December Monthly Horoscope – by Alex

December Monthly Horoscope – by Alex

Hello folks, here is your December monthly horoscope

Having cast the chart for the December monthly horoscope some general information stood out and I offer this now by way of introduction to your sign readings.

This is a month to review the results that your actions in the world have had up to now in your life, in terms of how you have acquired resources, and how this has impacted both your core self and your connections/community. In reality this is about giving attention to what factors truly and deeply drive your “reason for being”. This touches on questions of how fluid your sense of self is, particularly in terms of the events taking place globally and how you feel/relate to their implications. Why do you do what you do? Is this a reaction to external factors? Or do you take your cues from some other place? Where does the boundary lie between self and others in your experience? This is not just an idea! Physically too, what do your connections manifest as and do they satisfy your needs in a healthy way? If these factors are unsatisfactory, what can you do about it? That is what such a review is all about. Done well, it could produce some profoundly helpful realisations about how you have “met with life”. Perhaps you will decide that it is indeed time for an overhaul because the old way no longer works to sustain your spiritual, emotional, physical and mental health. Enjoy your December Monthly Horoscope. You are invited to share this article with others.

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Aries December Monthly HoroscopeARIES: These are extremely fertile times for you. Uranus gives me a picture of being like a plough in recent chapters of your life – operating to break up the formerly hard ground beneath your feet. This month something interesting happens, indicating a shift. The disruptive quality of Uranus will begin to be seen outside of you, rather than sensed as a merely internal effect. This may unnerve you initially! What is happening is that a mirror is being held up to you so that you begin to grasp something that used to be elusive. Our natural inclination is to avoid disruptive people/influences. This month I suggest that you embrace them. It may look like a nightmare BUT it has profound lessons for you. Make friends with disruption. I’d even go so far as to suggest developing a mantra involving thanking disruptive others for what they show you about yourself and what you must do next. This thing you must do is to recast your philosophy with a more ‘spiritual’ bent – to enact a transformation of values; learning to trust more – primarily by accepting and embracing the fact that trust cedes some control, some ‘shit happens’, but you also potentially gain enormously. These processes are somewhat mysterious. Have faith!

Taurus December Monthly HoroscopeTAURUS: Hello my friend! Busy? Thought so. It appears clear this month that you have almost been kept awake at night (or wake up numerous times sweating) because of the amount of stress you have been taking on board. With both Venus and Mars in your solar sixth house it appears that both your egalitarian values and your drive to get things done to a high standard and in the ‘out tray’ on time, have left you on the brink of mental, emotional and physical burnout. Oh how passionately you believe in others and their highest good and ability to achieve great things in collaboration and oh how you commit to that with every fibre of your being! Although these virtues are noble and productive and support your win/win philosophy, there IS a pronounced down side – YOU can become a casualty. The energy expended takes a punishing toll. This month Taurus, the cosmos is saying loud and clear that your work is pristine, your values are spot on BUT… your health is in the borderlands of being under intolerable strain. You are called upon to recalibrate, so as to find renewed equilibrium, via taking adequate rest first of all and by paying proper attention to your bodily life and your core needs around nourishment, enjoyment and supportive connections. Take heed!

Gemini December Monthly HoroscopeGEMINI: Often, relationships screw us to the floor, weighing us down with a sense of burdensome responsibility. Expectations and obligations rarely fill us with joy (unless we have certain masochistic tendencies!) Hard work can be satisfying but we need to place limits on both when and where this manifests in our lives. It seems to me that a new, lighter, cycle is upon you with regard to relating. This comes with a proviso, however. It seems like you must update your files, based on changes of social circumstances, these past twelve months. Your former circumstances ensured that your focus on relating was more interpersonal in nature than contextual. By that I mean details were less important than the essential quality/properties of connection. The reason for this was that significant parts of your life had been shut down and so your focus was narrower. Around now, it is important to notice that relationships happen in many arenas. This shows you that you are the one deciding WHERE to distribute the gravitas of any given transaction. Vocational connections would benefit from firming up. Relocate seriousness to this area. The lightness you then feel in other areas will help you rest from old power struggles (largely in your head) and find ease and pleasure in your more intimate liaisons.

