them here in the States) and buy each concentrate of the individual remedies that I recommend and prepare the combination for yourself.
    That all sounds much more complicated than it really is. My understanding is thatt Europeans can go to their pharmacist and as for the particular remedies and the treatment bottle can be custom prepared. Hope that is the case for you in the UK.

  2. Alex Brocklehurst
    April 04, 21:03 #2 Alex Brocklehurst

    Hi Lea,

    Thanks for your article. I’ll post a question. What remedy would be best for chronic conjunctivitis related to blepharitis? And, where would one source the products?

    Thank you,


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