February-March 2017 Tarotscope By Alex

February-March 2017 Tarotscope By Alex

Hi folks! Here is your February-March 2017 Tarotscope

We are now in the eclipse season between lunar and solar events. As I cast a divinatory chart for this forecast, the astrological message for the coming four weeks that chart contained, appears to revolve around an internal split within each one of us being put in the spotlight. The message is essentially one of “who is the ultimate source of authority in my life?” When old social, political and cultural structures and institutions begin to decay, or be demolished, we can quickly lose our bearings, if we are grounded in external definitions of what gives meaning. I say ‘meaning’, rather than ‘fact’ or ‘truth’, because when notions of ‘fake news’ are being circulated and ideologies compete for dominance, the idea of fact and truth become murky guides, with little inherent authority. At such times we face a choice.

We can either ‘melt down’ as we take one particular side, or we can find our bearings from an inner sense of our own purpose and strive to make our presence felt with our own agenda. There is no doubt that in these trying times, our thinking capacity and our communication, must be harnessed toward healing any split within ourselves, as a healing imperative. Part of that healing will involve getting clear on just what kind of society we wish to build and see emerge. We can think and speak of long-established traditions and their importance within our vision of social reality AND we can think and speak of how we must demolish all those archaic habits and conventions and dying institutions, which impede new building, based on what we know today and how we wish to live today. We need the best of the old and the impetus of the new. But most of all, we need YOU to be the highest expression of the seed of potential that is your very reason for being alive in these times. Wishing you a great month and all the grounding you need to make your life as authentic as it can be. If this resonates with you then please share.


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Enjoy you February-March 2017 Tarotscope

Aries February-March 2017 TarotscopeARIES: The message for you involves close inspection of the distinction between ‘being’ and ‘doing’ and how your loftiest vision of yourself can come to replace your most productive one. There is a huge difference between ‘goals’ as a focus and ‘process’ as a focus. Perhaps, giving attention to your highest self, feels like oh so much “wishy washy” hesitancy. Sure you are bold, but sometimes being courageous of heart means allowing things to unfold, rather than driving them forward – that leaves some room for fresh discoveries. The journey into the heart of you can be endlessly put off by a restless busyness. This month, understand that your life pattern wishes to transform itself from an outer journey to an inner one. How you feel about your natural creativity and all the history that may have stifled its expression is in view. Maybe you were only ever ‘good enough’ when you achieved? From the 26th onwards, you discover that you can shine as a creative being.

Taurus February-March 2017 TarotscopeTAURUS: Seemingly, all the unconscious forces and pressures, which have driven you to grow for the whole of your existence on the planet, now appear to be giving way to an integration of all the lessons garnered, into an extended moment of (considerable) forward energetic movement – and we might call this manifestation. Where the sign of Capricorn is associated with ‘the builder’, you are the one who must build firm foundations within yourself. Taurus must become, from the roots up, a uniquely crafted self. No other work can displace that. This can make you appear lazy at times – masking your true diligence and mission. Know that this month you turn a significant corner during the eclipse conditions. Here comes the initiation of the manifestation of your creative vision, in the specific details of every one of your actions. It has taken you a seeming age to get here, but from now on, life will begin to feel more like a splendid symphony than a frustrating traffic jam!

Gemini February-March 2017 TarotscopeGEMINI: There’s your ideals and then there’s the day-to-day reality of life. The vision, is supposed to pan out one way – perhaps not a ‘happy ever after’, but certainly a satisfactory fruition of your dreams. The annoying details getting in the way of this can lead to a raft of psychological responses, ranging from apathy to fantasy. Whichever way that particular dance goes, there is an emotional disconnect from the reality. This suggests that first of all, as with all good problem solving, you separate what a situation is from how you feel about what it means. Look at the situation in objective detail. Subsequently, do an honest audit about what your true needs are and your real feelings about said needs. Once you’ve done that you can notice how your concrete situation and plans are in line with your deepest requirements. A rite of passage confronts you now – a new creative chapter of your life’s work is in view. This is, first of all, an invitation to an emotional spring clean.

Cancer February-March 2017 TarotscopeCANCER: The recent lunar eclipse has a potent message for you regarding your own polarities. You can hide in the dark but must show up in the light. Admittedly, that is a metaphor, but we all wish to retreat at times and step forward at others. This happens in a physical world of space. Some space is private, some public. Just as with the symbolic Cancerian crab, your habitat is of earth and water – yet your most conducive ecosystem is the inner world, not the outer. You survive in the outer, but thrive in the inner. Yet your ruler the moon, ensures that the tides roll back your hiding places rhythmically and thrust you into exposure. This month, rock pools are not the places to ‘hang out’. Here comes opportunity to integrate your polarities, address your comfort zones and generally become more comfortable ‘on land’. For this to happen, you must use the next eclipse’s energy (26th) to revamp your beliefs about connection and detachment. Clue: Life is a flame and a flame has warmth.

Leo February-March 2017 TarotscopeLEO: The sky and the cards speak the same language right now. Aquarius, your solar 7th house of partnering, is co-ruled by opponents Saturn and Uranus. The recent eclipse saw moon in Leo, Sun in Aquarius (where it is for another week). There may have been an explosion of tension on the 10th between ‘convention’ and ‘freedom’, but I’m here to highlight that those two ideas are not so much mutually exclusive, as principles in need of integration. The tarot card Two of Cups and the partnership rune Gebo, both appeared in the Leo position too. Synchronicity! The upshot here is that you are in the territory of boundaries. On the 26th a new moon eclipse occurs in your solar 8th house (Pisces) of ‘shared resources’ (which is essentially the sharing of all of you). New resources may appear around then. But in any event, there will be a new configuration possible, by which you will be able to expand your daily existence. Every relationship expectation is being disrupted, now. It’s audit time!

