February 2017 Horoscope – By Alex

February 2017 Horoscope – By Alex

Hello folks and welcome to your February 2017 horoscope

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If January was anything to go by, February with its two eclipses, will increase everybody’s sense of frenetic change. I wrote an introductory article about the impact of the Saturn/Neptune square in story form, within part one of the 2016 annual horoscope, specifically culminating with global governmental transformation after a propaganda war waged ideologically through media wars – notice at this time, the whole ‘fake news’ battleground raging with claim and counter-claim, in overdrive since Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Now, I know you may well be a horoscope junkie! Reading one’s personal horoscope can be about finding the answers you seek in your personal situation. But last year’s momentous shifts, reflected in the choreography of the titans in the heavens, highlighted that we cannot really adopt an exclusively “my horoscope, my life” sort of stance, any longer. This month (coming just before March 3rd’s Jupiter/Uranus opposition), weaves everything together from this past year or so – it is a culmination point. So the lunar eclipse of February 10th/11th is going to be a moment of significant release.

When I cast the chart for the month and correlated the eclipse chart to it, I noticed that Trump’s Gemini Sun is in both the 8th House of the eclipse chart and the 8th House of the chart for the month. Moreover, Trump himself was born under a Lunar Eclipse and so the energies of the moment are aligned with those of his birth. The 8th House also speaks of death, resurrection and transformation themes. Just like with the Death card in tarot, this does not prefigure physical departure… but it can. The transformation could indicate the fulfilment of karma and purpose in being born. Interestingly, Trump is Leo Rising and said eclipse is a Leo one (in the 10th House of governance) – and the moon is there. The moon indicates the people and the Sun (which rules Leo) is opposing the moon in the 4th House of roots – in this case the roots of the country of America, in my view. This seems to suggest that the government is with the people and the people are with the government – we just do not quite know in what sense that solidarity is grounded.

That is the picture of the eclipse moment. But the background is found in the chart for the month. Jupiter in Libra, opposing Uranus in Aries along the rising and setting plane of the chart – seems to suggest Justice re-emerging, at the expense of the ideology of the cult of the individual. Individuals have been protesting together AGAINST social, cultural, economic and political structures and gaining some sense of solidarity in resisting oppression. Here, the message shifts to one of personal revolution. At the point of the second eclipse in February, the new moon is birthed in Pisces. This represents new creative beginnings for human connectedness. At that precise time, Mars planet of unction and action is conjunct Uranus in Aries: Message? The social fabric is truly revolutionised only once you have revolutionised yourself. Mercury recently separated from its conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn – talk of societal evolution must find its path forward, in tandem with personal transformation. Over to you…

February 2017 horoscope

We are all going through the crucible of the refiner’s fire. This month, understand that you can burn up your personal dross, instead of letting it pollute your very existence. What is emerging in the world transcends all the old petty self/other battles for dominance. Now is the time to step up and be evidence of the beautiful human spirit at its best, showing everyone else the way into a new, more loving path toward justice, harmony and prosperity for all inhabitants of our planet – not simply ‘me and mine’.

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Here is your February 2017 horoscope, enjoy – Alex

Aries - February 2017 horoscopeARIES: Romance and friendship don’t actually go together do they? How you relate to your significant peer groups and how you feel about your romantic liaisons, seem to have been at polar extremes for you. But you are in transition! Certainly, Jupiter in your opposite sign, has been opening up all the persistent contradictions within your relationships (since September 9th, in fact). Indeed, one or more relationships may have perished as a result. The cosmic choreography is fairly clear about what is going on for you this month. Have your energies been restless for a while? Well, it appears that your relationships have been mirroring something out of balance within yourself – and this month, the penny finally drops. It seems that your primal energies have been driving you, rather than you harnessing them and making them work for you. This means you’ve sought excitement and stimulation from your partners, rather than in tandem with them – which amounts to an issue of ‘chemistry’. The shift in view is a new awareness later in the month (as your ruler Mars conjuncts Uranus in your sign on solar eclipse day – the 26th) that excitement and routine can co-exist. Interestingly, this may take the form of a realisation that old friends can become your lovers – and even experiencing that too!