Cancer December Monthly HoroscopeCANCER: You are being confronted every day with the concrete details of what life changing scenarios bring to your table. And right now the Sun in your solar sixth house is empowering you to shine a light on the kinds of changes that you need to make, in order to adjust to the new circumstances you are dealing with. These shorter term struggles, bewildering though they may seem, are heralds of a new dawn, a fresh and exciting chapter in your life story. Sure, there is uncertainty and tension. Certainly, the hidden and unexplored parts of you that you previously hid from view with considerable skill, are now pushing for resolution and a corresponding realignment. And yes, it IS daunting. But please be reassured, this was always going to be the case. Karma is MEANT to be resolved and that is ultimately to the benefit of your longer term health, wholeness and happiness, Cancer. Ask yourself this important question: “Where does true and lasting transformation/resolution come from?” Is it from nostalgia and hankering after the resurrection of some past experience that gave comfort and a sense of security OR from the thorough transformation of all the old, worn drivers of a dis-ease with self? In this new era, you get to choose. I trust that it is really not a choice at all.

Leo December HoroscopeLEO: The message winging its way to you this month focuses on blocks to your creative vision/expression and what is important for you in order to overcome them. How does the creative impulse manifest into a concrete form – something with tangible value? It appears to me that, first of all (as the Sun creeps toward Saturn in your solar fifth house), your father’s karmic stamp upon your creative/fun/free self is approaching a new cycle – arguably a regeneration in the nuts and bolts. WHO is the authority in your life when it comes to ALL your creative adventures? Ponder that carefully, because it is a gold mine to you right now. I get the sense that perhaps you have a very nebulous sense of where your true wealth/value resides – a factor which continues to hamper your forward movement. Once your ‘audit’ is complete, consider this: You know that you cannot ‘go it alone’ (much as you may like that idea). Can you begin now to create balanced creative partnerships? CLUE: Such partnerships will hinge on you getting the right weighting between expansive attention to every little detail of the “business” and addressing questions of nurture of both self and cooperative others.

Virgo December Monthly HoroscopeVIRGO: You need to implement lessons learned in recent years in a way that leaves room for meaningful emotional exchange. To the extent that your assertiveness project has seen you not simply defend against threat, but also embrace what makes you happy, you’ll be ready for the karmic unfolding of new beginnings (in old situations) that awaits. You face profound challenges of reorientation at this time. Your assumptions have nowhere to hide. Expect them to be rooted out, like it or not. If you don’t get real then the unreal, confusion and even deception lie in wait for you. You MUST take hold of your destiny, or else feel the sand you are attempting to grip onto, slip through your fingers alarmingly. This whole issue revolves around a mistaken view you’ve carried, around your truest security. As an earth sign you seek stability. It feels important to be contained in your closest liaisons. But this is not working right now. Use that mutable quality that Virgo possesses to move with ‘what is’. Understand that your significant folk need to see a you “at ease with you”. That is how they have confidence in you. In other words, you fully embodying you and reaching for your desires is an issue of trust. It shows others you are truly alive and present (for them). Failure in this regard could lead to your very worst fears manifesting in reality. Take heed!

Libra December Monthly HoroscopeLIBRA: It feels very much to me like you’re on the final leg of a journey between transforming the old and birthing the new. That is a strange and often uncomfortable place to be situated… kind of nearly there, yet seemingly still miles away. U2 have a song on The Joshua Tree entitled Trip Through Your Wires. A key refrain is “Angel, angel or devil. I was thirsty and you wet my lips”. That sums up the angst rather well! With both Mars and Venus in your sign it feels to me that these issues continue to revolve around the manifestation of healthy relationships, grounded in healthy balance between the active and receptive principles in life. My sense is that the last dregs of tension before full manifestation involve a fundamental correction being made. Roughly speaking, the issue appears to be that you assert yourself too much with folk (or in situations) that are easier to be detached from/manage but that when you feel something truly meaningful you become a sponge who simply soaks up what others put out. This comes down to assertiveness coming from anger or defensiveness and passivity coming when in fear of loss. Try reversing the polarity. Fearing loss, assert yourself and move forward anyway. When facing anger, utilise all your charm to win folk over not keep them at bay. Whatever approach, recognise that dealing decisively with this ancient confusion will instantly resolve many of your problems.

Scorpio December Monthly HoroscopeSCORPIO: Your nightmares have snapped away at your heels of late. All the “what ifs” that can torture us have been speaking loudly. All those doubts: “Have I done the right thing?” “Am I on the wrong path?” “Has it all been in vain?” You need a rest from practical demands for sure. But, more importantly, you need to take a break from YOURSELF. It really is a quite simple remedy/prescription I will suggest, Scorpio. Do you know a good chiropractor? I think you may have been carrying significant tension in your posture. If you wish to begin more gently, perhaps a masseuse or acupuncturist is the way to go, or perhaps a Pilates class would give you an outlet to correct a few imbalances but having a social flavour too. Another approach would be to schedule an adventure or exploration, involving either travel or a new project, through which you can leave some of the old stressors temporarily behind. Whether you choose a fresh outlet or “body work”, be aware that a cycle is coming to end so that another, more balanced/holistic one can take its place. You have over reached and been on an autopilot trajectory that is now ripe for change. Reflect on that, acknowledge it and then resolve to be an agent of your own decisive transformation. Mars transiting your solar twelfth house accounts for the restlessness you feel. Do not allow this to become anxiety or dread. Take control of your ship!