Virgo February-March 2017 TarotscopeVIRGO: Wouldn’t it be bizarre if all Virgos ended their current relationships and got into new ones on the 26th? Of course, we know that WON’T happen. What we do know is that there’s considerable energy around relationship renewal, leaving behind the ‘old’ ways and the feelings that were attached to them, even if superficially, things appear okay. In fact, things appearing fine, is one of your biggest snares. Virgo does like to uphold social convention, but largely because of people-pleasing tendencies! So really, you are almost by default, continually sacrificing yourself for the greater good. We’ve flogged this one to death these past two years in your forecasts. Now, it’s time to use the eclipse energy to seed new intentions via decisive actions. Even if your exit isn’t so radical as to terminate an unsatisfactory arrangement, it must be radical enough to involve risk. But that is really perceived risk. Because in reality you are merely ridding yourself of everything unreal.

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Libra February-March 2017 TarotscopeLIBRA: You know, if you insist on associating with a bunch of egocentrics, you’ll become emotionally worn out. I’d only ponder aloud why anybody might make such a choice without a secret investment. What does meeting others’ ego needs give you permission to ignore? What might otherwise be gnawing away at you for attention? My guess, given the divinatory picture, is that your big problem continues to revolve around finding your own impetus, your unshackled willpower, the force of necessity that drives any person toward a specific goal. What seems clear is that even if you remain unclear about what to harness your will toward, you definitely want to leave the old behind. That in itself has been born of circumstance. Real world developments are forcing you to move forward with the real details of your everyday life and work, from the 26th. This will involve stepping into your authority and truth – and this requires you to translate the creativity principle into creative practice.

Scorpio February-March 2017 TarotscopeSCORPIO: What’s your relationship to loss? And are we talking of loss of ideals, innocence, opportunities, or loss of something tangible like a relationship, job, or a material object? I ask because regret, guilt and grief keep us imprisoned in the past, keeping us discontent in the here-and-now. It seems that all such nuances upon loss are connected to your essential work/life balance distribution and how imbalances here may have led to neglect of important facets of your life. Whatever you may have experienced regrets about, it is time to recognise that this has essentially been around conforming to the expectations of others – parents, teachers, the government and normative cultural values, in general. What happens when you finally decide that you will no longer be constrained by anybody else’s rules? Toward the end of this month, you have a chance, under the eclipse signature, to begin the process of embracing your deepest passions. The eclipse will magnify your intentions!

Sagittarius February-March 2017 TarotscopeSAGITTARIUS: It feels like you may be feeling a strong desire to ‘shrink back’ from the world and perhaps lick your wounds. Certainly, there appears to be an injury needing attention, of an emotional type. Holding onto this will keep you flat, if not even proving to be a cause of a depressed phase. Feeling ‘out of sorts’ can be unpleasant and make everything feel unreal, but this is only so that you may rediscover your priorities and purpose. I’d suggest you do not focus on appearances. What is most important this month is recognising the ways in which you may have slowly (almost imperceptibly) slid into a low grade despondency. This usually happens because we somehow just start living our life on autopilot – from there, even if things appear fine on the surface, decay can be setting in. The good news is that all that is required is to shake off a mood and get back to a place where you are in the engine room, doing the diagnostic, fuelled up and ready to take the wheel again.

Capricorn February-March 2017 TarotscopeCAPRICORN: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”. I don’t know about a thousand miles, but that’s a long way isn’t it? Even the moon is only 229,000 miles away, so a thousand miles is considerable. You may not be headed for the moon with a one way ticket, but you are on the verge of a whole new exploration – one you are perfectly equipped for – and one that in time, will offer you the opportunity for greater material security and life chances. The world has been changing frantically since 2008 and with increasing pace of late, but you’ve been riding the horse leading from the front… and you’re still there. What I’d say about the astrology of the next six months is that you’re being called on to embed yourself within a specific locality and to see your work as being about establishing firm foundations in that setting. You can’t be an itinerant or nomad forever! You know the importance of roots. Newsflash: That’s not just about feeling secure, it’s the basis of success.

Aquarius February-March 2017 TarotscopeAQUARIUS: Connection, polarity and integration are topical for you during this eclipse cycle and beyond. Closely aligned to such ideas is that of energy and its flow. Energy connects things, it allows the merging of separate entities into oneness – this is very much like the biological concept of osmosis – a semi-permeable membrane allows one substance to flow into another that is more dense – leading to equilibrium through fluidity, rather than rigidity. This speaks of softening emotion, rather than divisive intellect. Another way of describing this is by reference to emotional intelligence. Such movements provide the best protection from isolation. You may fear losing yourself in such a process, but actually being yourself requires a measure of loss of self into the other. We call that ‘surrender’. One of the ways Aquarians can square with this challenging concept is to see freedom being ‘freedom to‘, rather than ‘freedom from‘. Your goal now is to feel at one with everything.

Pisces February-March 2017 TarotscopePISCES: The effects of the forthcoming solar eclipse will be keenly felt, but the fruition will come (a fruition within your essential self) around August 21st, with the next solar eclipse in Leo. The fruition will be in terms of your daily ‘work’ and it appears that the translation of new creative beginnings will be gestating until that Leo eclipse. Patience is called for but not passivity. You need to clarify your creative vision in the coming two weeks and be ready to take a step of faith (actually trust in yourself) under the eclipse of the 26th of this month. The following months should be used to be highly experimental and to gain both experience and valuable information for your ‘launch’ in August. It may prove frustrating ‘playing’ with creativity, when you hunger for a fresh start, but please be aware of what Julia Cameron noted in The Artist’s Way – namely, that you must first fill your creative well, then you can draw from it. In this quest, be like Prometheus, the Greek hero.

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