Taurus - February 2017 horoscope TAURUS: You are extremely resilient – but that comes with a price tag. You can get chronically stuck in survival battles of the past, without realising that is what you are doing. Becoming a battle-hardened survivor can cut you off from significant avenues of support. A stubborn “I will solve all my own problems” sort of approach can emerge. You may have been in turmoil in recent weeks between home and career matters and a deep longing to resolve tensions in such a dimension of your existence. Undoubtedly the ‘ego’ strife that has engendered may have consumed, your energies to the point of feeling utterly drained. Of course, this is truly a battle with yourself and your shadows. Unresolved problems in your relationships will likely surface, from around the 3rd. Be aware that these problems appear to be about the essence of your own struggle to understand something about yourself. They keep appearing with partners, not because of the partner, but because you continue to struggle to resolve your own contradictions. This month, the solar eclipse of February 26th, provides opportunity for you to recognise that your completion can never be exclusively in your own sense of self – you need a creative, ‘spiritual’ community you can relax into. Indeed, finding you is about to come from ‘losing’ you.

Gemini - February 2017 horoscopeGEMINI: You’ve just started a new cycle regarding how you transact power within your life and how you understand and shape the various deep liaisons you experience each day. This is about both what you think and what you articulate about your shared material projects with others. Words have power and never so much as now, in your experience. Your beliefs and values about the society you live in, have been in tension with your feelings about your embodied existence, within your locality. Do you dream big toward a blueprint that is quite grand in its scope, or simply settle for your own cosy and grounded existence, pottering away with your own projects? It seems you’ve struggled to reconcile these competing desires within yourself. One of the things that will give you traction is the luxury of having time… time and space (especially space) to see everything that is the essence of you, as being your true vocation to express. What is your passion, your true heartbeat? There’s a clue in a false dichotomy you’ve indulged for years. Are your relationships serious or casual? Does serious mean heavy and casual mean frivolous, in your book? Now is the time to resolve this conundrum. Your life direction does not eclipse your personal needs. Got it? Love hard, love playfully, but with no heavy burden about “what it all means”.

Cancer - February 2017 horoscopeCANCER: So you have ideas and values about that whole soul mate thing and these are in a definite tussle with your unction to individuate with purpose and ambition in your career. That is where you find yourself in February. Indeed, what you feel about your material reality and what you think about the resources finding their way into your life through significant others, are in a tension that is seeking resolution. Fears about keeping the wolf from the door, those raw feelings, keep driving thoughts of a particular sort of “happy ever after” that you both crave and are cynical about. That’s a trap! And you keep galvanising your energies toward your career path to sidestep it. It appears that you need a new set of values to iron out the tug-of-war, continual tension. This really amounts to a thorough exploration of where true freedom is to be found. So where’s that? Well, of course freedom of expression in your career, with a lot of latitude to innovate and challenge convention is a must. But it seems to me that this energy has been chaotic within your experience: Haphazard, hit and miss. Making your home feel more spacious will help of course in balancing out. But you really need to prioritise being experimental, this month. Necessity is the mother of invention. Let your focus be on “elegant solutions”.

Leo - February 2017 horoscopeLEO: How you are personally invested in the structures surrounding your relationships, may well be different to the way you secretly feel about your status, or experiences within said structures. Let me ask: “Is uncertainty or insecurity something within yourself, or within your containing structures?” Is being invested in these structures really supporting you? Or, are you merely deriving a sense of stability from attachment to something beyond yourself? You’ll benefit this month from asking and answering such questions. That process will assist you in unearthing some doubts you’ve perhaps long entertained about your ability to be “okay in yourself”, with no external props. And well, there’s nothing like some external buttress actually disappearing, while you contemplate such questions. Because if the test is not real, by virtue of having no true impact, how will anything of value be learnt? Just to give you a sharp wake-up call: No matter how much nostalgia you invoke, in order to manufacture a picture of “the good old days” when there were no pressing matters to face, be aware that the only place that could be found was childhood innocence – and that won’t cut it now. Your life force will be misdirected should you venture down that particular avenue. Relationality is your teacher, NOT a refuge.

