December 2017 Horoscope by Alex

December 2017 Horoscope by Alex

Welcome to your December 2017 Horoscope

Hello folks. A very dynamic month awaits us, according to the heavens. There are many layers to peel back and peer beneath – if you feel so inclined. You can expect the cosmos to create certain energetic conditions for you, but rarely will it force you out of your seat and into the heart of the fray. We all look outward to see what is going on. How many explore within?

Sometimes the cosmic movements do force our hand, but even then it is usually because we had proven ourselves unprepared to face our inner demons. At the month’s outset, Venus moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius, Mercury turns retrograde conjunct Saturn (and very close to the galactic centre by degree), and Chiron turns direct after being retrograde since July 1st.

Later in the month, Saturn changes signs into its rulership in Capricorn, before Mercury stations direct. That is quite a show that is being put on for us. What does it mean? Well that is what your Sun sign forecast will hopefully unpack a little for you. Will you do the work to make those insights take root and bear fruit? It’s a great time to think about doing so, just prior to us turning the corner into 2018.

Speaking of which… I hope to be releasing part one of the 2018 annual horoscope in place of the mid-month tarotscope. It will be out by the winter solstice, so please check back in as the Sun moves into Capricorn. Then early 2018, part two will appear, offering greater depth to the year’s picture.

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Aries - December 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, ram, monthly, divinationARIES: What’s the best way to shake up old, outworn beliefs and ideas? Well, in your case, stretching mentally and physically is a huge part of that equation. You are quite a challenging customer and you can have the force of the hurricane at times. This is why you require challenge yourself. And I think it probably accurate to suggest that such challenges are better not coming from other people, because people can easily be seen as ‘rivals’. You are best challenged by situations. For that kind of scenario to occur you must have a willingness to let go of old ideas that have often petrified over time. Who wants to be perceived as a dynamic fossil? In order to remain current and lively, your energy requires freedom to move. This is at once a type of spiritual discipline for you and an exercise in retaining flexibility in the face of your often forceful ideas about the ‘correct’ way for things to proceed. You’re called upon to change your views about yourself and your life mission this month and also about the love you need to keep you warm on the journey…

Taurus - December 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, ram, monthly, divinationTAURUS: The journey into deep commitment with others can feel like a life and death matter and yet for you, this comes with an element of expansion that likely could not happen any other way. The journey into the ‘bosom of God’, so to speak, is a no-brainer on paper! But many gods have feet of clay and this fact of our experience means that while we long for the real thing, doubts lurk about the level of sharing required to make the journey. What might be lost, usually ends up in a wrestling match with what might be gained. It’s the classic conundrum. But rebirth for you, yes, means death; yet also a resurrection into a new set of beliefs after your transition. With Saturn about to depart your solar 8th house and Mercury retrograde there, here is a picture of a final review of the foundations of a journey into a new shared existence, minus all the old fears (based on outmoded beliefs and experiences). Still, the review must be done. One can never know everything based on optical presentation. Let your beliefs morphing from fear to love be your guide.

Gemini - December 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, ram, monthly, divinationGEMINI: This month relationship questions culminate (even if you are not in one). Relationships are a serious business for you at the best of times – they take on a quality of feeling at home with a twin-entity. You seek attunement with another at a core level. Saturn has been in your opposite sign these past three years, reworking all of your sense of what relationships are about in the nuts and bolts. In 2018 it will be time to harness all your insights gained into the manifesting of a deeper shared reality. Your ruler, Mercury, retrograde in your sign this month, is giving you the final opportunity to assess how all the elements of your preparation for something deeper have been properly put in place. I suggest that since this is heavy business, you find a way to relax a little. Venus is in your opposite sign now and she suggests a little fun and playfulness. It is crucial when you contemplate greater depth of connection that you retain a sense of lightness. Responsibility is everywhere and you are responsible for letting your hair down too!

