December Horoscope

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Your week ahead, ARTWORK by Katie Larkin #ArtByKatie
December 2014 Horoscope
ARTWORK by Katie Larkin #ArtByKatie

Intuitive AstrologyARIES: This month, re-calibrate away from self-orientation. Your self focus seems to have been grounded in scattered energies. Perhaps you have been lacking in direction? Or perhaps efficiency? Move into cooperative living/harmony that is productive and fosters trust and a win/win outlook. This solar shift is paralleled by a sign change of Mars. Shift your focus from the idea of pure career achievement toward an approach that recognises that harmonious working of any system requires that all parts work together efficiently. The focus is very much upon equilibrium grounded in fairness. The way to achieve this is by directing your energies properly, not by having a debate about justice! In any partnering a crucial key is trusting a partner’s abilities – and only questioning that via evidence. This month, focus on skills and productivity, rather than getting bogged down with a sense of pressure and feeling unappreciated.


Intuitive AstrologyTAURUS: The central issue for you in December is surely one of whether you have learned the lessons of Saturn in your opposite sign. The spotlight is back on you having faith in your decisions about relationship partners. Things are destined to get deeper and you will learn about partnership on a much richer, day-to-day level. It is a time to begin sharing on a level you’ve never quite been able to access before. There is something very expansive here. The idea of relationship (and its numerous tricky pitfalls) will no longer hold you captive. It is finally safe to jump into the grander adventure of an unrestricted encounter. Nevertheless, you must still CHOOSE to do this. Terror and cold sweats breaking out, anyone?


Intuitive AstrologyGEMINI: The Sun, Mercury and Venus all leave your opposite sign in December, while Saturn enters it. Moreover, those fast-movers ingress Saturn-ruled Capricorn, your solar 8th House. Message? There is a light and a heavy side in being involved in relationships. You need to accommodate both. The Sun and Venus bring light and Saturn, heaviness. A shift occurs this month, from apprentice to graduate, or at least, so it feels. No short cuts will prove possible. This month, you are called deeper and unless you communicate, you’ll feel edgy. Taking your relationship life to the next level is the topic. Sure, there’ll be trials, but the joys will eventually be inherited because you took the time, this month, to lay the right communicative foundations.


Intuitive AstrologyCANCER: There’s something about Cancerians being ruled by the moon that is a lesson to everyone else, found nowhere else. You just GET people. And yet, this susceptibilty to fluctuation and your soft-heartedness often lead you into conflict. You can tie yourself in knots. This month, you are called upon to be as sensitive as always, to mediate perhaps, to be diplomatic. However, you start the month perhaps overly diplomatic and end it having learned the priceless lesson of making tough decisions from the head, rather than the heart. There is a feel of mini-crisis, of coming to the end of some old, guilt-driven material that has held you too long. Pluto in your opposite sign is finally ending a long cycle for you around the psychology of obligation. It’s up to you how your relationships look in 2015!


Intuitive AstrologyLEO: Harnessing your will into action is the calling this month, Leo. Courage, innovation and leadership may be needed in abundance, in order to achieve your goals. And with the Sun in your solar 5th House, you will have no difficulty accessing these attributes. But initiating action is key, otherwise stagnation will frustrate you. It is imperative that you set this right, because the stakes are high. People who do not successfully align their energies and express said energies in appropriate action sequences, often become enslaved by structures and limits that frustrate them intensely. They fail to see that they co-opted these structures because it seemed easier to tread water, than really swim. Don’t be a member of that crowd; otherwise you will be stuck at the ideas level. Break out. Break through.


Intuitive AstrologyVIRGO: This month sees you restless and impatient when it comes to matters of family and kindred, Virgo. Perhaps we might even describe this in terms of discontent. The festive season may just place one demand too many on your usually dependable shoulders. Ask yourself a question ‘Why have I always given my power away?’ Now, I take it that you are not simply indulging a martyr complex here? Your first step should therefore involve expressing your deeper (usually hidden) thoughts to your loved ones. It is in so doing that you will get your missing information, enabling resolution of any sense of stuckness. You cannot move forward without sufficient order. That starts with your thoughts and the recognition that you cannot always fill in the blanks!


