Grounding: A Simple Explanation of its Benefits

Grounding: A Simple Explanation of its Benefits

GroundingGrounding and the health benefits of being connected to the earth

Over ten years ago I came across the book ‘To Be Healed By The Earth,’ written by Dr. Warren Grossman. He had gone to Brazil, his liver became infected with the eggs of (ick) worms and he was told there was no help for him, and he went home to die. Grossman felt inspired to lie down on the Earth every day, which began a transformation within him. A friend began preparing him organic meals;  he lived to write the book and change the direction of his life. He is now thriving and filled with wonder most days. I had the pleasure of meeting him and chatting with him within the past year as he was  on tour speaking and selling his book and CDs.

For the past ten years or so I have practiced the grounding techniques suggested in Dr. Grossman’s book with significant results.  I also use combinations of Bach Flower Remedies/Essences to assist with the relaxation, centering and grounding that are my daily goals. Most days, through the benefits of these “health tools” I am in touch with the earth and my own body. I encourage anyone reading this to find a trail and follow it in this direction. Find some form of information  that works for you about grounding, or earthing, such as a book, a post, an article, a youtube video, a lecture, or a friend and then find choose the way that calls to you. Your life is about to be improved exponentially if you do!.

This Bach Flower Registered Practitioner also recommends Cerato for opening to and recognizing your intuition, Clematis to pull one back to the present moment and your body. and Crab Apple  to  support any need for “cleansing”, including vibratory and energetic pollution. (Check out my blog for guidance in using the 38 flower remedy system of healing.).

Be Grounded  Be Well

WARREN GROSSMAN, a licensed psychologist with a Ph.D. from Kent State University, directs the nonprofit teaching center he founded, The Institute of Light. He lives in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

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