Cancer - December 2017 Horoscope, astrology, psychic, crab, monthly, divinationCANCER: Activity piling up in your solar 6th house of Sagittarius, heralds the dawning of a theme for you. I’d describe this as “hard work as the hallmark of devotion”. And yet, Saturn will be shifting into your relationship house for three years, later in the month, and so this new focus will be working out in the context of partnership. But before we arrive there, it is time to sort out areas which have become confused for you. Look at this list: care; spirituality; need; diligence; nurture; service; passion. How are all these connected? Or how do some dominate at the expense of others? Which are your true priorities from your core? This month, you must get clear on what you are offering to the world and collaborators/partners and what you truly need from them. Strip away all those ‘roles’. Once they are gone, what is the true magic you seek, just as you? Predators kill and parasites drain, but thankfully you need no longer be a willing victim. Reconfigure old beliefs this month, because there are satisfying mountains to climb.

Leo - December 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, lion, monthly, divinationLEO: A sense of responsibility can curtail our pleasure. We can experience this as something being continually ‘missing’. Yet we should explore what drives this sense of responsibility. Is it guilt, or perfectionism, or fear of judgment? Do we really have to lose in order for others to gain? There is a voluntary quality to love that is unconstrained by what anyone else is (or isn’t) doing. Mercury retrograde is asking you to review where your sense of responsibility specifically originated. When Saturn moves into Capricorn on the 20th, this work of review will prove to have clarified the boundary between pure pleasure for pleasure’s sake and what you must do to be your own authority, rather than submitting to all those external sacred cows. The irony here is that in losing a sense of what felt burdensome you can gain a sense of hard work that feels authentic, rather than restrictive and so free yourself up into the optimal work/life balance. Fear of loss (of freedom) seems to have held back explorations that truly liberate. So…

Virgo - December 2017 Horoscope, psychic, virgin, monthly, divinationVIRGO: The infrastructural level of your security is coming under scrutiny after a few years of attempting to build something durable. What have your priorities been in building? What do you feel you’ve been preparing for? A physical space is a container for many activities of our daily existence and it must be fit for purpose. This review in December is preparatory for a more ‘free’ phase of your unfolding life path. What you will be exploring is the suitability of your current dwelling place to meet your changing needs, whether or not your space (or any other potential space) is aligned with your deepest sense of who you are and whether said space is adequate to incorporate all the activities of partnership that meet the requirements of all parties. It’s a real challenge to consolidate all of these areas smoothly, but that is what you are called upon to do this month. If you can think and communicate clearly, in light of unfolding developments, you should find that the period from Christmas into new year offers portents of the future you so desire.

Libra - November 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, scales, monthly, divinationLIBRA: How identified are you with your possessions? As the festive season gets into full swing, you will be thrust into the position of experiencing a definitive sense of self in connection to your spending power and the perceived worth of the gifts and trinkets that you are able to supply others with. While it is nice to be able to purchase appealing things for our loved ones, this may be covering up some recent questions you may have had about your self worth, in terms of your ability to ‘go for what you want’ in life. It seems you remain somewhat locked within a period of doubt, where your lofty values have continued to function as a comforting surrogate for decisively reaching for your desires. There can be a kind of ego death implied when we look soberly at all our perceived flaws. Basically, this all ties into fear of rejection. To be fair, people do reject us; often for the most superficial reasons. There is no ‘cure’ for this, sadly, other than to recognise that confidence is attractive, as is direction and purpose. Excavate your dreams this month.

Scorpio - November 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, scorpion, monthly, divinationSCORPIO: You need a career that is self-actualising – one within which you have scope for creative autonomy but can harness the drive of your affinity with planet Mars, in order to produce tangible results. Jupiter at the moment, in your sign, is encouraging you to expand your vision of yourself and therefore to reconceive the limits of what you are capable of. In order to stride confidently toward your vocational ‘fate’ (even if retired you still have a mission), utilise these final months of Uranus being in your solar 6th house of ‘everyday details’ to shake up your blueprints and preconceived ideas about how things are supposed to be unfolding. In this regard it is important that you do not allow your dogmas about nurture and care to hold you back from single-mindedness. By and large, humans neglect to question their assumptions. Do not let this be true of you, Scorpio! Indeed, as Mars enters your sign on December 9th, self-defeating beliefs and conflicted actions can give way to effectiveness, productivity and release from frustrations.

