From Psychiatric Nurse to Astrological Artist. A change of career.

From Psychiatric Nurse to Astrological Artist. A change of career.
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Let me introduce myself as your htf resident artist who specialises in bespoke production of Astrological Birth Charts.

“With Love From Me To You”


How does anyone come to do this job? Its been a long and convoluted path to finally emerge as a self-employed business woman in a job that’s a vocation. For some people, careers are clear from the start – those good at Maths and English, or with easily recognised abilities; however my skills at decision points of choice (mainly school) were not so clear. Having a flair for colour and an intrigue for the obscure, were not ‘career choices’ in a provincial secondary school, or probably any other for that matter. I had a brief flutter on a social care course, then found a job at a local florist, which lasted three years. Here I cultivated a love of flowers and a desire to have my own business; although this didn’t happen for another 20 years.

Realising that this job (even though it was ‘creative’), was not going any further and thinking I needed to train at a profession, I embarked on a career as a nurse, specialising in Mental Health. I remained there for fifteen years, working in settings from Dementia and Forensics to Palliative Care, which was probably the most rewarding. However as a Cancer Moon girl, I absorbed all the energies and gave all of my energy, without developing anything of myself. It was at this point, when I felt that there must be more to life than this,  that I started to garner skills by going on courses that interested me (which was frowned upon by other nursing professionals because they themselves couldn’t see the point of courses beyond those of Continuing Professional Development) – and this set me up for the change of path that followed.

Furniture restoration, stained glass design and bench joinery were the initial courses preparing for the ‘big one’, BA Fine Art (Hons) Degree. I abandoned my safety net of an RMN qualification, to begin a journey of renewed self-belief and trust in the cosmos; studying esoteric subjects (including astrology in relation to astronomy/time) in its application to the field of art and design, and subsequently invested in a laser machine.

Have no doubts that there were some dark days of insecurity, but the transition was complete.

A planet with orbiting moons handmade in stained glass.


Now, every day is a discussion about aspects, transits, drawing charts, and setting Swarovski crystals. The study of astrology has been of great benefit to me and has helped me to accept myself from a different framework of interpretation. Venus conjunct the Moon is self-expression through art and suits me far better than working in psychiatric settings.  In future posts I hope to reveal more about the life of an Astrological artist, and the work I undertake for people.

Until then, take care, and live your chart to the full!!


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