Sagittarius December Monthly HoroscopeSAGITTARIUS: Who was most present/real to you… mother or father? What is more important to you nowadays… home life or career? Is there any connection that you can see between these two questions? Which of those avenues holds the best prospect of adding a “solid spiritual quality” to your life? It is an important extended moment of reckoning for you right now, Sagittarius. And it is important to take the time to get clear with yourself, in the face of all the internal pressures you are facing toward growth. All such questions will be resolved around a feeling of what is most real to you. The recent full moon was a culmination point around important, polarised questions/tensions, such as I started out with. My suspicion is that questions of your ‘roots’ have taken precedence over questions of career and that, as the Sun begins its new annual cycle for you, you complete a karmic cycle that has dogged your unconscious processes and practical circumstances for a seeming age. It is now launch time for you! Your creative self is ready to birth itself in a new way. Career and work are now set to undergo a phoenix rising from the ashes type, rite of passage. An old, old dream is actually within your grasp if you can only believe in it AND find the strength to reach for it. Take stock before you do. Breathe! Then find the faith to set out on a radically new adventure that transforms your daily existence.

Capricorn December Monthly HoroscopeCAPRICORN: You have a tendency to get stuck in the past. Even though you are a dynamic achiever, your attachment to the structures that have previously been built, can get in the way of your productive projects. Your workaholic tendencies and self-punishing drives to produce blueprints of security and stability through hard work require balance and rest at the very least on a regular basis. Now is such a time for you, Capricorn. I’d encourage you to take cues from your external world, from the things you see in front of your very eyes, should you choose not to believe my words. It seems that something in its infancy has entered ceremoniously into your field of vision – a development that is calling to you to embark upon a more free, relaxed and fun approach to your personal reality. You talk a lot (or dream) about fun, but usually your default position is hard work. Try to see any potential changes as having a sort of ‘spiritual’ value that cannot simply be quantified in solid, material terms. Yes, the sensory realm is more tangible than that of the imagination but for you right now, a break is called for. If there was a word you could meditate on that your Taurus cousin would loan you, it would no doubt be “luxuriate”. That’s the ticket!

Aquarius December Monthly HoroscopeAQUARIUS: It would be good if we could speak to the ghost of Karl Marx right now. He may be keen to engage you as a conversation partner in a stimulating intellectual debate about ‘who resources belong to’. He may ask things like “Who owns the means of production?” By this question he would really be asking who SHOULD own them! Well, that is a question not dissimilar to the one facing you right now, Aquarius. I could, without hint of exaggeration, say that I could easily see you in these days setting up a whole new socio-economic system of work/labour/productivity wherein Marx would be proud. What truly is yours? What do you own or possess? Are such things merely illusions? Well, it depends entirely upon where your values are invested. As an Aquarian, you understood better than any other that the musketeers’ motto “All for one and one for all” is the only credible way to sustainably own anything. All experience passes. Attachment to objects is merely an expression of fake security. You my friend, have always been a pioneer. And at this moment in time you are called upon to model the vision in question, the values that may quite possibly save the planet. You have prepared. You are ready. Now comes the launch. Just to reassure you: You are not about to sacrifice anything.

Pisces December Monthly HoroscopePISCES: You are the quintessential artist, the creative par excellence. But you so often doubt this fact. I am suggesting a solution to this problem for you right now. My feeling is that you would make a great breakthrough if you learned a key lesson from your preceding sign of Aquarius. Why not see yourself as someone whose creativity is actually technology, placed at the disposal of the “common good”. You are the one capable of establishing traditions where artists and their art are actually revered, rather than relegated to the realm of entertainment. I recommend that you explore this technology question further. In fact, why not experiment consciously with how your ‘art’ can be augmented with various tools and aids and begin to think proactively around how your artefacts can be deployed technologically. Begin with “What USE does my art serve?” All this will prepare you well in any quest you embark upon that involves making art your core business on the planet. Remember too that art or an artefact of art is not a fixed thing. It can move, grow, change shape etc in time and space. Pay attention to details. Leave no stone unturned in your quest to make your art both credible and beautiful as a LIVING entity and as a parable to all those who care to notice. See yourself as equipping the world, every time you create.

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