February Horoscope 2016 by Alex

February Horoscope 2016 by Alex

Hi folks. Here is your February horoscope 

The February horoscope is somewhat shorter this month (the annual took a lot of time). Be sure to check in with the tarotscope in two weeks time. If you have not yet read part one and part two of the annual, be sure to check them out. Normal service will be resumed in March! Thank you.

We have a New Moon on Monday 8 February which is potentially challenging yet also very rewarding. Two separate crises regarding a new direction involving love or money must be addressed. Internal dissatisfaction provides the motivation to deal with these simultaneous crises. A leap in thinking can lead to satisfying experiences and personal development. Be cautious but don’t be afraid.

Aries February horoscopeARIES: How is our individual sense of self connected to our sense of self when embedded within groups? What is the difference between the ‘inner’ me and the self I project out into the world? Are these two distinct aspects of myself at war, or at peace? These matters are the ones you find yourself wrestling with this month, Aries. There is little doubt that this will prove to be a disruptive experience, yet the energy it offers you is potent and defining. Being oneself is a dynamic process of continuous creation. In a world such as ours, we need a catalyst, or at least some traction, to keep things fresh. Between now and mid-April (when the Sun in your sign conjuncts Uranus), embrace disruption as the vital force behind your ongoing self-creation and, soon enough, you will enjoy a new unfolding!

Taurus February horoscopeTAURUS: Letting go, letting go, letting go! Forgiveness of yourself and others is NOT some mantra from some bygone Christian era – one that sees some ‘God in the sky’ looking down and nodding approvingly because you “did the right thing”. Neither is it necessarily about the people currently in your life who may ‘transgress’ against you or ‘violate’ any of a number of your sensitive boundaries. No, releasing the past is the ticket to your genuine present… the path to your wholeness. Pain, once established, is self-replicating in insidious ways; ways which make it virtually impossible to ‘get out of your head’ as you re-run the old tapes endlessly. The many stresses in your life at present can justify a problem-focus. But you must instead choose to release. No longer need you see problems everywhere.. It IS time!

Gemini February horoscopeGEMINI: This month, those old beliefs that have been completely grounded in securing your safety in the world, are due for decisive overhaul. Sure, basic safety is crucial but that isn’t what I am talking about. If you are to begin the process of striding forward into a renewed sense of who you are, in terms of your core reason for being on the planet (your TRUE vocation) then exploring your current investment in old beliefs is going to prove necessary. It is like your life force is occupied fighting old battles. Yet your armour weighs you down, friend! You cannot yet feel what the energy which will be released will be like, but I get the sense that you are certainly ready for a change that will propel you into a new dimension. Be assured, after the storm comes calm – and, in truth, a joy you likely felt impossible.

Cancer February horoscopeCANCER: How is the world ‘supposed’ to be? You know, if I had a pound for every time that impulse was found to be the driver of human dreams and ambitions, I could buy myself a medium-sized country! We start off as children but where do we end up? Do we grow old gracefully or regress into an older version of that child, forlornly clinging to old fantasies, even though we knew for aeons that it just never pans out like that? Speaking of growing… this is not a time to fear the ageing process, it is time to GROW inwardly; to move beyond rigid expectations, beyond old behavioural and personality expressions designed as a Peter Pan strategy. Life should be fun, yes. But this follows from the fact that life is a serious business which requires a serious, authentic response to it. Over to you, Cancer!

Leo February horoscopeLEO: You reap what you sow! But the old MUST go… Protect and conserve, may have been your mantra in recent times. Life takes its toll by attrition. And this turns us into a warrior, overcoming all obstacles. We triumph over adversity. Yay! But what do we inherit as a result? We can forget what ease looks and feels like – “Must soldier on”. The initiate on the sacred journey undergoes rites of passage. We root for them from the side lines. How will this story end? The journey is both exterior and interior. No doubt you are on the right outward path – it could even have a fateful quality. But it is the interior in view now. The past is gone. You overcame. Now is the time. You are exploring what ‘intimacy’ really means.. and THAT isn’t simply erotic. Explore your ‘No Entry’ signs.