Virgo - February 2017 horoscopeVIRGO: You have a love/hate relationship to work – for most of you ’employment’ – sometimes you want the stability and regularity of routine, other times you wish to break free into radical expression of your creative ideas. Yet you struggle to access the latter, with Leo as your solar twelfth house – so you tend to accept the drudgery, until the restlessness starts to churn. The two days prior to the lunar eclipse on the 10th/11th will see the usual tensions ramped up. How you truly feel about your creative self will be pressing to manifest from your unconscious, into your conscious life – the message of said eclipse is “no more hiding” – hiding how you feel from yourself, as well as others. Now I get that this goes against your grain. But think of the chick about to leave the nest on its maiden flight. The creative choreography of that first foray is less the point than acquiring the basic technology of functional flight. And that refinement which is sought is the preserve of those who’ve diligently acted out their determination… time and again. What you must ‘learn’ from this astrology is that you must seed the pattern of being your most adventurous self, facing all fears resolutely. Sure, there’ll be implications for the shared economics (Greek Oikonomia = ‘housekeeping’) within kin. But, “no pain, no gain”.

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Libra - February 2017 horoscopeLIBRA: With Jupiter in your sign for several more months, growth is the agenda. What this means in practice is squarely in view this month and next. Your sign is ruled by Venus and Venus enters your relationship house of Aries on February 3rd. But Venus is approaching a retrograde phase and its apparent movement is slowing. Interestingly, it is currently moving across the zodiac at about the same regular speed as Mars (1/3 its regular rate). Venus is symbolically acting more like Mars and that is what you need to do this month. Just now you are highly invested in both the realities and the ideas underlying your relationships (or lack of them!) When Venus goes retrograde on 4th March, it will lead to a deep review of how you transact ‘in close’. I’d urge you to be experimental this month in areas of asserting yourself and your deepest requirements in your key partnerships (business ones included). Notice how that feels. Note what comes up for you, in terms of any discomfort. It may help you to break the mould if you embrace the unusual in your relationships this month – this is all part of the growth process. The bottom line is this: You absolutely must be a self-contained person when you seek any sort of merging with another. You MUST be decisive re your own needs. This month, be less reasonable!

Scorpio - February 2017 horoscopeSCORPIO: Your ruler Mars, enters your solar sixth house of Aries on the 3rd. Aries is also ruled by Mars. This means that vitality and robustness are not usually a problem, as the sixth rules not only daily work and life, but also health. Of course, it is the grind of everyday life that wears us down. You may be resilient as a Scorpio but because you are a fixed sign, the downside of your resilience is that you survive and overcome in the moment, only to develop chronic conditions over time. Mars entered your sixth house on January 28th. This means you will be investing concerted energy into your health. Mars is the essence of the life force and it appears that you may have lost some control over the direction of your bodily energies. These things can start to feel like a runaway train. The message of the Jupiter/Uranus opposition appears to be that indecisiveness, born in your unconscious (Libra is your solar twelfth and suffers from indecision), leads to a sort of atrophy within your physicality, over time. Your overall health requires your energy to be efficiently directed. Becoming listless and bored can be one of the early symptoms that your energies aren’t properly aligned. And that ultimately leads to standstill. Your biggest imperative this month is getting mentally clear that health ‘follows’ energy.