Sagittarius - December 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, archer, monthly, divinationSAGITTARIUS: Maturation processes can feel a little odd. We can grow up before our time in certain areas and remain in a less developed place in other aspects of our existence. The goal overall for each adult on the planet should be broad maturity, while retaining the capacity for playfulness. Remaining in touch with our ‘inner child’ is imperative, while not being dominated by behaviours that have failed to grow beyond a stunted level. Saturn in your sign has been ironing out these different compartments of your existence and forcing you to rework old energies that don’t ‘fit’ anymore. This month it is time to enjoy the fruits of all that graft on yourself. Recognise however, that in the new year your attention will shift to realigning all those facets of your material existence that were similarly ‘out of kilter’ when you were. The work continues in a different form. But this will be much more enjoyable. You should see a change in people’s responses to you and this will confirm clearly to you just how far you have come and what the next steps will entail.

Capricorn - December 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, goat, monthly, divinationCAPRICORN: I imagine it might be fair to say that everything you thought was the case about the structure of your ‘reality’ and your certainty about it, has been somewhat shaken. A builder needs a solid foundation and a commitment to the details of the locality. But it seems you have felt somewhat ‘rootless’ for some time. Since the beginning of July, you appear to have been retracing your steps regarding central questions of where your security is to be truly located. We all know that ultimately it is found within ourselves but… this cannot be separated from both external factors and our unconscious drivers. The key this month is to do your final ‘reality testing’ of said drivers. It is often extremely hard to grasp our deepest desire, because buried under layers of ancient narrative. You’ve done the hard yards. But understand that the last few metres to the finish line can be where the vantage point really alters. Before you uncover the ‘new improved’ you, it’s time for a reality check… and reality can be sobering! Stare into the mirror.

Aquarius - December 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, water carrier, monthly, divinationAQUARIUS: You are perhaps the sign that is the least susceptible to being misled by your own unconscious impulses. This makes you perfectly qualified to be a therapist, because you demonstrate the level of congruence that most people (around 92%) can only dream of. That said, there is still a ‘deeper shade’ of you than can be unearthed – and Saturn returning to your solar 12th house for three years, heralds just such a period. It will not be dramatic! But this time in your life will see you branching out into more concrete expressions of your usually more abstract and theoretical understanding of healthy models of human society. Blueprints are in fact boring when they remain indefinitely as blueprints. But for this, being an Aquarian, you are going to require partners who are ‘spiritually aligned’ with your own visions, in order that your building can be meshed with theirs, so as to unleash its true potency. The world is ripe for change. Your locality is ripe for change. I’m not portraying you as James Bond here. Still, 2018 is mission launch.

Pisces - December 2017 Horoscope. astrology, psychic, fish, monthly, divinationPISCES: A number of ancient ‘wounds’ appear to have been rising to the surface over the past five months, Pisces. When this happens they do not go away! Instead, they are presenting at a level where you are more able to see them, rather than pushing your buttons; or yanking your strings, as if you were simply some marionette. What this does is present you with an opportunity to deal with these matters decisively. Although Chiron will re-enter Pisces for a few months in September 2018, now is the time to finalise your repair work so that you can build the sorts of community structures that will sustain you for the foreseeable future. Our pain can alienate others and lead us slowly into an isolation that leads to inner dwindling. The consequence of your reworking will be your ability to find more freedom beyond the limits of your solitary self and your material possessions. As Richard Hawley sings in The Nights Are Cold, “beauty is a dark cloud when you’re alone”. Your true vocation begins this month – that of connecting with the heartbeat of life.

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December 2017 Horoscope by Alex
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December 2017 Horoscope by Alex
Welcome to your monthly December 2017 Horoscope. Hello folks. A very dynamic month awaits us, according to the heavens. There are many layers to peel back and peer beneath - if you feel so inclined. You can expect the cosmos to create certain energetic conditions for you, but rarely will it force you out of your seat and into the heart of the fray.
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