Virgo February horoscopeVIRGO: The next three weeks see you (ideally) doing your emotional housekeeping. There are rather significant changes afoot when it comes to your most significant personal relationships and living arrangements. Communication has been awry for some time and I trust that recent weeks have seen you giving attention to what that has been about. The coming three weeks see you addressing obstacles of communication and practicalities of daily living which no longer fit with your circumstances. You’ve had to come off autopilot and have realised it is YOU who must direct matters and take responsibility for the changes needed in every part of your life. If you are diligent and step up to the plate then once the Sun enters Pisces you will find the relationship energy opening up productively.

Libra February horoscopeLIBRA: What is your definition of ‘fun’? I’m curious because with Aquarius (where the Sun currently travels the sky) as your solar fifth house, it might just be that even fun retains a heavier quality than we might consider ideal. Fun should be light. Responsibilities rarely are… especially when they seem to have a relentless quality to them. This is a period of time where you need to learn what it means to let your hair down. The world can wait. My feeling is that your burdens may have felt heavier than you can bear and you may have fantasised about yourself escaping some sort of prison, rescued by some external character or development. Well you CAN make a decisive breakthrough this month and begin a whole new cycle. If you wish to seed that vision, listen! Libra equals balance… fun/responsibility… balanced.

Scorpio February horoscopeSCORPIO: Why do we build structures to make us secure, if we cannot inhabit them securely? When we imagine a quest to be materially secure do we ever contemplate the consequences that flow from the energy we invest AND the way that we have invested it? We can work so hard to secure a vision that we lose sight of why we embarked upon the quest in the first place. Sometimes, we end up having done something merely for its own sake. This next few weeks, you should move inward to contemplate why you’ve built what you’ve built. No need to rush, no matter what the external pressures seem to dictate. Prepare! And realise that your security is something which you do not control. You do your part and then you must trust to the fruits of your labour that you will reap rewards. Relying on others by trust is different than relying by command!

Sagittarius February horoscopeSAGITTARIUS: Saturn in your sign is bringing a strong measure of constraint just now. Don’t worry! This is not unusual and one of the key elements to work with when Saturn’s energy is in your birth sign. This may give you a restless and frustrated quality at this time. But the keynote is definitely one of being patient. These are blocks that are not subject to your influence, or ability to transform. It is much more productive for you not to resist these blockages but to utilise the opportunity to address practical matters on your to-do list that have been pending for a long time. This certainly can be a productive time, one wherein you are clearing away old stuff that has weighed you down. I’d recommend something of a metaphor to you as mid-winter hits on the 2nd of February. Open your curtains! Let the light in.

Capricorn February horoscopeCAPRICORN: This is a month in which you should take the opportunity to look at the patterns which have defined you. This done as a kind of audit of your energy distribution will serve you very well. Perhaps it is not always clear to you just how much of your energy gets tied up with a kind of perfectionism, built on the kind of inner voice that is always whispering to you “not good enough, never good enough”. I suggest you spend some time getting to the bottom of that and deciding just what you propose to do about things, so that you have prospect of silencing that inner narrative. This is a month where you should be vigilant for subtle clues to forward movement and be open to serendipity in the form of chance encounters that throw open new doors you were not expecting. As the doors open, allow your heart to as well.

Aquarius February horoscopeAQUARIUS: As the Sun travels through your birth sign, allow it to galvanise you into action. This action will literally be the means by which you create your energy signature for the foreseeable future. Things are ready to open up for you into a kind of symbiosis between you and your environment. Synchronicities can happen all around you and your only job is to follow the cosmic arrows that are pointing the way. You cannot afford to be complacent and shrink back over the next six or seven weeks. Instead, think of how you can up the gears and go to the next level. There may be opportunity to travel internationally and embark on a journey which thoroughly transforms your basic relationship to your life and purpose. In essence, you have reached something of a turning point. Powerful mind or not, your future navigation will be intuitive.

Pisces February horoscopePISCES: We are very close to Imbolc (mid-winter in the pagan calendar) and the energy is due to shift as we turn the corner to spring. In many ways, it feels like you have been hibernating. You may, in fact, also have felt like you’ve been living in a hall of mirrors. Things around you may have felt strangely ‘out of sync’. The message has likely been that you need to purge yourself of something, but you couldn’t quite figure out what. As the Sun enters your sign in February, you will find the key to that particular door. You have perhaps imagined that a close associate, in particular, has been a major source of your difficulties. This month, however, a light will begin to shine on that matter and you may just notice something about yourself that you never recognised before. Seize that insight and run with it!

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