Intuitive AstrologyLIBRA: How do you usually make decisions, Libra? Detached principles and values are often useful in making objective judgments. Still, there is something worryingly cut off about any person, once they lose sight of others, under the guise of principles – just ask any Aquarian! The call you are encountering this month is to embrace that which you normally struggle to comprehend. Yes, effective decisions often require sound evaluation. Yet this month, you are called to shift the basis of your evaluations from a primarily external mode of measurement, into one where what you are actually feeling (and attracting) is something you embrace, without analysing that too much. Partnering and harmony ARE on the cards. In order to discover a sense of ease however, you first have to relinquish the gravitas. Venus helps you do that this month.


Intuitive AstrologySCORPIO: How do we ‘make’ a home? We know it is not simply bricks and mortar. Clan and kindred may be tribal ideas we’ve set aside – but maybe we’d benefit from resurrecting them! As Saturn loses his grip, the focus shifts in your life to the question of how spiritual connection is related to physical space. If that relationshp is out of balance then your naturally protective intuition can hit overdrive. Insecurity can then push your legendary Scorpionic control buttons. Suddenly, a virtue of deep understanding can shift into dominance, self-righteousness, or worst of all, manipulation. Situations with either neighbours or relatives may be bringing something into focus you never noticed before. This will all serve to make you re-evaluate how you transact, both in your personal space AND in your neighbourhood. You will feel like a fish out of water for a while.. but don’t worry!


Intuitive AstrologySAGITTARIUS: What have structures got to do with faith? And, what does it take to manifest ideas about such, into every day life? Welcome, Saturn! You should watch for energy crashes this month. Every kind of honeymoon period inevitably ends, to be replaced with new constraints and challenges to adapt. Luckily, your ruler sojourns in your solar 9th House. Travel, combined with learning and teaching are potential resources for you in the coming weeks. Yet Saturn ingressing your sign will abruptly draw your attention to how everything you do now must serve a longer term purpose. This month, difficult initiatory tests will confront your life force. Obstacles WILL demand your attention. Overcoming them is how you will evolve the ability to be flexible, while remaining strong.


Intuitive AstrologyCAPRICORN: Perhaps you’ve built new social structure in recent months. This month, however, you’re thrown back onto your own resources – your personal structures. Have your ideas been inspirational but vague? December sees a gear change, triggered by Saturn’s ingress to your solar 12th House. Capricorns understand tangible value. Starting now, it is your karma to apply that understanding to your own ideas. It’s not that your ideas/inspiration are valuable, it is both knowing HOW they have value and HOW you will manifest that value. This requires sustained learning. Around the solstice you may feel re-born. The wheel is turning. The areas of your life that have been frozen, where your feelings have been trapped, are ready to thaw – just in time for a new project to begin; one in which you are no longer half a self, but instead whole and fulfilled.


Intuitive AstrologyAQUARIUS: There is an intense unction in you to transform the details of your every day life. It is a restless energy and one which can deeply perturb. Now, I can tip you off that the way not to succumb to this edginess is to become a pioneer. Music to your ears! Stay ahead of the curve by being the initiator of change; particularly in the form of projects. If you lack tangible options just now, then talk about them and network with ideas people, to get your neurons firing. The quirkier and more ‘out there’ these people are, the better. The wealth of ideas you accrue will enliven your mind and fertilise your unconscious with novel ideas that can be birthed tangibly, starting early 2015. Pay particular attention to your closest liaisons this December, Aquarius. These offer a glorious resource for breaking down barriers and germinating new ideas.


Intuitive AstrologyPISCES: With Neptune in your sign you have been dissolving one pattern, and structure, after another these past few years. As you know, this can be quite de-stabilising. Sometimes, although Neptune confronts ego, crafty ego finds a way to resurrect itself and establish new egoic patterns, under your conscious radar. Not to worry, Neptune has these in hand, too! You could be feeling aggressive egoic impulses this month, as you come to realisations about just how much you have endured (and grown), with little thanks to anyone else. The trick to avoiding a shed load of hostility is to focus on your greater purpose. Your mission in life is to model your personal growth to a hurting world. We are ALL in this together. Your wounds are no different to those all around you. Remember that!

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  1. Lesley Robinson
    December 01, 13:01 #1 Lesley Robinson

    I was very impressed on the accuracy of my horoscope as there is a pattern going on in my life at the moment and he as got a big ego lol.

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