Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Now that the December rush of excitement, hope and activity for many of us  has passed, we usually want to redirect our energies toward a new landscape—the coming new year.

And usually for many of us, however, a toll has been taken on our time and our health.

Mt. Vernon

Mount Vernon, England

Bach Flower Remedies again can support and enhance this redirection.

If this new year finds you exhausted> Olive is a remedy that will increase rest for your body in the form of better sleep if it is physical exhaustion that is the issue. If it is mental exhaustion, Olive also will bring relief to that mind for and blues. If it is both, Olive works its magic. Two drops in a treatment bottle and minimum of four drops from that bottle 4 times per day, or two drops in a glass of water that you sip throughout the day, day by day until your energy and balance physically and mentally are fully restored.

Or perhaps, as we face a New Year there is a feeling of let down.  The holidays were less than expected. Or perhaps brought some unhappy twists. Gentian is the Bach Flower Remedy to assist you to turn that corner and start to find and walk on the bright side again.

Then there are those of us facing a New Year feeling overwhelmed before it begins because many tasks were set aside until the holidays passed and now there is more to do than you are happy to look at.

Feeling exhausted in the new year

Feeling exhausted

Elm is the wonder Bach Flower Remedy for those of us in that predicament.  Elm supports and relieves the sense of overwhelm that many of us feel at different times in our lives when there is JUST TOO MUCH FOR ME TO DO.  I am the delighted beneficiary of these little “miracle drops” since 2000. Join me in slipping gently and joyfully into our lives as we begin the new year 2016.

(These three remedies can also be taken together if these three above mentioned feelings are what you are affected with today. More information about this 38 flower system of healing developed by the English doctor, Edward Bach.  For more information about this amazing pioneer:

The Early Years

The Simple Healing Journey Part 1

Here is a link to a very interesting video of the early years of Dr. Edward Bach’s life.  With his genius and intelligence and love for humanity, you have to wonder what his roots are. In this video you will get to know more about the making of this influential healer.


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