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Healing Cancer Testimonies

Healing cancer naturally is an old concept gaining in popularity

People are waking up to the limitations of conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. In reality, these treatments never address the true cause of cancer and, actually, increase the risk of secondary cancers due to their toxic effect on the body. The cure rates for healing cancer naturally are more than 30 times higher than the cure rates of those who use the highly profitable chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Although, in some cases surgery is necessary to remove a tumor.

You are the master of your life. You can do much more than you thought you could, including cure yourself of a ”terminal illness”.
Barbara Brennan, former NASA scientist in, Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field

In last 40 years the medical laws have been changed so that all the brilliant breakthroughs in cancer are denied to the public. There is a long history of natural cures for cancer being suppressed and denied by people with vested interests in making profit.

After a lifetime of being fed intentionally false information by the media and pharmaceutical industry, both owned by the super-rich, in twenty minutes of reading this article you will know the truth about cancer. So let us start with three facts about cancer you have probably never heard before:

  1. Depending on the cancer treatment that is chosen, 5-year survival rates (i.e. “cure rates”) for the same kind of cancer can range from 3% to 90%. Almost all patients use the 3% cure rate treatments because they don’t know about the 90% cure rate treatments,
  2. Many of the cancer treatments that have the 90% cure rates revert cancer cells into normal cells
  3. Inexpensive, safe and gentle cancer treatments (with 90% cure rates) have existed for decades, but very, very few people know these treatments even exist,

So why would any person endorse cancer treatments with 3% cure rates? The reason is patents. The treatments with 3% cure rates use treatments which use products which can be patented. Patents lead to massive amounts of profits. Read More

Testimonies of healing cancer naturally:

My Diagnosis of Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Dr. Susan Walker reveals how she naturally healed herself from stage-4 lung cancer, without conventional medical or pharmaceutical interventions.

I soon noticed I had the same sort of cough my Aunt Fran had. I first noticed it around 2003; the cough was a tickling feeling in my throat and would get worse when I laid down, but I thought mine was due to the moldy house and allergies. In 2005 when my Aunt Fran died, my 0wn cough was getting worse; so I made an appoint at my school infirmary and had myself checked out. First with chest x-rays, then blood work that noted the cancer signature. I had a full work-up done and the news was not good. I too had stage 4-lung cancer and had about 3 months to live! Read more

By Dr. Susan Walker

How Fiona healed leukemia, sarcoma and stage 4 cervical cancer!

In 1976, Fiona Shakeela Burns was diagnosed with leukemia and sarcoma at 11 years old, and was cured with Gerson Therapy.

30 years later, in 2009, she was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer that had metastasized to her ovaries and brain. She refused conventional treatment and healed that too.

I recently returned from Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida where I did the three-week life-change programme. The purpose of my visit? To discover the ultimate healing diet for cancer and other diseases. Do I believe I have found it? Yes I do.

I am a Medical Herbalist of sixteen years, originally inspired to study herbs by my own healing journey aged eleven years old. I had Plasma-cell leukaemia then and sarcoma in my thigh muscle.

The tumour was removed, but my parents were told that there would be no cure for me – the best that we could hope for was that chemotherapy would prolong my life by a few months. Read more 

By Fiona Shakeela Burns

How Marilyn healed from ductal carcinoma breast cancer naturally

On July 23, 2007, I received a diagnosis of infiltrating ductal carcinoma with features of tubular carcinoma; tumor measured up to 9mm; grade 1(1,1,1); ductal carcinoma in situ, grade 2, cribriform type; ER PR positive; Her-2, negative.
By God’s grace, I “went natural”, did the plan on the following page; after that was done, in 2008, my CA 27 29 was 5.5 (ref range 38.6); the tumor was “no longer evident” on the mammogram; ultrasound.
Woo-hoo!  Go God, Go God, Great Physician, YOU GO!!!

The nurse was petite, with short, dark-blonde hair, and a ruddy complexion. Quietly, she was reading  from the Bible in her lap, my biopsy report in her other hand.  The verse was a new one to me, and it caught me by surprise.  Whatever did it mean for me, right now?
Then, she spoke, softly. “The test came back. You have cancer.”
The words fell on my ears like sharp stabbing icicles plunging from a roof.  Lord, have mercy!  I, not someone else, had cancer. It had taken my sister from me twenty-three years previously. My two uncles and a best friend were also buried, following doctors orders for cancer.  Now, it was my turn.  Or, was it? by Marilyn Read more 

Extensive list of healing cancer naturally with protocols and therapies
Aims to publish a total list of 1000 anecdotal testimonials of cancer patients saved by various “alternative” treatments. Features testimonies for all the common cancers plus rarer ones.You may also be interested in: Cancer: 9 ways to improve your gut floraEssiac tea: a cure for cancer

A must read for anyone wanting to take back control of their health and future. The link below is a book written by Dr. Peter Glidden pulls back the curtain on how and why your MD operates, then uses over 2 decades of clinical experience to provide examples of clinically verified holistic solutions to common medical conditions. What an eye-opener!

The MD Emperor Has No Clothes: Everybody Is Sick and I Know Why UK

The MD Emperor Has No Clothes: Everybody Is Sick and I Know Why US

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