Sagittarius - February 2017 horoscopeSAGITTARIUS: This world of extremes! It feels like some kind of infection gone wild. It isn’t just mundane reality either. The spiritual teachings have been assailed too. Balance has been lost and must be restored. Who is going to restore it, I wonder? Hmmm. We’ve talked about Saturn’s tenure in your sign and his connection with responsibility and maturity (even Karma). Moreover, Jupiter in your solar eleventh house of community and peers, opposing Uranus in your house of creativity (fifth), shows that you are to be an example of stability and grounded spiritual teaching in perilous times. Role model yes, but also visionary of a new type of fair and balanced community that embraces the freedom of the creative human spirit. This is not the ideological humanitarianism of Aquarius – it is the embodied realisation of spiritual community, nourishing all its members. Make no mistake, the world has lost its bearings and your mission is to be a calm, sane exemplar. When Moses led the Israelites from the wilderness into the promised land, it was both Karmic and divinely appointed – no pressure my friend! Grounding those passionate values of yours in your neighbourhood is something to attend to now. Happily, this theme of oneness benefits you too, as you commence a new cycle in your home life on the 26th.

Capricorn - February 2017 horoscopeCAPRICORN: How are you expressing your process of transformation? It’s not quite like the caterpillar in the chrysalis, but we are not far off, when describing what is happening within you. But how is this working out in your world? What are people seeing when they look at your life direction? Stated simply, where are you headed? We need resources to build anything, either generated by ourselves or from our significant partners. What you seek to build is a sort of alternative community, based upon an ideal. Where did this ideal come from? It matters little, but exploring it may offer clarity around what drives you. But in the background to this lurks a constraint. You may, or may not, know what it is. It certainly seems to follow you around like a bitch in heat. Fashioning a fairer world appears to be your true vocation, whether by the way you do your job and conduct every transaction, or by creating a whole new world of opportunity for others to explore. You encounter some of the limits to this vision this month, so you can work out what you lack. As you contemplate disrupting your roots to facilitate your dedication to your mission this month, you learn something about an unequal resource distribution with your partners and just how that reveals a vulnerability that is the root of many of your limits.

Aquarius - February 2017 horoscopeAQUARIUS: How you really feel about the significant other(s) in your life is about to be brought home to you. There appears to have been a tension for some while between you inhabiting your unique need for space to explore/be who you are and you being in a committed situation with a partner. This whole dance has necessitated the growth of your relational values in balance with your need to explore who you are, in the context of your immediate environment. This growth will prove highly beneficial to you in the future. I cannot predict what the fallout will be from your epiphany around the 11th of the month, but it could be that you have a deeper realisation about the true extent of your own attached feelings, OR an understanding that you have tried to build emotional bonds on purely functional, mental or physical foundations and that your feelings are actually hollow. Whatever you discover in the realm of your feelings, you take your lessons with you. Hint: For Aquarius, spiritual community gives containment. In fact, you need the stimulation of peers to challenge you, so that you do not atrophy, by settling for what you’ve already learned. Just because you know more than most, does not mean you should hang up your hat and simply enjoy your advantages. Find that spark that makes you feel alive, this month.

Pisces - February 2017 horoscopePISCES: How has fear of scarcity dictated your decisions about whether you take up the truly creative path that is your calling? I sense worry about having to let go of something important and the risk of losing it forever. The material questions of your existence cannot be entirely subjugated by lofty ideals. Yet, if you hold onto convention with a watertight grip, how will you ever be able to experience any of life’s true magic? The good news for you is that your traditional ruler, Jupiter, is traversing your solar eighth house of shared resources. And, in your case, that just happens to be the sign of balance, Libra. Maybe you fear taking significant material risks and maybe you fear whether or not key partners can be relied upon to extend their own resources into your domain – allowing you to breathe easily as you take a risk or two. The lunar eclipse suggests that your unconscious worries about your daily work and its sustainability, are keeping you locked into a role you do not really feel inspired by. There is a great deal of creative and healing energy available to you right now. But trust is the key. The solar eclipse in your sign on the 26th says “Allow the cosmos to support you through significant others.”

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