February March 2019 Tarotscope by Alex

February March 2019 Tarotscope by Alex

Hi folks, welcome to your February March 2019 tarotscope! We are nearing the shifts of Chiron into Aries and Uranus into Taurus. This is momentous astrology. This month I’ve selected major arcana and the aces to guide my selection of relevant themes from the sky. Saturn continues to give us grounding while in his home sign of Capricorn.

On 18th February Chiron enters the first degree of Aries with Uranus in the final degree of Aries. This means that until March 6th you will be dealing with the final residue from the past eight years and especially the painful and/or difficult upheavals that have rocked your foundations since mid-April 2018. We are talking about clearing out the dregs of all the emotional complexes which have held back your life and falling into the same hole over and over…

Make sure you FEEL your pain and have an authentic inner response to it. No longer run – simply confront and feel. If you do this, then you will transition from feeling to healing. See you on the other side!

Alex ❤

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Just remember in the winter, far beneath the bitter snows
Lies the seed, that with the sun’s love in the spring becomes the rose – Gordon Mills – song writer (The Rose)


February March 2019 tarotscopeARIES: As The Wheel of life turns, what is the next chapter for you? Well, you need to explore where your compulsions have come from. When you feel driven, what energies are at the wheel? Feelings never respond well to force. In fact, they often react. Who forced you to be ‘to the point’ or ‘efficient’ when you were a child? Pausing to reflect can be a critical weakness, but can also be a vital component of your toolkit. It’s time for you to allow the power of other people’s feelings to become an asset to you, rather than your perception of them always being a liability. Open up…


February March 2019 tarotscopeTAURUS: Other people’s ‘stuff’ has become a preoccupation for you. “Take no prisoners” may have emerged as a motto. In all this, the ‘spiritual rule’ of karma has truly come to the fore… for others and yourself. We seek evidence that holding to principles reaps a reward. We’re less adept at measuring our own failings. A wise man once said to me “love is more important than truth”. He was wrong, but also right. The point is, love brings warmth and tolerates imperfections. Truth sets a punishing standard that most folk cannot consistently meet. Truth is cold, love is warm. Choose renewal now!


February March 2019 tarotscopeGEMINI: What do justice and revolution have in common? On the inexorable path toward emancipation, there are shocks and losses. We explore some blind alleys. Justice requires consistency, or so it seems. Revolution requires inconsistency and disruption. Transformation requires both. Textbook justice seems to bear little relationship to the struggle which humans are involved in to evolve a fairer world… in the face of conflict. This journey and the realisations that emerged, have cost you something. A wound needs healing. Ideals were perhaps gutted like a fish. Mourn your loss and move on!


February March 2019 tarotscopeCANCER: It’s time to explore those old parental wounds. You know, the ones which came from them presuming to know better than you what paths you should travel toward worldly success. Remember Neil Perry from Dead Poets Society? That’s the extreme case, but softer versions proliferate. What might you have achieved if your folks had trusted your own emergent self-knowledge and clarity on your talents and vocational path? Release such wounds, then look around. See where you are now. This month, envision your future path – one on which balance has restored your deepest knowing.


February March 2019 tarotscope- by AlexLEO: What is a human being? What is security? We prefer solid definitions re such questions. Yet how do we then make space for evolving? Deep exchanges with others require a profit/loss balance sheet. If always making a profit, in the longer term, requires another’s loss, however, where do we end up? Humans have finite resources – including you. Zero-sum games require win/lose ethics, yet the whole can be greater than the sum of the parts. It looks like part of you got terribly wounded. Growth became a problem for survival. Have you noticed how humans predate on other humans? Maybe it feels better not to risk being another’s victim and yet now it is time to shift from a win/lose to a win/win ethics.


February March 2019 tarotscope- by AlexVIRGO: How do you do boundaries? This has a profound implication for close relationships. If everyone were a computer program there’d be no problem. You’d always apply an algorithm regarding consistently protecting your boundary and couldn’t compromise your core self. In reality, because we are always assessing the place which others position themselves in with respect to ourselves, these matters are less black and white than a simple program suggests. Such things cannot be resolved using your mind or principle. Your feelings are your truest guide. Trust yours now!


February March 2019 tarotscope - by AlexLIBRA: Evidence is wonderful. It enables us to weigh matters with attention to details that can be corroborated. How freeing are standards! Sadly, in our world, many folks prefer not to proceed this way. It takes away their capacity to duck and dive, once things aren’t going their way. Unsurprisingly, people prefer zero accountability! Such things produce imbalance. In many ways, this feature of humans has become the recurring story of your life. Ask yourself now, how does your significant relationship feel? Balanced? If not, stop agonising. Do not doubt your mind, rather trust your heart.


February March 2019 tarotscope - by AlexSCORPIO: My feeling is that before they begin to ‘teach’ us anything in school, they should show us how to unleash our creativity. Much training involves conditioning to take up one’s dutiful cog position within the larger machinery of society. I always feel for Scorpio especially, with such a picture. Your diligence is touching, your working life is the place where you tend to individuate and seek who you truly are. And yet, just now, my feeling is that you are in a place where you must grieve the losses imposed upon your most truly creative self. Future happiness may depend on this…


February March 2019 tarotscope - by AlexSAGITTARIUS: There’s no doubt about it, you are on a fateful journey with a ‘spiritual’ feel. What do ALL journeys require? Simply put, the willingness to depart your secure base (if only for a time). I think it may be safe to suggest that your roots, in terms of family bonds, have taken a battering these past fourteen months or so. There’s a lot to explore here. Imagine being a gypsy. Imagine you only ever had a transient relationship to place – not necessarily a bad thing. What this does is make you reliant on your core. Nevertheless, it is time to grieve the loss of your visions of a family…


February March 2019 tarotscope - by AlexCAPRICORN: Nomads put down no roots. This is fine if you are reveling in an unshackled life. But everyone knows you don’t want that. Freedom to build, yes. Freedom to escape structure, NEVER! Such has profound implications for the partner you choose (beware Sagittarius!). All this said it is time to make some key alterations. Stability is NOT security, despite your stubborn refusal to entertain that truth. Saturn, Uranus, and Chiron all say “Time now to find security within yourself, as well as flexibility through explored creativity.” Once you do, love will come knocking.


February March 2019 tarotscope - by AlexAQUARIUS: Is it a Fool’s Errand to destabilise your own daily existence? There is the work that you can do on your inner terrain and then there is the work that you can do to alter your outer circumstances. Our sense of self is often correlated to sedentary living. Not much changes when you mount a hamster wheel. Sure, you can introspect and reflect and engage in philosophy to the nth degree, with every type of subtlety and finesse. Sometimes we transform the outer to sidestep the inner. But now it is time to detonate it all. Be receptive to and welcoming of all disruptions, now!


February March 2019 tarotscope - by AlexPISCES: Think about all the different paths which may have been available to you in life. Where are your deepest regrets about the paths you did not follow, or the risks that you were not prepared to take? What have the costs been to you of following your unique path? It seems there has been a lot of pain and likely rejection, connected with your feeling of being misunderstood and even misrepresented. That journey is ending now and a new path is opening up before you. Yes, people take from us. But now you are in your true power they cannot anymore. You possess the magic… This month, begin to use it!

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February March 2019 Tarotscope by Alex
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February March 2019 Tarotscope by Alex
Hi folks, welcome to your February March 2019 tarotscope! We are nearing the shifts of Chiron into Aries and Uranus into Taurus. This is momentous astrology. This month I've selected major arcana and the aces to guide my selection of relevant themes from the sky.
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